Thursday, January 29, 2009


do you ever have those days where you're like, that's it, i give up?
see ya wouldn't wanna be ya?
say hello to my leetle friend?
yeah. welcome to my day. i was contemplating whether to post or not. i generally use this space as my 'happy space', to cheer me up, to be happy, to talk freely and openly about anything i want.
and yeah. i'm not happy right now. the smile isn't reaching my eyes. i have no pep in the step. i am, for all intents and purposes, extremely ... done. defeated. tired.
today, is my, let's take a breather and not even begin to pretend that i'm okay with things. i'm in a lot of pain, guys. in the woman parts area. you know. ovaries. that kinda area. not the OTHER down south area.
just makin' it clear.
i also thought of leaving this off, too, bc... well, honestly? it's extremely personal. it's a huge blow to me personally. i feel less like a woman and more like a pathetic human who has no purpose. i went to the doctor today and found out that yep. i have a fibroid. i don't really want to go into detail of what it is. if you would like to know about my woman parts and what's wrong with them, please google it..... i've said it so many times today i think my tongue is going to fall out. convenient that to communicate here, i type, no?
anyway... i also have cysts. BENIGN. but cysts. and not just two or three. i have an entire family tree of cysts currently living in me.
it means that right now, it's impossible for me to get pregnant.
it means that if i want to get pregnant i better damn do it SOON, as in, before i'm thirty or preferably yesterday cuz pretty soon, chances will be slim to none that it'll happen in my thirties.
my aunt also has this condition... not the fibroid, but the cyst issue. she got pregnant at mid-30's, on the pill, by accident. so. if there's any sign of hope out there, it would be that.
i'm just in pain. from what i had done to my body today, from having this condition in the first place. to top it off i had to come in to work after all of that.
i feel defeated, sad, tired, pissed off, depressed, annoyed.
tomorrow i will be back to normal. but for today? i'm giving myself a freebie. cuz i need it.
and disclaimer. do not feel you have to comment on this post. do not feel sorry for me. i don't like to be pitied, i just.... well, i just want to get it off my chest bc making myself crazy googling it all the live long day is doing nothing for me. to admit it, to get it out, helps to ease some of the shame that i can't do the one thing my female body was built to do.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

er... does this make me look fat?


i changed my layout.

whadda ya think????? should i change it to.... pink? yellow? aqua marine? sunflowers? puppies?

i need feed back, people.

cuz i'm needy like that.

or do ya just plain LIKE IT?

Russians & sour cream. good lordy.

so there's some food that Russians really dig. like, i mean, their jive equates to chicken liver and fish eggs and... and... oh lordy i can't bear to list the other stuff.

like frog legs.

like ... DUCK. who eats DUCK??? i feed my BREAD TO THE DUCKS!!! sigh. poor ducky.


so yeah. it occured to me last night as i was makin' a VERY Russian 'salad' (and i will enlighten you as to what "salad" means to a Russian) that i suddenly wasn't gagging anymore.

yeah. i'd totally gag when i made this thing. cuz it is not NORMAL i tells ya!!!!

but i don't anymore. cuz i've been makin' it for goin' on over 4 years now, and i've got this Russian food thing DOWN ya'll. i don't eat it. but i CAN make it.

so. this is called "Russian Cucumber Salad" aka, nasty sour cream concoction that all Russians seem to enjoy. you take a juicy, big innocent cucumber and then you CUT IT like nobodies business. i'm not violent or anything. i just adore cutting vegetables. call it "dull knife syndrome" aka, i need to buy a sharpening block.


so that's my ghetto cutting board. it gets the job done. and that's my Nobody's Business Knife. that's just a shade dull. but. it cut this cucumber like a junkie muggin' a wall street guy.


ew. this is where my poor innocent cucumber gets... gets.... UNVIRGINFIED. poor thing. that's sour cream. i like sour cream. in my mashed potatoes. in my twice baked potatoes. on my baked potato. along with a (pound) sprinkle of bacon.

this? uh, ew. kinda grosses me out. and kinda? is a nice word for another word i'll KINDLY leave out.

yeah i use my baking ... what is that called? BAKIN' WAND in my sour cream. cuz i'm non judgemental like that and all.

oh yeah. those are Lenox elephant salt n peppa shakers in the background. THANKS MOM. i am obsessed with all things elephant. lil known fact about me.

oh also? to ya'll that where all HUH??? when i said it's a known fact i hate my nose? it's cuz i do. it is round, i hate it, i want a new england pointy nose. and when it's cold out? it turns BRIGHT RED. but only on the round tip. i look like rudolph. it looks like a helicopter landing pad. all lit up and waitin' for the arrival. of the president. or. valentino. just sayin'.

also? i am obsessed w/bath n body works midnight orchid (i think that's what it's called???) hand soap. LOVE. IT.

and yeah. this is where my Pioneer Woman skills come to a screeching halt. cuz i was takin pics on my camera phone. cuz i'm a winner like that. and. it's blurry. i am so sorry mah peeps. it happens.
but this is me adding the sour cream (BLECH) to the cucumbers. after this? i will add salt. and i will TOTALLY add too much salt and then scramble to get it out by washing off cucumbers bits bc i was too busy tryin' to take an artistic photo and instead just proved what a complete spaz attack i am.
don't worry. it turned out okay.
so yeah. Russians call this a "salad". but it's not. salad? to me? means lettuce.
to Russians?
salad is anything from beets and egg and gelatin (I KNOW. i think i just threw up a bit in my mouth.) to sour cream and salt and cucumbers and tomatoes to hard boiled egg, mayo, peas, ham, carrots all mixed up.
it doesn't taste good.
trust me. i tried. i really, REALLY TRIED when i first met this man. and. no. it. is. not. good.
do not eat anything that resembles a pork chop. bc i guarantee you, THAT IS CHICKEN LIVER.
just a lil insight into Russian livin'. also? my neighbor? his name is Dima, (short for Dimitri) and he gets drunk like EVERY NIGHT. and slams his door hard. and has a dog. in a condo that doesn't allow dogs.
he tries to speak to me in Russian every time i see him.
and this mornin'? i totally said, (phonetically spelled,) "Poinchee Moo?" to Vlad.
that means, "whadda ya mean??????"
oh lordy. i am goin' Russian. there's no goin' back.
come back again ya'll so i can teach you how to say, OPEN THE DOOR. CLOSE THE DOOR.
cuz i'm a pro like that and all.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

so yeah, i'm a liar. old news.

so yeah. after a VERY TRYING DAY AT WORK i came home, took one look at that laptop and was all psshhh nah way dude.

but i WAS tagged on facebook in a few pics, and although they may not be that flattering, i'm honest so i'm going to post them.

i'm not onea those peeps who only posts the pics where they look the best. (yes i am.) (no i'm not. this post proves it.)

it is a little known fact that i HATE (more than avocado) my nose, (okay i like avocado in my cali rolls but ONLY IN MY CALI ROLLS) so the fact that i am posting these pics tells you that i REALLY want to share saturday night with ya'll.

cuz my nose looks bad.

uh.... yeah. so i may or may not have stolen my girl's' boyfriend's sunglasses. er. not STOLEN just BORROWED and then i was such a good friend that i totally put them in my purse for SAFE KEEPING but i returned them sunday morning at brunch. where i had (2) a mimosa.

it was good.

oh. and i may or may not have taken the mug that vlad drank his tea in. as in. i dried it with my napkin and slipped it into my purse.

i know. i know. ya'll are gonna stop readin' me now cuz i'm a clepto. but seriously. the mug is awesome. it has a griffin on the front.

and it's orange.

okay. maybe if i go donate real quick online to a really super duper good cause it'll cancel out my mug stealin. i DID return the sunglasses you know. and honestly i WAS thinking in his best interest. bc the boy DID take SOMEONE ELSES sunglasses and was wearin' them and thought they were his. so i took his and put them away bc i knew i wouldn't lose them.

oh lordy. should i just erase everything i just wrote???????? i'm honest and all. i'll keep it up. please don't go judgin'. i haven't had my coffee yet.

this is my new friend daryl. he was kinda ... toasty when we took this. i was rolling my eyes goin', oh lordy, this is gonna be a HILARIOUS photo. and. it kinda is.

i will leave you with this photo. cuz. uh. i really have no words for it. no words for it except
PEACE YO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, January 26, 2009


so. tonight i am uploading photos ( I KNOW. finally. i hang my head in shame but am determined to redeem myself.) but still wanted to give a shout out, since i was m.i.a. all weekend.

I HAD A REASON. it was my girl's birthday and since she used to go to school in Milwaukee, and her friends are there, she went on down (up?) there this weekend and Vlad and i met her up and met all new people and i had so much fun i just about DIED.

i drank miller lite till the cows came home. and then some.

i stayed in a posh hotel where they let people smoke inside. i mean HUH??? really? i don't enjoy eau de marlboro with my check in, thanks.

i met awesome cool people and stole their sunglasses.

but i totally gave em back.

cuz i'm cool like that and all.

also? if you were on a bender this weekend and came home Sunday night, would you invite two friends over (plus a girlfriend) who are NOTORIOUS for drinking and being rowdy and obnoxious?

if your wife just wanted to, you know, chill and relaxin all cool and shootin some b-ball outsidea school when a couplea guys who were up to no good.. started makin trouble in tha neighborhood...

ahem. fresh prince i am not. excuse me. so. anyway.

basically Vlad got a little rowdy and then when i was cooking "Crash Hot Potatoes" from Pioneer Woman's website he got it in his head to pan fry some steaks and reached into the oven to grab my skillet and he's holdin' the darn thing like it's a banana or somethin and i scream,


and i run over to him just as he throws the (scalding hot) pan to the ground. good thing my mom bought an expensive one.. that has the black nylon schtuff on the bottom (back?) of the handle so he only burnt his palm in two places instead of the entire hand. andi made him stand with it under cold water for a bagillion eleven years.

oh didntja know? it's totalllllly normal to store your skillet in the oven when you're not usin' it. easy access. we won't be storing it there any longer.

as of this morning, it was not blistered. somehow i feel that it's going to be another story when i see it tonight. poor husband.

you see, crash hot potatoes? you must first boil them and THEN you smash crash them into potatoe cookies and then bake them.

also? it didnt' really work. i ended up just mashin them with a fork to make one big potato.... layer we'll say, and then i just scooped them into a big ol' heap for Vlad.

and i cooked his steaks. since he was under the weather with the hand and the rowdiness and all.

friends left shortly after this incident.

i drank a dos equis. very good.

read my book. watched the bourne identity. fell into a dead sleep and when i woke up this mornin' i was all ALREADY???????????????????????

no really. are you playin' a joke on me? it's monday? sigh.

good news: tax season officially 'starts' for my work on 2/2. last week? yeah. i was SURE THAT feb. 2nd was going to be today. as in HOLY HECK NOOOOOOO not overtime BUT i was just a blonde and when i came into work i was all

hip hip horay!!! it's not feb. 2nd!!!!!

where am i going with this post? what the heck am i talkin bout?

are you still there?

if so, gold star for YOU.

tonight i will try (am determined) to upload photos to the shiny new laptop so that i can share with ya'll. (and facebook.) (but i never said that cuz i am SO NOT a facebook junkie.) (i'm a facebook junkie. but don't tell. i don't like rehab and i an't no quitter.)

Thursday, January 22, 2009

hey ya'll.

so i know that i'm known amongst ya'll as this upbeat, uber energetic, flittin from here to there in a seconds notice, kinda blonde. today? i'm scratching the bottom of the barrel for some blog fodder that will motivate me to write something ah-mayzin for ya'll.

sometimes, life is kinda sorta hard without really putting hardship in your way.

want me to explain? sure. that's what this is FOR, duh! :)

so. nothin especially HARD is goin on with me. it's moreso, the buildup of everything. Vlad is working ridic hours at work... since he owns his own business.... and no one wants to pay for work done, yadda yadda, nuthin new. it also means that since we've moved, we still have schtuff at our old townhouse that needs to be wrapped up for goodwill.

it also means our new house? YEAH. neglected. the trim still needs to be painted which means that i have pictures stacked up all 'round the house (condo) and it's not big- it's only about 700 sq. feet- so i'm talkin, there's some days where walkin in my dining room is a big no no. and i like to eat at a table and i'm not talkin coffee table. i also LOVE to cook and it's possible to cook here, very possible, but that leaves the issue of..... not having room to actually eat the food.

i'm sorry if i'm being debbie downer. i try really hard to make sure this is a space where positivity bounds and leaps but sometimes, i need to just let it out. and truth be told, i feel so close to ya'll. i feel like you hear me, even if i post in a public way. some of ya'll i talk to thru emails.

i just want to veer off the path to tell you that i LOVE EMAILING YOU. seriously, i just adore opening up my email and seeing your shining names. i love all of you. and wish we all lived closer, but you know what? bloggin' is more than i EVER THOUGHT IT WOULD BE. it has become my home. my solace. my beacon in the dark. i can't imagine how i ever navigated life without this home i call slap happy musings. and that's what they are, cuz i'm totally spaztic in real life. just... with a few more 'colorful' words thrown in. just ask my friends. THEY KNOW. wheni get goin, boy, scarface's got nuthin on me.

ahem. back to. the point. so. here i am watchin ugly betty, which, btw, is a good show!! i never knew. i adore it. ahem.

so life for me is stressful. my job is .... it's hard to perform to my upmost caliber when there's this WOMAN (better word will be expressed if ya'll email me.) ( who i cannot stand. two women, actually. and it's hard. plus all of the stress of working for an accounting office during tax season and not actually BEING an accountant. i'm reception/personal assistant to head honcho/admin. i do so many things besides answering phones. and answering phones?


so your receptionist? yeah. buy her a hershey bar. she deserves it.

anyway. so my house is functional but upside down, my husband is workaholic extraordinaire, my job sucks, but i have to work overtime in order to save up more money, to do what i WANT to do in life,

LET ME STOP to tell ya'll that i am super duper uber lucky to have what i have. i have a roof over my head, a husband who loves me so much i think he's nutso sometimes, i have a mother who is my best friend, i have friends who adore me. i know this. but sometimes, even mother theresa must've looked around and said yo God, seriously? cuz this shiz? is hard.

it's just that......

well, it's just THAT. and that. and that and that and that.

okay. sorry. just teared up at Grey's Anatomy. usually i hate this show but i'm too busy bloggin to change the channel and .... this is why i dropped out of nursing school.

people are hurting. they WANT to pass. they NEED to pass. and yet they can't, bc of our stupid LAWS that stop people from owning their own bodies and lives. a man wants to die, for many other reasons, but he wants to NOW bc his body is a match to a tiny lil boy who needs organs desperately. and yet, they won't let him pass.

part of me is all DUDE SAVE THE DUDE and then, then....

there's the Lauren who stood next to a dying woman, who was 96, who was crying, who had to have her catheter inputted AGAIN and looked into my eyes, into my soul, and begged me to stop. BEGGED. ME. me, a nursing student, on my rounds, just doin what i should be doing. she was....

let's just say i will never forget that moment and that's the moment that something snapped and all the feces i cleaned, all the vomit, all the comatose people i bathed, everything, i knew i could handle, and that's when THIS came into my life and i spent the next half hour (my break) crying in the hospital bathroom. hating life. hating how ... how OUT OF CONTROL i was. i tear up just thinking about her.

i hope her passing was peaceful. i hope she's at peace.

her daughters were keeping her alive.

and i can tell you, bloggin world, that although i am a spaz and my posts tend to veer off the path of coherent like just now, and i'm goin to end it like this- cuz it's SO MUCH BETTER than the complainin i was doin-

which is why i love ya'll, you distract me from pain-

i can tell you, if my mom looked at me and was all, girl, i need to GO and now, before this gets ugly,

i can tell you i'd have the guts (again better words in email) to say, you know what mom? you deserve some dignity.

i wish more people felt the same.

i'm sure some of ya'll are goin to yell at me for sayin this. go ahead. i will not censor the comments. bc i know how hard it is to lose a person, you want to hold on as long as you can. i think bc i've been there, i know.

and yo. if i tell you to pull the cords? pull em till the sun comes down. but also? if i say BIG FAT CHANCE i'm leavin now? i expect you to fight for me. cuz if you read my blog DUH you must love me.


right? hello? bueller?

:) :) :) :) :)

thanks for liftin' mah mood, mans.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

all i have to say is,

you become quite equipped with a laptop mouse when you HAVE no mouse.

i may nor may not be watchin american idol. uh, FREAKY MUCH? surrrreously that guy was scary. ya'll know who i'm talkin bout.


i'm pretty sure i'll dream of disney tonight. especially epcot and 'drinkin round the world.' ahem.

especially of thunder mountain and snow white and peter pan and.. and.... safari and rock n roll rollercoaster and ice cream from the parlor and watchin the fireworks and the AH-MAYZIN hotel rooms and the pools and... and...

so much more.

if there is one thing i could embed in your minds, it would be: TAKE YO-SELF TO DISNEY. and your children.

honestly? if there is one thing in my life i value more than any other? (mom, exclude yerself. yer in a whole other field.) it would be disney.

i love it with my whole entire heart and whole entire soul.

it is the beginnin and end all of love, health, truth, happiness, TRUE happiness, heart e-latin happiness,

i can't even tell ya'll.

i love disney. more than ican say. take yer kids there. surroeusly.

tag yer it and really, really random pics

so i totally wrote out this long post about yadda yadda blah blah and then decided to put some pics up and then i got this grand idea of doin' a TAG YA'LL ARE IT with your favorite disney picture.

ahem. this is the part where you, you know, go find your favorite disney picture and blog about it.

one of my top favs, cuz i'm a traditionalist and all in my home decor, is the magic castle:

and this is the part where it gets good. cuz i've got the dirt. ON MY MOM. she's the one who raised me to be such a disney freak. i owe her my life for that. well. she GAVE ME LIFE so i guess i'd owe it anyway.

where was i?

oh yeah. the part where i HACKED INTO MY MOMS WALGREENS PHOTO SECTION. yeah that's right. well. to be fair she gave me the password eons ago, but i forgot it. but since she uses the same flippin password for EVERYTHING (not that i do that too. no. no sirree bobby sue.) i was able to figure it out.

and oh yes. this is money. my mom is goin to KILL ME when she sees this. heheheheehhe. but my mom? used to be a marine. that's how she and my dad met. he was her recruiter!! and she went to disneyworld for the first time when she was in the marines. or maybe. was it disneyland?

mom? lil help over here?

oh there she is!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! she's on the right. that's my mom. when she was like 18 or somethin. she's pretty :) oh and that's... i THINK that's Lori with her. i think i was named after Lori. i'm not sure. details are fuzzy. stay tuned.

and well HELLO HERE'S MAH POSSY. we're tight yo.
this be my aunt. she's pregnant. she's the reason i'm going to be in Florida when i go to Disneyworld. cuz of the bun in her oven, aka, Olivia. that's Jose. the dad. they live in a big ol' house down by miami.
not that i'm jealous or anything.

isn't she pretty???????? she's more like my sister than my aunt, since my mom is the oldest of 5. yeah. five. the youngest is almost 30 i believe. angie is second to youngest. and ang? i won't tell them your age. cuz i'm a kind soul and all.

a funny moment from my wedding. heh. that's my dad you see, and that's my sister-in-law, Stacy. i heart stacy. when we have family functions we're usually the two in the back corner sneaking drinks and giggling.
notice my bird cage veil? one thing i regret is not wearin' that thing for longer than the ceremony. i loved it.

this is my wedding shower. yeah we're goin random now folks!!!!! it's called, hackin' in to yer moms walgreens photo account online!!!!!

it was a purple and white theme. i loved it. i thought it was SO pretty.

the CAKE!!!!!!!!! isn't it lovely?

oh, that's me. if this were in color, you'd see how insanely tan i am. it was taken over the summer at camp. oh, my goodness, how i just LOVED CAMP. i was a pro swimmer and took all the tests so that i could go in any pool i wanted (yeah that's right ya'll even the TWENTY FOOT DEEP POOL cuz i was cool like that) at both home AND camp and it was wonderful. oh and my hair turned green. good times. good times.

one of our engagement photos. i think i look mildly stupid here but whatev. bygones. i just wanted ya'll to notice vlads arm- see that long tattoo? it says 'blood sweat tears' and i totally talked him into gettin in. cuz i'm an enabler like that.

no but really he wanted it after i suggested it to him. promise.

oh hello there russia!!!!! (sarah palin anyone?) just a shout out to the red square. vovka's homeland. it IS gorgeous, tho, isn't it?
oh and mom? what's with the picture of red square in your walgreens online photo account? i don't know WHERE you get this weirdoness from. (not that i caught it or anything. ahem.)
so POST PICTURES PEOPLE. i am a curious lil blonde over here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
oh and any chance to talk about disney and i'm all over that. just sayin.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

soooooo here i am again. yep! me! tada! SURPRISED ya'll din i??? yeah. uh. maybe not. but. still. it's me. in tho fleyash yo! or. as much as i can be via online and.... without video capabilities.

btw, is that somethin ya'll would be interested in? me goin... gasp..... digitalvidial? or. i mean. video. ahem.

lemme know. cuz that's somethin i think upon.


so. Linda decided to interview me, too. or. maybe i volunteered. it's all so fuzzy, chitlins, i sway-yar. here are her questions..... oh how i love this interview thing. and also?

per Linda's rules? i have to tag all ya'll (Marchelle i love ya for comin up with that term)(but i love you always and forever and pink, so who's to say what that means? anyone? bueller?)(heh) and ask ya'll to ask ME TO INTERVIEW YOU. yeah. i KNOW. crah-ha-ha-hazy!!!! but still. fun. but still? upbeat.

find that movie title and you win somethin GOOD.

so. ahem. anyway. without further adu. or adou. or... aydooo????? why am i spelling challenged all of a sudden? sigh. spellcheck i hate you for not recognizin ya'll.

Where did you get your cat Daisy and how did she get her name?

well shucks. the love of my life came INTO my life in a weird way. my cat, Panda, the best EVAH had just passed. she had picked a time when i was traveling. i KNOW THIS like i know my left hand. (i'm left handed, didnja know??) i was so sad. upset. depressed. my mom said, hey ya'll, (tho she is FAR from southern in her speech,) let's buy ANOTHER cat!!! thus brought on the humane society trip to find 'my new cat'. which, was Daisy. and btw, her name? yeah. couldn't think of a better one. it literally just 'bloomed' (heh) on me. she was FOR ME. totally anti social until she saw ME. and she was all over me like white on rice. surrreously. and i adored her. so small. so precious. and then i was all well my fav thing in the world just DIED so i think i want two. so she won't be lonely. yes this is how i think. so we got ANOTHER cat which would be Cali, cuz she's a calico, and really? girl's got somethin wrong with her. but we love her just the same. (or maybe love my mom for takin on TWO cats of mine. Cali and also Larry who used to be Lola and uhm...... let me tell ya THAT story sometime) so...... we took her home. and i couldn't figure out a good name. so i called her Daisy.

but ya know what? i usually call her food names. WEIRD I KNOW. like hamburger, like 'hi hamburger!!! hi apple pie!!! hi apple pie in the sky full of Daisies!!!' i know. i. am. weird.

Vlad, is sporting a very nice tat on his right arm. Have you ever considered one? If so, what of and where would you put it?

girl i've got three. and i'm the main reason Vlad HAS that tat. or... tats. tattoos. cuz i am a tattoo FREAK. i have NO IDEA where this comes from. i constantly shy away from needles. i HATE SHOTS. or gettin mah blood drawn? fuggeeedaboutit. no. way. but for some reason, i LOVE TATTOOS. the first one i ever got:

me, scared shoeless, for lack of a better cuss word, was me bent over a chair. not to mention my friend forgot her i.d. so ME, i, had to drive all of one hour BACK to her house to get her id. and yeah. not fun. i BARELY had a drivers license and i was visiting her in another state.

we come back, i go first, needless to say, (heh,) it felt GLORIOUS. on the small of my back i have the words "Take to the Sky" in a cute script. bc of my cheerleading injuries (which are serious, kid you not) made the tattoo feel GOOD. my muscles RELAXED. oh sigh.

cut to me meeting vlad, he likes tattoos, i do too, our friends cousin is a tattoo artist... and... uhm.... we're hooked.

i have stars that go from my right hip bone to my 'bra height' as i like to say. and a tribal crescent moon next to my right hip bone. and i'm plannin on gettin "memento vivare" tattooed up my left side, really big.

please don't judge. i know what people think about tattoos. to me? it's a remembrance of life and how you felt at the time. i LOVE looking at my body and seeing emotions and feelings embedded there. i LOVE that i can make a part of my body that i HATED HATED HATED feel beautiful, bc i have somethin beautiful there. it's not for everyone, but dear lord, it's for me.

What made you decide to blog?

i have NO flippin idea. i think i saw all of these women connecting and thought, dangit, why not ME? so i did. i thought, 'this is never gonna float. i'm NEVAH gonna have readers. who cares about MY life???" and then.... i stumbled 'cross ya'll. and started to get- gasp- COMMENTS. and... and... to be truthful, i live for the comments. i do. i LOVE hearing your thoughts. i love communicating. i just adore blogging and couldn't imagine my life without it. it is SUCH an outlet. i get to be myself and get to say what i want to say and be who i am.

i also made potato soup tonight. ah-mayzing!!! yes? okay. de-rail. back on track.

You’ve talked about the possibility of entering Law Enforcement. If that doesn’t work out, what would be your second choice?

hmmmmm. Linda, you girl you, you've just brought to light my "BIG DILEMMA". i'm thinkin maybe social work, or forensics even tho i hate med school (yeah i was a nursing major once. math? nah. not mah thang.) and maybe even...... computer forensics. or. admin for a police department. or. workin for the military, just non-military- somethin my mom does. i just don't know. i want to help. and for some reason COP has always resonated in my head. perhaps i glorify it, but.... i know i do..... but. i have ..... i know i am smart, and competent, and i have SOMETHING to add to the world and this is what my soul says.

we'll see.

What, if anything, stands between you and utter and complete happiness?

so many things.

here i am, bein' candid and all. cuz i know that all ya'll who continue to read me expect to know ALL about me, and not just the BLOGGIN me.

i will be honest.

sometimes, or most of the time, the 'bloggin me' is slightly different than the real me. in the respect that i am, in normal life, not so happy-go-lucky. ya'll help me to be happy and to relish life. but in reality, i am a happy person but...

i hate my job.

to a point that i cannot WAIT to share with you in May. really. you have NO FLIPPIN IDEA guys!!!!!!

but really. what keeps me from bein' happy would be my husband who works all the time, cuz he owns his own business. i go to sleep many a night by myself. i see him for small moments in the morning when we're both still half asleep.

what keeps me from bein' happy would be the fact that my job? SUCKS. nuff said. crazy psycho women are SO NOT MY THANG.

what keeps me from bein' happy is myself.

cuz i have a habit of totally bein' depressed and all and missin out on life.

maybe ya'll don't know that about me. maybe ya do. maybe you think i'm perfect in my 24 yr oldness.

i'm not.

i wish more than anything that i could be happier, could rejoice, could LIVE. this blog helps me do that. i know, now, that a lot of the time i act as if i'm happygolucky 24/7, and i'm not...... i'm normal.

i get sad. i get depressed. A LOT. but cuz of ya'll i get HAPPY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


i cannot express it enough. so, to answer Linda's question more thoroughly? i started blogging to fill a void and


that void is more than filled it's overflowin and also?

i love all ya'll. you mean more to me than you can truly know.

thank you.

uh, blogger? you suck. AND you smell.

cuz seriously? is anyone else havin issues with their blogrolls? just a time out to ask what the eff to the effing is up with the stupid flippin blogger today???

my issue- my blogroll links are all shades of screwed up. how on EARTH did they get to wonky? i like to view my blog and then systematically go down the list to read ya'll, and i can't do it. the links don't work.

w to the tf?????? what's goin' on today man?? sigh.

Monday, January 19, 2009

done did answer an interview. and more edible grammatical errors.

well well well..... mz.Midlife Slices has taken it upon herself to INTERVIEW ME. yes. me. she wants to know all about MOI. and can ya blame her??

uh, i mean, isn't that weird??? who'd be interested in ME? i guess her. hah! see how that works out? pretty clever reasoning there.

anyway. so, she asked me five questions.... five GEM JEWEL SHINY sparkly beautiful (AND HARD) questions. here's i go. flyin by the seat of my pants.

Look into a crystal ball and tell me what you see about yourself 30 years in the future.

wow. so THIS IS WHAT you decide to start me off on??? GOODNESS grief woman! are you tryin' ta KILL ME over here???? okay. i'm okay. i'm calm. this question tho... this question... has me stumped.

cuz i am at a crossroad, kids. my life, come May, is goin to flip flop faster than my reefs. many, many things are changin' and it's for the better but the big bad scary thing that i ahve to do right now is DECIDE. decide if i'm going back to school, and what do i want to BE when i grows up, who i want to be, what i want my life to be like. it's hard. i have until May to figure it out. somehow i think ya'll will help me ;)

so, in 30 years? i have NO IDEA. that would make me... it would.. make... make me.... 54. holy batman, man!! 54?? that's older than my- wait. before someone kills me that i'm directly related to we will just omit the name from the record. but anyway. 54? i'd like to think... that i'd be courageous and strong, stronger than i could ever imagine now. i would like to see Vlad, and our children, being successful and i would like to imagine that i'm retired and am still able to indulge in my online shopping sprees. i'd like to have a house, sized perfectly for us, with a porch and a hammock and a kitchen that is ah-mayzin... stainless steel everywhere.... ahem. got side tracked with the THINGS part. i always get sidetracked by trivial stuff. i hope to see that at 54, i DON'T get sidetracked by THINGS. i hope that i do something really, really well and love waking up. that my children are proud of me.

Do you want to have children and if so, when. If not, why?

hm. i think i answered this. :) yes, i want children. maybe up to three. who knows? at this point i'm not ready for a baby. i know this about myself. in theory i think if it happened along, i would figure it out and i'd be good at it and i'd do just as well as any other young mom. but it would be hard. it would be the hardest thing for me to do, ever, in my life and i want to be FAIR to the little baby i'm bringing into this world. i want it to be wanted so badly that my entire being, my happiness, my love, my life, is hinged on it's arrival into the world. it wouldn't be fair any other way. i don't have a set 'time'. i think that when i'm ready i'll be ready. who knows? maybe i'll be ready in two months. or two years. i just know right now, it's good to have this time to be selfish (as stupid and immature as that sounds) and to be with Vlad. i love the guy.

If you could have 3 wishes and they'd all come true, what would those 3 wishes be?

peace on earth is too corny, huh? ;)

-everyone in my family to be safe, health-wise.... no one has any uncurable disease, they never catch colds, they live long lives and when they fade from this life they do so naturally and calmly in their sleep. health is so important.

-money. i know, i know, GOSH she is SO TRIVIAL. but i'm bein' honest with ya'll!! isn't that what you wanted? no? yes? maybe? mashed potatoes with gravy? i'd wish for just enough that - wait who am i kiddin'. i'd want tons of it so that i could afford my marc jacobs purse but after THAT i'd totally donate a ton to charity and maybe even start my own and then i'd travel the world ala angelina jolie and do all sorts of great stuff. how's that? oh you didn't want any gravy? but it's gravy, baby!!


-i... would like to think that i would wish for happiness. but that doesn't work, now does it? if i wished for happiness i'd probably lose 70 IQ points bc ignorance is bliss, right? didn't you get the memo? so instead i think i'd wish... i'd wish that nuclear weapons were wiped off the face of the earth, like they never even existed.

oh if i could have a fourth? just cuz? i'm lucky and all? i'd wish that every. single. person. out there who had any inkling of desire to hurt a child or rape a woman or do any of those awful things dissapeared. bc that is my biggest fear in the entire whole world... evil.

If you could know the time of your imminent death, would you want to know and why?

you'd think someone like me, bein' all curious and inquisitive and all, would wanna know. but then i would obsess over it and agonize and go thru the gazillion stages of grief and it'd be terrible. i'd see, first-hand, my family mourning me before i kick it. part of me thinks i would say yes to this, bc then it would mean that i would be motivated (in theory) to dedicate my short time (or long, depending) to something amazing and selfless and wonderful. like quit my job and travel to Uganda and help children who are terminally ill with AIDS bc hello? i'm gonna kick it anyway, so even if i DO get infected accidentally it won't matter. and that's one less person in the world being exposed to the terrible disease.

but in reality? please don't tell me. if you're psychic and you know that on November 14th 2024 i'm goin to trip and fall and then land in the middle of the street and a nice unsuspecting FedEx guy (or any other truck. i don't discriminate. i am quite partial to FedEx. the regular guy who comes to my office calls me Princess. that earns high points in my book.) comes barreling down the road at THAT PRECISE MOMENT and BLAM no more Lo in the world? yeah, i'd greatly appreciate it if you could keep it to yourself. cuz.... i'm a giver like that.

i just know myself. and i also know that we're not supposed to know. and if i AM supposed to know? i'm sure i will learn all on my own. i'd prefer not too, tho. just sayin'.

What is the one thing you most hope to achieve in your lifetime?

jeez Midlife!!! dang girl, you sure gots some big questions. i need to put on my big girl pants for this one. no chance i can hide in the laundry basket until someone answers this for me?

no? damn.

ya'll know that i'm relatively young. i'm 24. i am mature enough to be able to understand that i'm extremely immature and fresh to the world.

huh? still there? k. you should be well spoken in Lo language by now.

i think i would like to THINK that what i would want to leave this world with when i'm gone is kindness. i want to help people. (vague, huh?) i feel this deep, inner yearning to do something to help others. it's why i've always wanted to go into law enforcement. (plus i like to be badass. just sayin. although most of the time i'm super duper shy and introverted and not anywhere near badass.) ever since i was young i thought i KNEW i'd be a gun-tottin' badass girl who didn't take no gum from nobody. but.

situations and life and etc etc have changed me. i'm not the same to-hell-with-it person i USED to be when i was younger.

jeeeez louise girl! you sound OLD. ahem.

so, i am left with this weird, mushy feeling that i'm supposed to do something along those lines, but... no idea where to go. (didn't i mention a big life change in May? yeah, welcome to part of it, friends.) so. what was i talkin bout again? jeez. i do this A LOT i think. what do i want to accomplish......

i want to be able to wake up at 54 and look around me and say, damn girl, you done did it. you done did it good.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

sundays sundays i love sundays. just not sams club.

soooo guess what i'm doin? yeah. that's RIGHT ya'll i am bloggin from my livin room because i?

yeah, that's right, ME?

i've got a laptop. THATS RIGHT. me. moi. i. have gotten a laptop, and oh lordy, i am in love.

i am SMITTEN. i am smitten kitten right now. it is gorgeous. the keys don't stick like most laptops. i click clatter along without a care in the world.

oh, how i love this laptop.

and if i weren't dog dead tired? i'd totally, fo sho, give you a pic shot of it. but.... forgive. forgive. i am a tired girl over here in illinois. i try my best.

hey. at least i'm typin, right? i guess all those chat room talks in high school payed off cuz i? can type 95 wpm. go me! go me! (ahem. i pay or may not have done the fists-goin-in-a-circle dance. ahem.)(you better take that to yo grave, man.)


so. it's an hp. and it ROCKS. i swear, the most gorgeous sentence ever spoken to me: '500gb memory.' oh lordy be i am channeling Country Girl when i say that but seriously? this thing? rocks mah world. no. lie.

ahem. anyway. anyhoo. just a quick check-in to tell ya'll that i am now in full blogging mode. expect more pictures. from my REAL camera, not my camera phone!!

can ya give me a WOO HOO?????????????

that's what i THOUGHT. i knew ya'll wouldn't let me down.

and now? i crawl my sorry butt into bed. cuz after all day? yeah.... an all day laptop hunt. starting at best buy, where we fell IN LOVE with a computer but then thought nah, sams club HAS TO have it cheaper. cuz we love ol' sam and all.

that's what i thought at first. turns out? sams club was totally overpriced. (sams henchmen? please don't hunt me in my sleep when you read this tomorrow. i mean no harm. it's just, well, your laptops are totally overpriced, man!!)

so then we went BACK to best buy, found everything we needed, were so super stoked, to learn that they were SOLD OUT in all of illinois. seriously. that's what she told me.

and then we went to Costco. oh, Costco, how can i sing your praises high enough???? sigh. the PERFECT laptop. at the PERFECT price. only to learn that this beast was the floor model and the display was the ONLY one left.

so, we left. and down the street at a red light i say aloud, 'you know, i really liked it. for the price, it's AH-MAYZIN. i just feel like i left a little kid out in this 11 degree weather with only a towel to keep warm.'

or. maybe i said somethin else. but this is what i was thinking. this laptop? it BELONGED to us. it WAS us. oh how i loved it's shiny bronze-ness.

so we turned around.

and we bought it.

and me? yes. i am a super duper happy camper. now, talk to me about steak from a restaurant near our house that we are totally never goin to again? yeah. maybe this isn't the best time to tell you THAT lil jewel of a story.


it just confirmed that i? make a mean steak. not to toot my own horn or somethin.

good lord i think this laptop done gone to mah brain. bed time for me, bloggies. can't wait for our rendezvous tomorrow!!!

sigh. technology TOTALLY makes mah skirt fly up. or. somethin like that.

Friday, January 16, 2009

tag i'm it you're it we're ALL IT darnit!!

Marchelle at Chronicles of a Working Mom totally did a tag. yer it. on her blog readers. and since i'm all for doin these weird kooky things?? yeah, i'm doin' it. just TRY to stop me!! you don't wanna know what happens!!

come to think of it, neither do i. moving along now.

so. here's the rule list. and just for the record i don't like rule lists. i don't like rules. or lists with numbers. i like BULLET points. or dashes. or. stars and hearts and puppies. i don't know what i'm saying. is this even in english?

1. Grab the nearest book
.2. Open to page 56.
3. Find the fifth sentence.
4. Post the text of the next 2 to 5 sentences, along with these rules.
5. Don't dig for your favorite book, the cool book, or the intellectual book. Pick the CLOSEST!
6. Tag five other people to do the same!

and Marchelle? you should go to and have them suggest books for ya that are like Twilight. cuz me? yeah. after i read thru my stash of crack books Twilight series books, i totally ran out and got a ton more books that are the same genre. teenage vamps. gotta love it!!

ahem. THIS has been my cracklatest addiction. sigh. super de duper good series. yeah, it's young adult. SO'S WHAT i say!!! who cares. i don't. i love it. (uhm yeah but remind me to keep it in my desk drawer when at work cuz i left it out after comin' back from lunch and a friend coworker totally teased me about how corny the cover is. totally teenager overdramatic. but the CONTENT is what it's about ya'll!!!)

anyway. here goes:

"He stood several feet in front of me, off to Stan's right, looking just as he had last night. Translucent. Shimmering. Sad. The hair on the back of my neck stood up. I froze, unable to move or finish going for my stake. I forgot about what I'd been doing and completely lost track of the people and commotion around me. The world slowed down, everything fading around me. There was only Mason- that ghostly, shimmering Mason who glowed in the dark and seemed like he so badly wanted to tell me something."

heh. i did a bit more bc i just LOVE this part in the book, coincidentally. it's so freakin good.

so. as Marchelle did, cuz i'm a copy cat and all, i tag ALL YA'LL to do this!! it's fun and easy and fast and my kinda thing.

oh, did this frighten you? a slab of delicious, saucy, sexy, tantalizingly yummy juicy red raw slab-o-hunka-hunka-meat?

so sorry, friends. it's just that... that.... maybe this will calm your queasy tummies- (you pansies!) (kidding. ahem.)

that right thurr is a delicious, yummy, oh so yummy in my tummy pan-fried ribeye. and THAT IS WHAT I'M HAVING FOR DINNER. i'm totally pioneer woman'ed out. no joke. i'm doin' her "meal o' love" dinner... oh sigh..... i'm doing pan fried ribeye, and a side of crash hot potatoes. yes. i am doin' it. i'm goin' all out. AND I MADE HOMEMADE RANCH DRESSING.

I KNOW. who IS this person typing??? last time i checked there was a Dominick's down the road instead of horses and cattle so i'm not sure why on earth i decided to make homemade ranch when i could just toddle on down to the grocery store and buy some. probably for cheaper. less labor.

i don't understand either. just one'a those things about me. you never know what i'm gonna do. heck i don't even know what i'm gonna do!!! look at me!! i snapped and went all domestic and all. who knew?

ahem. i am so sorry. but honestly? this is, quite possibly, one of the most beautiful things i've ever seen.

oh, i adore you, hunkaburninmeat. bestill my heart.

HAPPY WEEKEND YA'LL!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, January 15, 2009

uhm, maybe i was too generous with the term 'moving'

SOOOOO since i got so much flack from ya'll about the fact that i'm still, ya know, MOVIN and all....

let me clarify what i meant by my general term, 'moving'.

puttin up the dang tv!!! woohoo!!! success. except. we have no cable now. which. sucks. but. eh. details schmetails. whoever said it's all in the details totally didn't understand how great it is to mount a big ol' t.v. to the wall!! okay. so in the above photo, please find: on the left, my husband, Vlad. in a pink shirt. YES he wears pink! and purple sometimes too. he's comfortable with his manhood and all. next to him is a super duper good friend of mine (and now neighbor, separated by one measly parkin' lot) Danny! and yes, he TOO is wearin' a pink shirt!!

pink party pink party!!

ahem. movin right along.

isn't this the funniest picture ever? heh. hehehehe. he would KILL me if he knew i put this up. good thing he thinks bloggin is some type of exercise or somethin.

we (ahem, THEY) are mounting the t.v. to the wall, and it's going to sit between two tall bookshelves... you can see the right-hand one in this pic. underneath the t.v. will be a half-bookshelf.

sort of like a modern library.

in my living room.

okay i saw it in ikea and just died and had to have it and now i WILL.

close-up of the 'finding the stud and darnit where'd that dang screwdriver go'

(except they may or may not have no used dangit and darnit. just sayin'. i'm honest like that.)

you can see the left-hand bookshelf. go vlad! go danny! except... vlad is moreso takin' a back seat. he was pooped. danny is the major muscles of the operation in this picture right here.

and the t.v.! up it goes!!! dang that looks heavy. i thought it was 42" but it's really somewhere near 46"!! or 47". or. something. it's big. that's all my heart cares about. (i know. i know. i am so vain.)(sorry. i just like to pretend i'm in the movie theatre!!)

lifting, holding.... all the while i am sittin' on the couch readin' mah book and snappin' pics a good little assistant and offer tons and tons of useful advice and knowledge.


er, it looks rather... nekked right now. (sorry t.v.... i know not what i do. i promise i'll throw some shelves around ya soon.) the bookshelves are askew, and i'm missing the half-bookshelf entirely.
but that's not the point. cuz at least IT'S UP. and tonight?? tonight, i am making rib eyes, and mashed potatoes, and we're gonna buy brackets so that we can secure the shelves to the wall, and then... THEN I GET TO MAKE MY LIBRARY COMPLETE.
bwahaahahhahahaha. (evil laugh. or. sorta.)
meaning, i get to unpack all my books and line them up. insert my contented sigh here.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

this is my 102nd POST!!! holy smokes.

and it's not as if i have anything like, uber interesting to write. of course. duh. cuz it's me. i'ma flake. yeah. that's my name. ima flake. nice to meetcha.


(still there?)

ahem. anyway!! so. to let ya'll in on a lil' secret: MOVING SUCKS. the big fat toe sucks. the suckage of moving i cannot even express in the written word. it is so unbelievably frustrating and upsetting and exciting and nerve-wracking and i-wanna-pull-mah-hurr-out-ing, i don't know why i EVER decided to move.

oh yeah. cuz i love my new house. anyway!!

so. in any event, THIS IS WHY i have been M.I.A. from the blog world!!! i am still readin', my lovelies, but.... posting? yeah. zilch. nada. i gots nuthin' up here in this blonde head-o-mine. i know. i know. did i ever?

i kid! heh. you don't even KNOW how many blonde jokes i get a day.

this is something that freaks the caffeine outta me. just LOOK AT THIS. it's a 'squeezy toy' otherwise known as one of our promo items at work. scares the bejesus outta me. this thing is NOT NATURAL. i don't know WHY i get skeeved out by mr.smiles but I DO and that's all that matters.

meet his partner in crime, mr.glasses. they LOOK INNOCENT. but i can tell you, i KNOW for a FACT that come alive at night. yeah.
oh seriously, they do. these little suckers will sneak up on you and ...
i don't know what comes after and but it ain't good, i can tell ya that!!!!
yeah. i hate these things. at first they seemed cute. then someone put one on my desk. then this THING is staring at me for nine hours all day and i start to feel watched like i did in my aunts room that was in the basement of my grandmas house and she collected porcelain dolls and she faced them all toward her bed so they WATCHED HER SLEEP every night.
uh, traumatized much? yeah. that ain't the HALF OF IT, sister! (or brother. i do not discriminate.)
so anyway. i don't know why i put these pictures up. i don't know why i decided to tell you about my acute but totally understandable and real terror of dolls and glass eyes and weird balloon-filled-with-plastic-sand-type squeezy men.
these are not men i want to squeeze. thank ya, no! no sirree bob. no bob, seriously? no. no means no.
so. can you BELIEVE i have written 102 blog entries??? what the hell??? when did THAT happen? seriously yo. i do not recall being THAT chatty kathy. (as my mother would say. wtf is a chatty kathy anyway????) and also? all ya'll who read this???
now THERE'S a few minds i'd like to pick someday. why on earth would someone read my ramblings??? sigh. if i get at least one of you to smile or laugh or just plain destress than my job here is DONE.
but also. thank you for reading. i think i'd right true lose mah mind if i didn't have ya'll.

Monday, January 12, 2009

a meme!!!!

soooooo i'm back at the whole work force thing, seein' as it's monday and all, and ... i heart seattle's best coffee.

random. yes. amazing? oohhhh you betcha buddy!!!! i ran into borders books at lunch cuz i forgot my book at home and i wanted the third book in this series (by Melissa De La Cruz, the Blue Bloods series... ahem, yes, young adult TECHNICALLY but oh-so-good. SUCH a good read. and fast.) so that totally justifies spending $17 right? right???? oh pssshaw they only had hardcover!! i know. i know. bad Lo. still. and duh. HAD to get coffee and all. cuz ya know. today is so totally worthy of the Craptastic Monday award.

speaking of, i totally got tagged for a meme!!! and, being the true wierdo i am, i CAN NOT pass up a chance to talk about mahself. cuz i'm so selfless and all. heh.
anyway. so. T5M of the 5 Moores tagged me. sooooooo off i go!! cuz she's awesome and all. ;)

THE RULES. yeah. i know. shocker that i'm actually gonna follow em, right? I KNOW!
1. go to your documents/pictures
2. go to your 6th file.
3. go to your 6th picture.
4. blog about it.
5. tag 6 people to do the same.
6. smile (T5M totally added this last rule. cuz duh. it centers around six, so of COURSE there has to be a sixth rule!)

I COME IN PEACE. heh. anyhoo. yeah. so this is me, at my old townhouse. just LOOK at how dirty that mirror is!! to my credit, it is now clean and sparkly, i was just in the middle of moving. don't judge. ah who am i kiddin'!! if i saw a pic of that of someone else i'd say SHAME shame and send a bottle of windex with hershey kisses.

is that weird? probably. but so am i. i just roll with tha punches, ya'll.

anyway. so i suppose i'm supposed to tag some peeps???? oh lordy that's awful tough. and i know half ya'll won't do it, cuz i know, you know, keepin' up with the jones's and all is super duper hard. like awards and meme's. just so happens i tooooooaaadally didn't have fuel for a post today. and BLAM now i do. how do ya like them apples?? huh? huh? oh. you prefer watermelon? well, more power to ya mah friend.

ahem. i tag:

Country Girl, just cuz she has sooo many pics, ya know?
Marchelle cuz she's awesome and i lurve her.
Linda who's my homey. she's a knittin' fool i tell ya! although she's really smart. do i make ANY sense?

i heart these three girlies. they make my heart go pittah pattah like a Jewish woman in the Bronx when she sees Moschino on sale.

or. uh. sum tin like that.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

i'm here!!!!!

ohmahgawd you all have NO idea what a big ball of stress and worry i am!!! over my house. nuthin major in life. just putting that out there.

i scared you?

you hate me now?

come back!! i promise cookies and whipped cream. oh yah. double wammie.

moving this time, for some reason, is kickin this blondes BUTT. could be that i moved while sick. could be that i'm downsizing. could be that my old townhouse is full of stuff still that we didn't want and are donating to charity, but..... it's still just chillin over there. straight up a chillin villain. or. something like that.

anyway, so it also could be that my mother is the only person who helped. could be that my new house still needs to be painted... or, half of it, anyway. could be that this weekend i'm lookin at havin to paint the rest of my condo (with the help of my mom, thankfully), set up my closet so it functions, buy some real food (not that i've been livin off of chips n salsa and frozen pizza and dengeos (an uh-mayzing greek counter service restaurant, oh i'll have to take pics and show you my (winner winner)chicken dinner place. mahvelous.) and (wine) orange juice or anythin. nope. not me. no surree) head on over to the old place and pack everything up for good will, sift thru my mt. everest garage and figure out which boxes i want, which are for charity, which are empty bc oh you didn't know?

for some reason (and ALL russians do this, not just my husband and his family) russians LOVE to keep boxes to household items. you know. the t.v., the dvd player, the playstation, the wii, the iron. yes. i have TWO iron boxes in my garage. who keeps an iron box???? i mean really.

not to mention all of this stuff? he moved without using these said boxes. no, he shoved everything into ONE box of it's own. and moved the t.v. in her naked glory. much to her chagrin.

why are tv's female? i have no idea. anyway.

where was i? see, this is what happens when i start rambling. you all should know better than to give me a blank canvas. this was supposed to be a 'hey ya'll i'm still alive and kickin!' post and now... hm. now it's a REAL post. sort of. ahem.

so, this is my life right now. NO COMPUTER (my body is seriously convulsing at around oh say 7.30 when i look around and realize NO CABLE? no COMPUTER? oh lordy just put me in a coma until saturday!! sigh.) but i AM looking at laptops tonight.

didja hear that? I'M LOOKING AT LAPTOPS TONIGHT!!!!!!!!!! that means i can blog from.. from... MY BED! the bathroom! STARBUCKS! even dengeos! oh the possibilities. and it's super new and shiny and hello i am SO into super new shiny things. also gettin' a wall mount for mah tv that goes up and down and tilts and is awesome.

and i want to buy a fridge, dangit. so i will. (maybe. hopefully. sigh.)

so hang tight, my chicklets, i'm tryin' mah butt off here. but it'll all be worth it!!!!!!!!!

Monday, January 5, 2009

i moved!!!!!!!!!!!

so i done did move. yep. you got it. i moved. to a new place in a new time zone in a new millennium and a new pair of socks.

or. somethin' like that. anyway. anywho.


so i took pictures. TONS of pictures actually. and they didn't do me ANY shades of good, bc.... my computer is still at my OLD house. so. what's a girl to do?????

i used my camera phone. i know. i know. it sucks. it's horrible quality. it cannot compare to my wonderful award winning photos on my cannon. or. maybe not so award-winning but kinda maybe please sorta better than these photos. cuz these are bad. why are they so bad?

yeah. uh. i forgot to use the flash. sorry folks. i just don't know where my head is sometimes!

probably on my neck. but. i have other problems to attend to.

this is my new living room!! and if you squint real super duper hard you can see it. i swear. girl scouts honor. i'm standing in front of sliding glass doors. this is the very end of the condo. ahead you see the dining room, and to the right is the galley kitchen. the bedroom would be to the right, thru the wall. the bathroom is to the right and up.

i know. i know. this in no way helps to figure out the dynamics of my home. bear with me.

this is moving further up(?) into the condo, sliding glass doors still behind me. a close-up of the dining room. you can see a kitchen cabinet in this shot. the wall you see on the right is actually part of a half-hallway.

here's a shot from the OTHER side. the front door is to my left and i'm peering into the kitchen from the hallway that is the entryway.
does this make ANY sense????

HEY YA'LL!!!! i'm just takin' pics. my husband, at this point, is seriously doubting my sanity. i say psssshhhaw. i know these pics suck. mah bad. surreooouuusssllly i will take better ones. i HAVE taken better ones. but i'm currently on a no-computer access issue.

oh. more on the kitchen. this time, i'm standing in the dining room. please don't mind the mess. i really did try super hard to unpack. i did. swear. and it looks much more cluster-fied than it is in real life. cuz it TOTALLY doesn't look that bad. promise.

okay. these next few pictures, EXCUSE ME. seriously. cuz they just look terror filled but i tried my best. in actuality, the walls of the bedroom are BRIGHT turquoise. they. are. LOVELY. and also very reminiscent of Tiffany's blue. i love it. adore it. all of our furniture is dark super dark cherry. and it POPS in this room. i love it.

i'm not loving how the photos came out. again. i failed to use flash. who even KNEW camera phones HAD flash??????

everyone? ...........oops. my bad. sorry peeps.

and to leave you with something delicious, take a gander at my closet. yep. my closet. there's a floor under there.