Wednesday, May 13, 2009

see? no melvin smelvin here.

so this was me on monday afternoon, right before i took off for my dr's appt (which, i only was stuck ONCE with a needle while there which to me? is an improvement.) at my girlfriend britt's house (across the parking lot) gettin my hair did.

she does EXCELLENT color, trust me, and she's made my light blonde hair into WOW POW hair. the color is amazing, it's so bright... you need to see it in person, to really see the dimensions.

because i love ya'll i posted this picture of me. by no means it is glamourous and honestly i think i look horrid here.

so there. never doubt my photo honesty.

MY NEW HAIR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i dropped everything as soon as i got back just now from the hair dresser (at the salon that britt works at, i was an 'after hours' and the wonderful diana didn't charge me. AT. ALL. i tipped her twenty. she's so super great.) and went into the bathroom and took pics. bc i promised.

the nose is not pierced. that will happen soon, i think? who knows. maybe not. maybe IN florida, who knows!! i'd totally make my mom gag if i made her come with me when i pierced my nose. heh. heheheheheh.

er, not sure why i'm making this weird fist like i've got massive heartburn or why my mouth is open in both photos. i guess taking mirror pics is the same as putting on mascara, my mouth must be open or else???
do you guys like it????? it's hard to see in the pic bc it's my phone bc my camera is in my car which is at vlad's work. so. that ain't gonna happen.

i also forgot if i shared these pics with you guys, leftover from russian easter.

yeah, that's a pig. and yeah. it has a crown on.

and the weirdest thing is??? i was the only one who was like WTF THERE IS A PIG WITH A CROWN ON IN THE KITCHEN. the russians were all, yeah? so? what of?
be glad i didnt' take pictures of when they started to eat it. bc they just ripped off meat right from the pig.... with their hands. and there was bone exposed. yeah.
i know.
needless to say, i did not eat any. i stuck to the salad and the bread. they're safe.


Marchelle said...

please. puh-lease. tell me that is a miniature full grown adult pig. and not a wee little baby pig.

i lurve your hair. i'm gittin mine did tomorrow!

now go pierce your nose. do it. DO it. i will if you will.


Linda said...

The hair? Gorgous! The pig? WTF? What's with the white stuff? Icing? And lemons on the sides? I'm all for ham on Easter but what's with the crown?

Mom said...

Am I first?

Your hair is realy cute! I was so afraid you would end up with Florence Henderson hair and hate for the piercing, no, I do not want to be there. The one in your bellybutton was enough for me.

The pig is just wrong.

Anonymous said...

Woo hoo hotness! LOVE the hair!

BTW....I'm at a new blog address

No posts yet, starting a new chapter in my life and have decided to start OVER!!! I'm excited.

Did I mention that I LOVE the hair, and WTF w/ da pig yo!

Amber said...

Your hair is stunning! The pig is also stunning but not in a good way. At all. It's stunning as in, "HOLY S#!+ WHAT IS THAT THING?!?" It's very reassuring to know you're not Smelvin and I look forward to many more pictures!

Anonymous said...

Your hair looks great!! Makes me so want to get my hair did. Also that pig is the creepiest thing ever!!!

Pseudonymous High School Teacher said...

The pig is a trip. The filipino parties over here have the whole pig - sans crown.

The Rest is Still Unwritten said...

Just found your blog and wanted to say hello! I love your hair color and how nice to have a friend who is a hairdresser!

I would definitely freak with the pig at Easter...

Anne said...

You're hilarious and your hair is perty. Sooo perty, as are you might I add.

Jenn said...

Dude, that is a PIG. Like, a WHOLE pig.

At least your hair looks great!

THE Stephanie said...

Ok, LOVE the hair!!!!

The pig, not so much. It's just a tad creepy. I'm just sayin' (as you would say... LOL).

Have a fab weekend!!