Friday, May 15, 2009


so, right now, i'm stahhhhving. i just made some basmati rice in chicken broth that i totally burned- but salvaged most of it- the pan is soaking as we speak (i type?) and no, there will be no picture of that disaster.

however i'm, after i post this, going to try my hand at a mexican casserole with ingredients i have on hand. some black beans sauteed with a little salsa (more like pico de gajo.. gayo?) and whatever paprika/cumin combo i can scrounge up... then some cheese and some tortilla chips, should be interesting.

anyway! meanwhile, i had some time on my hands in between laundry and messing around with food so i thought i'd upload some pics.

of my house..... for you!

but quickly first? this is my current obsession:

and yeah, that's my stove, RIGHT. NOW. with my cornies in there.... about to be shucked a lil for my casserole and the rest? smothered in butter and salt and eaten. YUM.

i have an obsession with having fresh flowers in my kitchen by the sink. and they have to be a range of pale ivory to green or yellow. i have no idea why. i just love these those. they're sooooo bright and believe it or not? these are over a week old. LOVE that.

i was feeling a little down the other night and vlad came home with these. pretty, right???? they're in the living room right now. this is the view directly to my left when i'm sitting on my spot on the couch.
below, find what my backyard looks like RIGHT NOW:

green, right???? nuts.
also? what's with the rain, man????

it's like a nasty, nasty swamp land down below. thank goodness i live on the second floor. amen.

my living room, standing in the dining room. that's the only 'window' i have in the house besides a teeny one in the bedroom. the sliding glass door. right now the computer is right there and i'm sitting in front of it.... bc my wireless is down and i have to plug in old school style in order to get online.
yeah. gotta fix that tonight or tomorrow before i leave on sunday for florida, bc how else am i going to get internet access???

this is my dining room- i'm standing with my back to the living room. just think about turning around from where i was in the above photo.

a lil secret: that tablecloth is vinyl. I KNOW. i never thought i'd own a vinyl tablecloth that wasn't meant for a bbq outside. but i do. and i love it. it wipes off sooooo easily and yet, it's paisley, sage green and wonderful.

these are my bookcases. as vlad says, my library. i have no idea what i was watching on t.v.... it looks sorta creepy.

and please ignore the beer in the left hand corner k thanks.

this is right inside my front door on the right when you walk in.... i LOVE elephants. those are my keys on the far left.

okay the kitchen, this is if you were standing RIGHT inside the front hall of my house, JUSt walking in. the elephant key holder would be to the right.

okay so now you've walked a lil further into the house and you've turned to the right. that's my teeny kitchen that i adore. oh, and the dining room. the house is like a perfect square.

more of the kitchen. i love it. i picked everything. love. it. the granite is just heaven.... SO EASY TO COOK with it.
er, is this a trend or something???? please forgive me. i swear, that's not my vodka to the right. that's vlad's. just sayin. sheesh.

and this is daisy. wth is she doing?????? she's like, trying to snort the pillow in her sleep.

seriously, how could she SLEEP like this???? nuts.
oh and also? proof that she's really, really odd. she likes to smell my shoes. yeah. the shoes i wore alllllll day at work and probably smell bad and everything. i guess they have my 'scent'. or. she's just a crackhead. who knows.
i guess that means my shoes are her crack. and that i'm her dealer. good lord i'm an enabler.

aren't those booties CUTE?????????
just sayin.
so there you go. now, please excuse me while i go scarf down some corn.


Anonymous said...

Love you little ol' place, and now I want corn and mexican and a beer!!! Amen.

Amber said...

Yay for pictures! I love your house and Daiz! Cats are strange strange creatures, which is part of what makes them so awesome. My cat is currently screaming at the top of his lungs for no apparent reason. I could kill him! If I didn't love him so much.

Linda said...

Sweet apartment! Thanks for the tour. Daisy is so cute and she loves her mama! She missed her so much she just has to get a snoot full of mama smell:)

A. said...

Love the pics!
We just got a cat yesterday, his name is Cleveland and he is crazy about our daughter..which is great but now when I go to the bathroom, I have a toddler and a cat watching me. And he's obsessed with Derek's flip flops like they are intruders in our home. Crazy!

Erin Moore said...

Great pad! ...and love corn too! Yum...I could eat it forever and not get sick of it. I usually cut it off the cob (braces thing) but I love it so!

...and I never would've guessed that tablecloth was vinyl!