Thursday, May 7, 2009

human again!!

so, this is my second day off work,

but who am i kidding? my LAST DAY OF WORK WAS TUESDAY. yessss you read right, i am no longer working tomorrow.

long story short, that woman tried to get one last dig in on me but i won. helps when you're in with the main boss. so, at the end of it all, i win.

amazing how what goes around comes around, isn't it? thru this whole bs crap situation i've been the one to take the high road.... and not to be petty (ha.) but i won.

also i woke up this morning feeling HUMAN. for the past day and a half i've been seriously hallucinating.... i thought vlad was asking me for things and that i was at work, when really i was sleeping.... i can' t explain it really, just very confusing. so. i loaded myself up on cold medicine last night and finally slept 10 hours.... and now i'm extremely with-it and alert. well. for the most part.

so, i promise i will be back on a regular basis, once i kick this for sure. just wanted to update and tell ya'll that i'm done officially with that three and a half dark years of my life and i'm on to a new part. :)

thank you all for your well wishes- maybe that's why i'm better and the cold meds have nothing to do with it :)


Queen of the Misfits said...

YAY! And good luck! Glad you are feeling better too!

Linda said...

I'm so glad you are done with that stress! Have fun @ Disney!

Marchelle said...


i want to see pics of your nose piercing. ASAP.
i almost have myself talked back into it.

A. said...

yay for you feeling human again!

Twenty Four At Heart said...

Glad you're feeling better ... and so glad you're done with the job from hell!