Wednesday, May 20, 2009

holy hell

so i'm sitting in my aunts kitchen in west palm beach, with a thunderstorm overhead, a baby sleepin, and me without a computer.

that's right. it was working fine, and then TA DA i try to log on during a layover in washington d.c. on monday and............ there's a virus. so my aunts husband is going to run some programs on it later today and hopefully, i can upload pictures, etc, lots and lots of stuff.

so that's that. i'm stuck. i'm so sorry. but i promise, i took LOTS of pictures and i'm heading down to key west tomorrow.......... YAY :)

so of course, in my life? of course. the computer craps out the day i'm traveling with a five hour layover.



MeMe said...

Welcome to Florida girlie!!! Now I know who brought the rain, AHEM.

Months and months without rain, and then BLAM, you stroll into town and the flood gates have opened up. Yeah, um, thanks. ;0)

I know we need the rain and all, but enough is enough. By the way, you are about 30 minutes south of me.

When you head to Disney, wave hello/goodbye on your way by!

Enjoy Key West {I have never been there} and enjoy the rest of your vakay. Hope your computer gets fixed.

Linda said...

Don't worry about it Lo! Have fun, enjoy your time w/Mom! We'll catch ya on the flip side:)

Anonymous said...

LO LO!!!! Get that computer fixed I wanna see baby pics!!! Hope you are having a great time!!

Anonymous said...

Oh thats no fun. Hopefully you get it all taken care of. Love to see the pictures.

Smart Mouth Broad said...

Hope you're having a great time, despite the weather and your computer trouble.

Amber said...

I need some Lo in my life! Where are you, woman??