Friday, May 1, 2009

yo, some dangerous backstabbin.

has any one else noticed that sometimes, once in a while, you'll open a window to read a fellow blogger, bloggess, and suddenly, their page is the kiss of death?

as in, forty million twenty four hundred windows opening? and you keep frantically hitting the X red button to close them all? and totally failing? task manager, you saved mah ass, i loves you.

but seriously, does blogger have a virus????

i recently found out my computer at work has a "trojan horse" (dun dun dun) that they can't get rid of. er, as in, trojan = std? seriously? it's not herpes. we should, SHOULD be able to cast it into shaddow. and yet,

my laptop at home was just affected by this madness. and, ironically enough, i don't give two shits about my work computer but i DO care about my beloved sophie, my cute n sassy laptop. that's big-ass-huge. 17 inches. good luck luggin that to starbucks.

i digress.

but really? REALLY? blogger? you bestill my heart and all i have left to say, is,

et tu, brute? et tu?

uhm, also? is it totally wrong of me to take like, 8 mg of melatonin? it's 2am and i'm STILL not tired. sigh. i may pump up the dream drug. i HATE this about my body!!!! insomnia, i loathe you, WAAAAYYYYY more than ceasar when brutus shafted him. just sayin'.


Linda said...

Sorry you can't sleep! Have you always had it or is it stress from the job from hell? BTW: ONE MORE WEEK! YEA!
And what blog did you go to that freaked out your laptop. So I don't go THERE!

Smart Mouth Broad said...

OMG! That has never happened and if it does, I would be done. I think I will completely melt down if another techy problem arises. I will just go back to carving words in a rock. I swear. I can't deal.

Erin Moore said...

Maybe you have the trojan virus and it's keeping YOU up all night! Darn bodies. I'm glad they die when we get old.

Missed you girl! I haven't come across any virus infected bloggers - maybe it's the swine flu? Has your computer been around any pigs lately?

Crazy Charm said...

Firstly, I have not experienced this virus, butttt I have a mac. I'd have my smug face on if it wasn't given to me for my internship. I'm less than a month away from having to give it back. :(

Secondly, I'm sorry about your insomnia! That must be so frustrating!! On the flip side I could probably sleep 18 hours a day.

Anonymous said...

Nothing makes me madder then to click on a link suggesting you'll go read more supporting information & it takes me to some spam site that floods my computer with cookies. grrrrrrrrr.......