Wednesday, May 13, 2009

i am not melvin smelvin in tighty whities, promise.

oh lordy.

so i'm going to get mauled if i don't post pictures soon. guess i should stop watching true hollywood story on E while laying in bed sipping on iced tea with extra lemon, huh?

don't judge. you know you'd totally do the same thing if you had a free week to do absolutely nothing.

so, today i am getting a good five inches chopped off of my hair, and i'm getting my nose pierced tonight. i think. if i don't chicken out. it HURTS, man. then they slap this stupid gauze pad over half of your face so you look like a cat went to town on you. or. something. tres embarrassing.

so, and i have tons of other things to report on.... so, i will AM GOING TO try my damnedest to get pictures on this bad boy.

not that i totally didn't watch tori spelling true hollywood story this morning in bed.

i did. i will not tell a lie.

and iced tea? my kryptonite. extra lemon thanks.

where was i going with this? pictures. pictures. i promise, visual PROOF that i am, in fact, a 24 year old blonde and not a fat guy in tighty whities.


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THE Stephanie said...

oh whatev. I totally don't believe you anymore. Even fat guys lay in bed and watch Tori Spelling. LOL