Wednesday, May 20, 2009

holy hell

so i'm sitting in my aunts kitchen in west palm beach, with a thunderstorm overhead, a baby sleepin, and me without a computer.

that's right. it was working fine, and then TA DA i try to log on during a layover in washington d.c. on monday and............ there's a virus. so my aunts husband is going to run some programs on it later today and hopefully, i can upload pictures, etc, lots and lots of stuff.

so that's that. i'm stuck. i'm so sorry. but i promise, i took LOTS of pictures and i'm heading down to key west tomorrow.......... YAY :)

so of course, in my life? of course. the computer craps out the day i'm traveling with a five hour layover.


Sunday, May 17, 2009

vacay yay!!!

so this is my goodbye.

for now.

as in, i'll see ya'll later tonight, if amtrak has wireless.

if not, then i'll see you tuesday, when i get into fort lauderdale.

AS IN FLORIDA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

sayonara suckas.

just kiddin. i love yous. yay for vacay!!!!!!!!!!!

Friday, May 15, 2009


so, right now, i'm stahhhhving. i just made some basmati rice in chicken broth that i totally burned- but salvaged most of it- the pan is soaking as we speak (i type?) and no, there will be no picture of that disaster.

however i'm, after i post this, going to try my hand at a mexican casserole with ingredients i have on hand. some black beans sauteed with a little salsa (more like pico de gajo.. gayo?) and whatever paprika/cumin combo i can scrounge up... then some cheese and some tortilla chips, should be interesting.

anyway! meanwhile, i had some time on my hands in between laundry and messing around with food so i thought i'd upload some pics.

of my house..... for you!

but quickly first? this is my current obsession:

and yeah, that's my stove, RIGHT. NOW. with my cornies in there.... about to be shucked a lil for my casserole and the rest? smothered in butter and salt and eaten. YUM.

i have an obsession with having fresh flowers in my kitchen by the sink. and they have to be a range of pale ivory to green or yellow. i have no idea why. i just love these those. they're sooooo bright and believe it or not? these are over a week old. LOVE that.

i was feeling a little down the other night and vlad came home with these. pretty, right???? they're in the living room right now. this is the view directly to my left when i'm sitting on my spot on the couch.
below, find what my backyard looks like RIGHT NOW:

green, right???? nuts.
also? what's with the rain, man????

it's like a nasty, nasty swamp land down below. thank goodness i live on the second floor. amen.

my living room, standing in the dining room. that's the only 'window' i have in the house besides a teeny one in the bedroom. the sliding glass door. right now the computer is right there and i'm sitting in front of it.... bc my wireless is down and i have to plug in old school style in order to get online.
yeah. gotta fix that tonight or tomorrow before i leave on sunday for florida, bc how else am i going to get internet access???

this is my dining room- i'm standing with my back to the living room. just think about turning around from where i was in the above photo.

a lil secret: that tablecloth is vinyl. I KNOW. i never thought i'd own a vinyl tablecloth that wasn't meant for a bbq outside. but i do. and i love it. it wipes off sooooo easily and yet, it's paisley, sage green and wonderful.

these are my bookcases. as vlad says, my library. i have no idea what i was watching on t.v.... it looks sorta creepy.

and please ignore the beer in the left hand corner k thanks.

this is right inside my front door on the right when you walk in.... i LOVE elephants. those are my keys on the far left.

okay the kitchen, this is if you were standing RIGHT inside the front hall of my house, JUSt walking in. the elephant key holder would be to the right.

okay so now you've walked a lil further into the house and you've turned to the right. that's my teeny kitchen that i adore. oh, and the dining room. the house is like a perfect square.

more of the kitchen. i love it. i picked everything. love. it. the granite is just heaven.... SO EASY TO COOK with it.
er, is this a trend or something???? please forgive me. i swear, that's not my vodka to the right. that's vlad's. just sayin. sheesh.

and this is daisy. wth is she doing?????? she's like, trying to snort the pillow in her sleep.

seriously, how could she SLEEP like this???? nuts.
oh and also? proof that she's really, really odd. she likes to smell my shoes. yeah. the shoes i wore alllllll day at work and probably smell bad and everything. i guess they have my 'scent'. or. she's just a crackhead. who knows.
i guess that means my shoes are her crack. and that i'm her dealer. good lord i'm an enabler.

aren't those booties CUTE?????????
just sayin.
so there you go. now, please excuse me while i go scarf down some corn.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

see? no melvin smelvin here.

so this was me on monday afternoon, right before i took off for my dr's appt (which, i only was stuck ONCE with a needle while there which to me? is an improvement.) at my girlfriend britt's house (across the parking lot) gettin my hair did.

she does EXCELLENT color, trust me, and she's made my light blonde hair into WOW POW hair. the color is amazing, it's so bright... you need to see it in person, to really see the dimensions.

because i love ya'll i posted this picture of me. by no means it is glamourous and honestly i think i look horrid here.

so there. never doubt my photo honesty.

MY NEW HAIR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i dropped everything as soon as i got back just now from the hair dresser (at the salon that britt works at, i was an 'after hours' and the wonderful diana didn't charge me. AT. ALL. i tipped her twenty. she's so super great.) and went into the bathroom and took pics. bc i promised.

the nose is not pierced. that will happen soon, i think? who knows. maybe not. maybe IN florida, who knows!! i'd totally make my mom gag if i made her come with me when i pierced my nose. heh. heheheheheh.

er, not sure why i'm making this weird fist like i've got massive heartburn or why my mouth is open in both photos. i guess taking mirror pics is the same as putting on mascara, my mouth must be open or else???
do you guys like it????? it's hard to see in the pic bc it's my phone bc my camera is in my car which is at vlad's work. so. that ain't gonna happen.

i also forgot if i shared these pics with you guys, leftover from russian easter.

yeah, that's a pig. and yeah. it has a crown on.

and the weirdest thing is??? i was the only one who was like WTF THERE IS A PIG WITH A CROWN ON IN THE KITCHEN. the russians were all, yeah? so? what of?
be glad i didnt' take pictures of when they started to eat it. bc they just ripped off meat right from the pig.... with their hands. and there was bone exposed. yeah.
i know.
needless to say, i did not eat any. i stuck to the salad and the bread. they're safe.

i am not melvin smelvin in tighty whities, promise.

oh lordy.

so i'm going to get mauled if i don't post pictures soon. guess i should stop watching true hollywood story on E while laying in bed sipping on iced tea with extra lemon, huh?

don't judge. you know you'd totally do the same thing if you had a free week to do absolutely nothing.

so, today i am getting a good five inches chopped off of my hair, and i'm getting my nose pierced tonight. i think. if i don't chicken out. it HURTS, man. then they slap this stupid gauze pad over half of your face so you look like a cat went to town on you. or. something. tres embarrassing.

so, and i have tons of other things to report on.... so, i will AM GOING TO try my damnedest to get pictures on this bad boy.

not that i totally didn't watch tori spelling true hollywood story this morning in bed.

i did. i will not tell a lie.

and iced tea? my kryptonite. extra lemon thanks.

where was i going with this? pictures. pictures. i promise, visual PROOF that i am, in fact, a 24 year old blonde and not a fat guy in tighty whities.


Monday, May 11, 2009

imsah so sarry, sorry, surry.....

so, after a week of hallucinations, fevers, kidneys on strike, pills pills pills, i am finally medication free (not including my birth control and the thyroid meds. synthroid, how i love thee...) and feeling soooo much better.

with that, you have permission to pelt me with rotten tomatoes bc i know that i've totally been m.i.a.

forgive. please. i beg. on knees and all.

i don't really have much to update, surprisingly, even tho i haven't written in forever.

i am no longer at the horrible job. YIPPIE.

my girlfriend highlighted the crap out of my hair and it looks soooo summery.... YIPPIE

i'm getting my hair cut, into an actual STYLE (what a concept) on wednesday... after having 'long hair' aka 'i-give-up-whatever' hair, i'm so excited to chop off the inches and get a style goin'. so. excited.

and hello?


6 DAYS, people, 6 DAYS!!!! it feels surreal. seriously. i mean after working three years and nine months at a place that i absolutely detested more than life itself, it's surreal to think that i. don't. have. to work. i mean, i do, and will, get a job after i come back but just the knowledge that i can relax and my vacation won't be tainted with the thought that i have to GO BACK TO HELL when i come home.

hear that?

........................ yeyup, pretty much sounds like pure freakin bliss to me. you wouldn't believe how much my disposition has changed. i actually LOOK different.... happy. who knew that i never looked HAPPY BEFORE????

so things are going good. i don't want to jinx it, you know how those things are... but everything is working out.

also? karma is a bitch, ya'll, cuz that woman i worked with? the impossibly horrid woman who i despised and she tried to make my life HELL right up till the very very end?

yeah. she tried to screw with me one last time.... to which i hung the phone up on her, immediately dialed my boss's cell, left a message and needless to say, everything was taken care of. i didn't work friday. i had a pleasant exit meeting with my boss who i love, and he gave me all of my papers, thanked me over and over, offered me a position anytime i wanted it and said if i ever need anything, just call.

oh, and $150 worth of restaurant gift credit. STEAK, anyone????

so, all in all, as my boss put it, i 'acted like a lady thru this whole thing'. hm, imagine that. taking the high road? yeah. it pays off . also? it's sad, but her dog died over the weekend. while she was on vacation.

i will refrain from saying anything, bc the dog is an innocent bystander. however? karma. nuff said.

to end this, i must enlighten the world to stove top.... IN A CUP. as in, you throw some water in there, pop it in the microwave, and BAM you've got stuffing.

mmmmmmm. best lunch evah.

oh, and also? i got a vaccine shot toda,y the first of three. oh, holy effing purple socks, did it hurt. i'm halfway incapacitated now. bum right arm. sigh.

Saturday, May 9, 2009


witha ZZZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

life is meant to be lived, is it not?

so i live;

so, i live. ce la vie.

hay low

nuthin new,

just to say , FLORIDA in a week.

and yes, ive convinced vlad to let me have the computuer

yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh that's right, me you, disney? need i say more????

plus more,. promise,

Thursday, May 7, 2009

human again!!

so, this is my second day off work,

but who am i kidding? my LAST DAY OF WORK WAS TUESDAY. yessss you read right, i am no longer working tomorrow.

long story short, that woman tried to get one last dig in on me but i won. helps when you're in with the main boss. so, at the end of it all, i win.

amazing how what goes around comes around, isn't it? thru this whole bs crap situation i've been the one to take the high road.... and not to be petty (ha.) but i won.

also i woke up this morning feeling HUMAN. for the past day and a half i've been seriously hallucinating.... i thought vlad was asking me for things and that i was at work, when really i was sleeping.... i can' t explain it really, just very confusing. so. i loaded myself up on cold medicine last night and finally slept 10 hours.... and now i'm extremely with-it and alert. well. for the most part.

so, i promise i will be back on a regular basis, once i kick this for sure. just wanted to update and tell ya'll that i'm done officially with that three and a half dark years of my life and i'm on to a new part. :)

thank you all for your well wishes- maybe that's why i'm better and the cold meds have nothing to do with it :)

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

oh, welcome to my life and healthcare......

so last night, at around 5pm, i went to the bathroom and let's just say....

i knew a UTI was comin' on, and comin' on STRONG.

call my doctor.... leave work early.... race home to pee bc the pain MY GOD THE PAIN and then i race over to the doctor where i pee, again, and again, they say, wow! blood in the urine!

no shit, moron.

so then i race home to pee (if you've never had a UTI, count yourself lucky. SERIOUSLY.) and then i race to walgreens and then i race home and scrounge out an old pain killer prescribed three years ago when i had FOUR back-to-back kidney infections and very light stones.

joy of joys, right? well, i thought i was all done with this crap.... looks like it's reared it's ugly head again.

good news? no blood at of 8pm last night. i didn't sleep last night, i sort of was in this state of lucid dreaming.... i knew where i was and what i was doing and where the pillows were but as the hours crept by i faded in and out of weird dreaming. very. weird.

so i've been taking tamiflu, just-in-case, you know, since i'll be traveling NEXT WEEKEND yay!!!!!! on a train full of people on, i got a prescription. and thank the lord for that, bc i think that i was getting hit by the flu but over the course of last night i broke my fever. how do i know? i woke up soooo sticky. ew.

being sick is so not glamorous.

so today, i am home, and i made a somewhat deal with my work... i am staying home today and tomorrow and i will go in to work on friday. but the only reason that i agreed to this, is bc the mean snarky miserable woman won't be there friday. so, works for me, i can say goodbye and make sure my replacement is trained okay. i'm guessing she won't be. but.

so, this post is kind of rambly, just letting you know what's up...... i'm tired, sleepy, achy, livin on chicken soup and grilled cheese. in retrospect, i much prefer this to working with that woman.

bahahahahaha. anyway, happy hump day ya'll, i should be back to normal by friday. hopefully.

but seriously, a kidney infection? yeah. forgot how much THAT hurt.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

my last day

so, just to give you a glimpse into how bitchtastic my boss is, not my REAL boss but the bitch ass woman who works in admin,

yesterday she told her assistant to tell me (can't even get off your ass to tell me personally? surprise, surprise) that i had to clean out my desk. bc it's not my desk anymore. (my last day is friday.) it's now my replacement's desk.

er, okay. can't even keep my tea here anymore. wow, you're really fighting to make my life hell right up to the minute on friday, aren't cha?

so then, they tell me that my training of my replacement is going to be here sitting at my desk, doing my job, and i have to watch her.

for eight hours.

for four days.

so i woke up this morning, dug deep into myself and said, do i really need this? want this? this bs? and when i say bs, i really do mean bullshit in big bright sparkly letters. bc it's not a nice way of having me train her. no, this is intentionally making my life SUCK for four full days bc 1, they don't want to deal with her, and 2, she wants to make me miserable.

so, once again, i woke up, looked at my husband, said good morning, and said, you know, i think today is my last day.

i'm going to tell that poor excuse of a human being at around 4pm that the new girl is trained, and i don't think the head honcho boss (who i actually like) wants to pay me to sit and stare at her all day. so, today will suck, but tomorrow?


endless possibilities. how many times in your life can you actually say that and it's true?

i'm so thankful to be able to do this during this economy. i am so thankful to be able to stand up for myself and put my foot down and refuse to be manipulated any longer. i am just so flippin thankful.

Saturday, May 2, 2009

so let down!

so tonight, the bulls totally LOST. dude. why are you overshooting??? WHY???? and also? FOULS, people. fouls. they win games. nuff said.

just came home from a dive/sorta okay bar, chasers, and i had a fun time. even tho the bulls ate it, and suck, okay i really love them but... still. overshooting is not a river in egypt. or. something. so we had chicken pita pockets, with extra mayo, super crunchy fries (don't worry mcdonalds, your mushy fry goodness is still totally my favorite. no worries.) dipped in ranch, pitcha o beer, good company, good time.

now i'm home, with daisy the cat, and vlad is across the parking lot at our friends house who we went to the bar with. why am i home? oh, i dunno, i had the great idea to take pictures of my house FINALLY and then LET DOWN BIG TIME when i realized i'm either super blonde and dumb (it's possible) or the usb cable my mom gave me last week... doesn't work. not compatible with my camera. FAIL.

so. no pictures. i WILL go to best buy soon and bring the ol' cannon with me and figure it out. until then i shall have to dazzle you with my wonderful writings.


so, i totally cleaned the house, as in, scrubbed floors, vacuumed better than i ever have in my entire life, and everything is polished and shiny. i. love. it. and tomorrow i have a new book in a FABULOUSO series to buy.... oh borders how you taunt me, you saucy vixen.... actually i'm cheating on you tomorrow, barnes n noble is down the street. and they have better coffee. sorry. that's like the equivelant of fake boobs or something. or stilettos.

where was i? oh yeah. so. if you like romance, and you like vampire books, and want to read a vampire book for an ADULT that will totally eat you up and make you disssapear from the world while you quietly and quickly devour each and every word,

go buy the first book of the black dagger brotherhood. oh, lordy be.......

needless to say, that's going to be my obsession this week. sigh. i lie. tomorrow. bc even tho it's over 600 pages (UHM YUM who else loves a fat sandwich book??? makes me all dizzy and hot n bothered) i'm sure i'll finish it in record time.

what else? hmmm.....

oh yeah, i'm gonna be leaving for florida in exactly two weeks. TWO WEEKS PEOPLE. and i'm totally starting my brainwashing strategy to take the laptop with me. i'm slowly working on vlad. bc there's free wifi and i want to blog my trip. TOTALLY want t oblog my trip.

cuz i loves ya'll, that's why!!!

so, uh, i'm goin back to the book i NEED TO FINISH TONIGHT bc tomorrow, it's all over.... it's all black dagger brotherhood for this gal. oh, my god, i'm so excited don't know if i can sleep.

who am i kidding. once you GET me to sleep, then it's over. i slept till one today. luxury. sigh.

i hope all of you enjoy your saturday and sunday and the weekend!!!!! go outside and breathe the air.... pet a dog.... eat a hotdog, even. the dog won't be offended. thy aren't actually dogs, ya know. public service announcement, tho, only eat the kosher hot dogs. you'll thank me later.

damn yo, now i want a hot dog!!!! call me a sucker, but i'm a die-hard west coast girl at heart and i NEED THE KETCHUP on my dog. i'm sorry. i know what i do but will say i know not what i do and hope the south siders won't hunt me down and make me eat my dog with everythingbuttheketchup.

that would be tragedy.

......where the hell was i going with this post, anyway???

Friday, May 1, 2009

yo, some dangerous backstabbin.

has any one else noticed that sometimes, once in a while, you'll open a window to read a fellow blogger, bloggess, and suddenly, their page is the kiss of death?

as in, forty million twenty four hundred windows opening? and you keep frantically hitting the X red button to close them all? and totally failing? task manager, you saved mah ass, i loves you.

but seriously, does blogger have a virus????

i recently found out my computer at work has a "trojan horse" (dun dun dun) that they can't get rid of. er, as in, trojan = std? seriously? it's not herpes. we should, SHOULD be able to cast it into shaddow. and yet,

my laptop at home was just affected by this madness. and, ironically enough, i don't give two shits about my work computer but i DO care about my beloved sophie, my cute n sassy laptop. that's big-ass-huge. 17 inches. good luck luggin that to starbucks.

i digress.

but really? REALLY? blogger? you bestill my heart and all i have left to say, is,

et tu, brute? et tu?

uhm, also? is it totally wrong of me to take like, 8 mg of melatonin? it's 2am and i'm STILL not tired. sigh. i may pump up the dream drug. i HATE this about my body!!!! insomnia, i loathe you, WAAAAYYYYY more than ceasar when brutus shafted him. just sayin'.

24 things you never wanted to know about me (..and i'm sorry.)

totally stole this from Undomestic Diva, a website i stalk read religiously. her aunt is the ever famous 24 at heart, who i will willingly say i stalk cuz duh, i totally love her in a totally non-sexual way. (even tho she may write about sex toys. just sayin.)

so, yet ANOTHER charming meme. cuz it's all about me, right?


hello? bueller?

1. Did you date someone from your school senior year? uhm, well he had graduated two years before me from the same high school- does that count?

2. Did you marry someone from your high school? hells nah. i married a russian after i ran across the country after graduating.

3. Did you carpool to school? believe it or not, my boyfriend seriously picked me up every. single. day. and drove me to school before he went to his community college classes.

4. What kind of car did you drive? i didn't... i didn't get my license until i was 19 and living in Chi-town. crazy huh? my boyfriend drove me everywhere..... in a classic wood paneled station wagon. style, yo. we were all emo so it was cool at the time. retro.

5. What kind of car do you have now? 2004 lexus gs330.... it's a boat and i love it.

6. It's Friday night - where were you (in high school)? either at the movies or hanging out at a friends house with my boyfriend watching them play halo. ah, the days of halo...

7. It is Friday night - where are you (now)? er, at the movies, dinner or renting a movie and watching it at home with the husband, or across the parking lot watching my husband sing karaoke or play wii. yeah. not much's changed.

8. What kind of job did you have in high school? dude, i worked at domino's. i was a world-class pizza maker... and i totally sucked at it. although, i did make damn good dough balls that we would dip in sauce. also? garlic butter sauce? nuff said. i did always smell like food, tho.

9. What kind of job do you do now? well, for one more week i am a receptionist, administrative, and a personal assistant.... and then after that, i am free. but really, figuring out my next move into getting a real career goin'.

10. Were you a party animal? in high school? no. def not. i was actually kind of shy.

11. Were you considered a flirt? uhm, no. i had a boyfriend and i avoided most people at school.... high school and me didn't really mix real well.

12. Were you in band, orchestra, or choir? not in high school. i was in choir in junior high. that count? also i was in drama, dance and cheer....

13. Were you a nerd? no, i was the girl who walked around wearing converse and band tee shirts with black-frame glasses who always had her ear phones in when walking in between classes listening to music. i was the girl who was 'too cool for school'.

14. Did you get suspended or expelled? nope. i narrowly escaped it, a girl jumped me. yes. traumatic and i'd rather not think about all the hair she yanked from my scalp.

15. Can you sing the fight song? no. never really knew it. well, wait, oh.. my.. god... 'on a (soemthing) of rolling foothills, stands a building we adore... it's fallbrook union high school, one we'll love forever more! when we leave this school for greater, (something something something) we will not forget old fallbrook and the building we adore!

oh. snap.

16. Who was/were your favorite teacher(s)? didn't have one. they all sort of sucked.

17. Where did you sit during lunch? underneath the clocktower. that sounds like some song title, doesn't it?

18. If you could go back and do it again, would you? uhm, you know, if i could go back being the person i am now? i just might. but then again, i hated that place so much i ditched most of the time and had over 70 absent days. all excused. thanks, mom, for letting me stay home 'sick'. :) and btw, i totally graduated with something like a 3.5 or 3.8 gpa. so, don't judge.

19. Did you have fun at Prom? which one? i had the most fun when i went soph year with my gay friend. he wore spats. it rocked.

20. Do you still talk to your prom date? i don't talk to any of my school dance dates anymore.

21. What did you want to be when you grew up? an fbi agent, or a profiler.

22. Biggest fashion mistake? uhm..... wearing jeans that had a rainbow stripe down the side. yikes.

23. Favorite fashion trend? converse, both chucks and purcells. rock it old school yo. o and my dashboard confessional tees, which i have lost in my many moves... and my dickies messenger bag.

24. Are you going to your next reunion? uh, no. no, thanks, i'd rather not see all the airheads and vapid california idiots again.

sorry. the bitterness hasn't worn off yet. i think it will. eventually. maybe.