Saturday, May 2, 2009

so let down!

so tonight, the bulls totally LOST. dude. why are you overshooting??? WHY???? and also? FOULS, people. fouls. they win games. nuff said.

just came home from a dive/sorta okay bar, chasers, and i had a fun time. even tho the bulls ate it, and suck, okay i really love them but... still. overshooting is not a river in egypt. or. something. so we had chicken pita pockets, with extra mayo, super crunchy fries (don't worry mcdonalds, your mushy fry goodness is still totally my favorite. no worries.) dipped in ranch, pitcha o beer, good company, good time.

now i'm home, with daisy the cat, and vlad is across the parking lot at our friends house who we went to the bar with. why am i home? oh, i dunno, i had the great idea to take pictures of my house FINALLY and then LET DOWN BIG TIME when i realized i'm either super blonde and dumb (it's possible) or the usb cable my mom gave me last week... doesn't work. not compatible with my camera. FAIL.

so. no pictures. i WILL go to best buy soon and bring the ol' cannon with me and figure it out. until then i shall have to dazzle you with my wonderful writings.


so, i totally cleaned the house, as in, scrubbed floors, vacuumed better than i ever have in my entire life, and everything is polished and shiny. i. love. it. and tomorrow i have a new book in a FABULOUSO series to buy.... oh borders how you taunt me, you saucy vixen.... actually i'm cheating on you tomorrow, barnes n noble is down the street. and they have better coffee. sorry. that's like the equivelant of fake boobs or something. or stilettos.

where was i? oh yeah. so. if you like romance, and you like vampire books, and want to read a vampire book for an ADULT that will totally eat you up and make you disssapear from the world while you quietly and quickly devour each and every word,

go buy the first book of the black dagger brotherhood. oh, lordy be.......

needless to say, that's going to be my obsession this week. sigh. i lie. tomorrow. bc even tho it's over 600 pages (UHM YUM who else loves a fat sandwich book??? makes me all dizzy and hot n bothered) i'm sure i'll finish it in record time.

what else? hmmm.....

oh yeah, i'm gonna be leaving for florida in exactly two weeks. TWO WEEKS PEOPLE. and i'm totally starting my brainwashing strategy to take the laptop with me. i'm slowly working on vlad. bc there's free wifi and i want to blog my trip. TOTALLY want t oblog my trip.

cuz i loves ya'll, that's why!!!

so, uh, i'm goin back to the book i NEED TO FINISH TONIGHT bc tomorrow, it's all over.... it's all black dagger brotherhood for this gal. oh, my god, i'm so excited don't know if i can sleep.

who am i kidding. once you GET me to sleep, then it's over. i slept till one today. luxury. sigh.

i hope all of you enjoy your saturday and sunday and the weekend!!!!! go outside and breathe the air.... pet a dog.... eat a hotdog, even. the dog won't be offended. thy aren't actually dogs, ya know. public service announcement, tho, only eat the kosher hot dogs. you'll thank me later.

damn yo, now i want a hot dog!!!! call me a sucker, but i'm a die-hard west coast girl at heart and i NEED THE KETCHUP on my dog. i'm sorry. i know what i do but will say i know not what i do and hope the south siders won't hunt me down and make me eat my dog with everythingbuttheketchup.

that would be tragedy.

......where the hell was i going with this post, anyway???


Twenty Four At Heart said...

yes - take your computer to florida! : )

wendie said...

If you haven't already, you should read the Sookie Stackhouse series by Charlaine Harris. They are romance/mysteries about vampires. I LOVED them, and read all eight at a record pace.

THE Stephanie said...

Well I don't know where you were going, but I got so hungry reading the first few paragraphs, now I have to go to lunch! LOL