Monday, May 11, 2009

imsah so sarry, sorry, surry.....

so, after a week of hallucinations, fevers, kidneys on strike, pills pills pills, i am finally medication free (not including my birth control and the thyroid meds. synthroid, how i love thee...) and feeling soooo much better.

with that, you have permission to pelt me with rotten tomatoes bc i know that i've totally been m.i.a.

forgive. please. i beg. on knees and all.

i don't really have much to update, surprisingly, even tho i haven't written in forever.

i am no longer at the horrible job. YIPPIE.

my girlfriend highlighted the crap out of my hair and it looks soooo summery.... YIPPIE

i'm getting my hair cut, into an actual STYLE (what a concept) on wednesday... after having 'long hair' aka 'i-give-up-whatever' hair, i'm so excited to chop off the inches and get a style goin'. so. excited.

and hello?


6 DAYS, people, 6 DAYS!!!! it feels surreal. seriously. i mean after working three years and nine months at a place that i absolutely detested more than life itself, it's surreal to think that i. don't. have. to work. i mean, i do, and will, get a job after i come back but just the knowledge that i can relax and my vacation won't be tainted with the thought that i have to GO BACK TO HELL when i come home.

hear that?

........................ yeyup, pretty much sounds like pure freakin bliss to me. you wouldn't believe how much my disposition has changed. i actually LOOK different.... happy. who knew that i never looked HAPPY BEFORE????

so things are going good. i don't want to jinx it, you know how those things are... but everything is working out.

also? karma is a bitch, ya'll, cuz that woman i worked with? the impossibly horrid woman who i despised and she tried to make my life HELL right up till the very very end?

yeah. she tried to screw with me one last time.... to which i hung the phone up on her, immediately dialed my boss's cell, left a message and needless to say, everything was taken care of. i didn't work friday. i had a pleasant exit meeting with my boss who i love, and he gave me all of my papers, thanked me over and over, offered me a position anytime i wanted it and said if i ever need anything, just call.

oh, and $150 worth of restaurant gift credit. STEAK, anyone????

so, all in all, as my boss put it, i 'acted like a lady thru this whole thing'. hm, imagine that. taking the high road? yeah. it pays off . also? it's sad, but her dog died over the weekend. while she was on vacation.

i will refrain from saying anything, bc the dog is an innocent bystander. however? karma. nuff said.

to end this, i must enlighten the world to stove top.... IN A CUP. as in, you throw some water in there, pop it in the microwave, and BAM you've got stuffing.

mmmmmmm. best lunch evah.

oh, and also? i got a vaccine shot toda,y the first of three. oh, holy effing purple socks, did it hurt. i'm halfway incapacitated now. bum right arm. sigh.


Jenn said...

I'm so glad you get to go on your vaca with NO worries of coming back to HELL. That's the best thing ever!! And I'm glad you are healthy again and have rockin' hair. Pics would be nice, ahem!

mel said...

I totally need my hair done - but I've been going back and forth between wanting to be a cute blonde and wanting to be a strawberry blonde hippie... I mean, I know its strange but you are my friend and all so I thought I'd let you in on it. Confessions of a total geek.

I can't wait to see how you get yours done - and soooo excited for your trip coming up!


Oh - and please start twittering some again. You are too dang funny with those 1 liners and I miss ya terribly!

Hope you are enjoying (HAH! - Know it!) being away from the she devil!


mollie said...

you need vaccines for FLORIDA?!???

Amber said...

Oh you've totally reminded me that I need to call and make an appointment for my hair. It's with a new guy (who's not gay) so wish me luck! Usually the gay ones are awesomest but this one comes recommended by a friend, so we shall see. When are you gonna get that dang cord and show us some pictures, woman??

Oh and hollywood? Definitely overrated.

Smart Mouth Broad said...

Glad you're feeling better. Have a great vaca. Are you going to see the mouse?

midlife slices said...

Did you get the clutch I sent? Sorry it wasn't in a bright color but the other one was purple which you said you "liked anything but purple". Glad you're feeling better.

Marchelle said...

i need a nose ring update. because everywhere i look now i see women my age (and even older!) with them. even on HGTV the other day; mom AND pre-teen daughter. also on a photography blog i stalk. i think its a sign.

send pictures ASAP.
thank you.