Tuesday, June 9, 2009

aren't i a total slacker? don't i deserve a stoning? i know.


i TOTALLY deserve some nasty comments, cuz i've been m.i.a. for waaaaaaaaaay too long. truth is, i've been coming off of three weeks in florida and honestly? the pictures to download, upload, import, enter, has me in a tither. a big bother. i'm overwhelmed. i cleaned the house top to bottom yesterday, including the fridge AND freezer mind you, which, hellllooooo is a task to be given to people who are PAID to do it bc really? oh, lawsie, i thought i had what it took and i guess i did but really? in the end? i'm still winded.

could be the HUGE ASS CANDLE that landed on my right foot while i was scrubbing the bathtub and cleaning the floor on my knees. could be.

nah. my husband thinks it's 'no big deal'. well, the welt on my foot?

if i could give two shits about taking a pic of it? i would. but really? why would i subject ya'll to that madness? that gross ness? bc really, it's black and blue and swollen and as my husband said when i sent him a photo of my right foot via camera phone, 'your feet look huge. lol.'

wow. thanks. babe. that makes me feel SOOOO much better.

meanwhile, i wanted to let ya'll know i'm alive, and i'm here, i'm reading, i'm catching up, i've just been traveling for too long to really get ahold of online life. i know. business men do it all the time but i'd love to see how interesting THEIR blogs are, right??

.......right? eep.

anyway. look forward to pics when i get around to uploading them tomorrow. i went out on the ocean on a catamaran, my most favorite part of all..... i stayed up late, drank too much, (sorry folks, but it's true) had a fabulous time with the kids and just lived it up in florida.

although, you floridians? can take your 100 degree weather. anytime. that was wicked hot, yo. wicked.

stay tuned!


A. said...

Aw I was wondering where you ran off to!!
Sorry about your foot :( Vlad needs to rub it and make it feel better.

Looking forward to pics and 100 degree weather this early, no thanks!

mollie said...

missed your rantings! glad you are back...

Jenn said...

Welcome back!! I missed you horribly! Can't wait to read more about your vacation. :)

Linda said...

Awesome that your back! Glad UR not dead on the side of the road or something. Geeze! Tweet us or something would ya? Kidding! LOL!
Sucks about the foot. With all that black & blue RU sure you didn't break a bone? Goodness! That would be enough for me to put a bag of frozen peas on it and plop my ass on the sofa with a bottle of wine and screw the cleaning! Feel better soon! Looking forward to the pics. How did Vlad like Disney?

Amber said...

Yay you're alive! Sorry bout your bum foot :-(

Iva said...

oh yay! Welcome back....and nice to meet you lol I'm new here to your blog...and I have to follow and keep up with your bummed toe :-/ FEEL BETTER!!!

Anonymous said...

UGH!! I just got back to the good old Sunshine State for summer. It only took 9 months working in North Carolina to make me forget COMPLETELY how freakin HOT it is here... ewww!!