Wednesday, June 24, 2009

should i pry my ass off the couch yet? ya think?

so, long story short, today we were supposed to spread my grandmas ashes. she requested no funeral, to be cremated, and her organs (as many as survived.... in all honesty, after her smoking for 40+ years and drinking just as much, lord knows what they salvaged ((i'm going to hell for saying salvaged)) but at least they were able to help someone out there) to be donated. so, bc of that, we aren't getting her ashes today. we were planning on going to the cemetary and putting half on my grandpas grave (illegal, yes, but hello? my family? this is hardly anything, especially since she always wanted to be with her husband in death. it's the least i can do to bend the rules, justhisonce. or. whatevah.) and half in the forest she used to play in as a kid. her favorite place, where she grew up.

where was a going? typical lauren fashion, i'm side-tracked once again. sigh.

anyway. so. turns out, bc she donated organs, (go g-ma) her ashes aren't going to be 'ready' (how morbid is that?) until this weekend. my aunt (my grandmas daughter) has to go back to florida, where she lives. she already extended her stay.

so, we decided, we will put her ashes in an urn and wait until my aunt comes back up to spread them. i'm thinking we should do it next year on their wedding anniversary, but it's also my uncle's bday so... that may be too upsetting for him. but. just an idea. in a year from now.

so meanwhile, i have no job and before i was excited and now i'm sort of freaking out. i know it's hard to get a job right now, which is okay, but... even tho i haven't REALLY tried i got rejected from a city commerce job that kind of made me take a blow to my self-esteeem. but. it is what it is. i'm still trying to figure out what i'm going to do this fall, for school, how i'm going to pay for it and what classes i can take toward a degree that's going to ultimately benefit me longterm.

my brain is exploding!!!!!!

just curious, what do ya'll do ??? what do you do for work? or what do you do during your day if you DON'T work??? i'm just curious. i know not a lot of people read this, but those that do, i'm curious about what you do and how you do it. consider it, blog-in-reverse.

if you ever want to ask me any questions, too, please!!!!!! feel free. i'm an open, cracked-spine book. ask anyone.

so, tomorrow, i am going to start posting pictures of my trip to florida. FINALLY.

i missed you guys. i thought about closing this down. then i thought, i'm no pioneer woman. i'm no.... big name on the intronet. but i can put my say on my small space and be who i am.

let's just give good wishes, tonight, to my grandma, phyllis, who donated organs and helped an anyonymous person out there.

i'm sure she's lookin down toasting her old style, sayin, of course i did. what kind of person do you think i am???? ................... gimme a beer whydoncha.


♥Jacqueline♥ said...

LOL, Your grandma seemed like an ol kick in the pants. My condolences. I don't work, and I don't do much when I'm at home, so I'm not very good at the advice giving, but best of luck to you! :o)

Linda said...

Hi Mei Mei! I'm a small (7 people)office manager. I did not go to college. Why? Cuz I never figured out what I wanted to do with the rest of my life:) I've always worked/started in customer service and worked my way up to office manager. Not having a "career" (or children) actually worked out fine cuz ELPH, a college educated, mechanical engineer with a BS, was able to take promotions that moved us around and up the corporate ladder.
Can't wait to hear about Florida!

wendie said...

I don't work. Well.. I'm a stay at home mom, so I do work, but we won't get into that.

Things I do to occupy my time:

Spend time with friends (that have weird work schedules or don't work at all)




Day trips

Zoo/Science center/Museums

Photography (though this one is new)

If you think about it, there is nothing you can't do. Even if you're broke, you still have a lot of options. Just have fun with it. It was really hard for me when I first stopped working. It took me about a year to get used to it, but now I love it. I just had to get into a routine and work our budget around my new lifestyle.

Good luck. Have fun!

mollie said...

cheers to Phyllis...

and by the way...I'm glad you came back...


K @ Blog Goggles said...

Aw, that's really decent of her. And I'm sorry for your loss!

I work part time (doing training for a big company). In my spare time I blog, sleep, shop, and occasionally go to the gym. Mostly sleep. Like 12 hours a day.

Twenty Four At Heart said...

At 10 million page views a month, none of us are Pioneer Women. I've missed you Lo. good for your grandma on the donation. I spend my days at pt, except for rt now I'm doing a lot of nothing cuz I'm supposed to be resting. My ass is on the couch. That and taking care of 3 kids ... taking them from place to place, entertaining their friends at our house, carpooling, etc.

Helena said...

I usually work two days a week as a complmentary therapist. One day a week I go to college and study for a certificate in teaching adults. In between that I do my homework, make the occassional piece of jewellery, meet friends, drink a lot of coffee, blog and read blogs, go swimming, try to find a decent bloke on Match... and the days go so fast! I don't know how I used to have time to work full-time.

Smart Mouth Broad said...

Your grandma sounds like mine was....a piece of work. :-)
I am an office manager of breast surgery practice. I would say that you DON'T want to do that but in this economy the best places to be are education and medical. Good luck in your search.
Look forward to your Florida stories.

Anonymous said...

You need to update girlie!!!!

Southern Bombshell said...

That's the last great thing a person has the chance to do and I'm sure someone is very grateful for it. I hope you are holding up ok! What part of FL did you visit? After living here I have come to realize it more of a visit state then a live in state. I work on the beach as a hostess at a yacht club for around 36 hours a week then I spend the rest doing home care for the elderly. I enjoy the people aspect of both jobs.

Twenty Four At Heart said...

Knock, knock - are you home? I miss you. You went to florida and never came back?

THE Stephanie said...

Where the heck are ya, girl??? It's been WAY TOO LONG!!! And what about those pics from Florida?? It's not nice to leave us hanging like that. LOL

Hope you're well... :)