Wednesday, May 6, 2009

oh, welcome to my life and healthcare......

so last night, at around 5pm, i went to the bathroom and let's just say....

i knew a UTI was comin' on, and comin' on STRONG.

call my doctor.... leave work early.... race home to pee bc the pain MY GOD THE PAIN and then i race over to the doctor where i pee, again, and again, they say, wow! blood in the urine!

no shit, moron.

so then i race home to pee (if you've never had a UTI, count yourself lucky. SERIOUSLY.) and then i race to walgreens and then i race home and scrounge out an old pain killer prescribed three years ago when i had FOUR back-to-back kidney infections and very light stones.

joy of joys, right? well, i thought i was all done with this crap.... looks like it's reared it's ugly head again.

good news? no blood at of 8pm last night. i didn't sleep last night, i sort of was in this state of lucid dreaming.... i knew where i was and what i was doing and where the pillows were but as the hours crept by i faded in and out of weird dreaming. very. weird.

so i've been taking tamiflu, just-in-case, you know, since i'll be traveling NEXT WEEKEND yay!!!!!! on a train full of people on, i got a prescription. and thank the lord for that, bc i think that i was getting hit by the flu but over the course of last night i broke my fever. how do i know? i woke up soooo sticky. ew.

being sick is so not glamorous.

so today, i am home, and i made a somewhat deal with my work... i am staying home today and tomorrow and i will go in to work on friday. but the only reason that i agreed to this, is bc the mean snarky miserable woman won't be there friday. so, works for me, i can say goodbye and make sure my replacement is trained okay. i'm guessing she won't be. but.

so, this post is kind of rambly, just letting you know what's up...... i'm tired, sleepy, achy, livin on chicken soup and grilled cheese. in retrospect, i much prefer this to working with that woman.

bahahahahaha. anyway, happy hump day ya'll, i should be back to normal by friday. hopefully.

but seriously, a kidney infection? yeah. forgot how much THAT hurt.


Linda said...

Oh Mei Mei! I'm sorry your are sick AGAIN! Golly Girl haven't you had everything already this year???
As for your train ride take some disinfecting wipes with you everywhere! and use them on every surface!..armrests, door nkobs, faucets, handles, tables (Disney too). That should at least help.
Wave as you come through my area!

Amber said...

Oh dear, sounds miserable! But having only one day left of work? Pretty dang cool! Hope you get all better quickly so you can be bright and cheery as you tell your soon-to-be ex-coworkers, "SO LONG SUCKAS!!!!"

mollie said...

oh no!!! UTI's are the worst. I second the wipes thing...and hand gel. Have a great trip!

Anonymous said...

Oh dear!! I've been MIA for so long I didn't even know you were severing yourself from THE BITCH!! Good riddance... who will you talk smack about now?!? I'm sure we can find something!!

Anonymous said...

Hope you feel better soon, I've had a UTI and I know they suck!