Wednesday, March 25, 2009

the book is secure: i repeat: THE BOOK IS SECURE

The Mortal Instruments is quite possibly one of the best series i've read in a while. the third book in the series, City of Glass, came out yesterday. i, unfortunately, wasn't aware of this until AFTER lunch, so i couldn't do my usual lunchtime borders run.

but i did it today.

at lunch i ran over and got gas, then sped on over to the grocery store to pick up cat litter, cat freshener, air freshener (Daisy is getting sick i think... and it's making the whole litter box situation quite toxic) some ziploc bags and .. water. oh and lunch. then i ran over to borders, walked in and saw the display for twilight..... the display for the House of Night series (which is very good as well, you should totally peep at that series if twilight was up yer alley) but..


no City of Glass!!!!!!!! wtf???? okay. don't panic, don't panic, i told myself, just check the young adult section. k. okay. i can do that.

rode up in the elevator. City of Glass. okay. seriously, what the fuck? where did it GO? why is it not here? i go onto their little computer and yep yeah sure there it says, 'possibly in stock'. so i go downstairs, again, in the elevator (those stairs plus heels, bad thing, trust me on this one) and pop out to politely inquire, wherethehellismybook????????????????????

ahem. i was polite. i promise.

he then gives me a grand ol' tour of the first floor of borders only to end up (after seriously like 7 minutes or so. i'm on LUNCH PEOPLE, only so much time!!!) next to a cart... and there they are. all cajillion of 'em, ON A CART.

if i were that author, i'd be like yo man? wtf? why you hatin' on me? put me on display! (i speak jive- name that movie!)

i didn't say anything. i was just so THANKFUL to have that big thing land in my hands that i just let out the breath i was holding and raced to the register lest someone try to steal it from me.

you never know. while i was waiting for him to tell me it was there i just about burst into flames i was so scared he wouldn't have it. but he did.

and i bought it.

and while standing in line, i looked over at their display and they sell Kiss My Face products!!!!!!!! OH LORDY BE KISS MY FACE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i have been looking EVERYWHERE for these products. sigh. heart. love. i'm so excited to wash my face tonight!!! eeeeee!!!!!!!

but don't worry ya'll, the book is secure!!!!! oh, and if you haven't looked into these books and you liked the twilight genre, go take a peek. LOVE. IT.

sooooooooooo excited that it's the thickest of them all. lust. i could EAT IT, it's so big, ooohhhh i love me a fat sandwich book!!!!!!!


♥Jacqueline♥ said...

Hello Miss Lo. I noticed to put a book review on your blog and would like to invite you to be an author at Jenn and I's book club. If you'd like to check it out first, let me know.

Mom said...


Crazy Charm said...

You've definitely piqued my interest! I'm jealous of your impending reading rendezvous :)

Amber said...

Glad you found your book! I'll have to check them out if they're like Twilight. Oh and I got some Cholula (the chili garlic flavor, is that the right kind?) and it's amazing! It's sweet and not so hot it burns my mouth and I love it. So you can totally say you told me so! Oh and I love your blog too. It always perks me up cause you always seem to have lots of energy, which is nice when I'm slogging through a boring work day!

Ash said...

The House of Night series? That entire book is based on the area I have lived my entire life!! Neat-o huh?

I might try this City of Glass thing out, I need a new series.

Anonymous said...

I could kiss....but I won't I swear...unless you want me to...sorry where was I?? I am so going to check these books out, because I am always on the prowl for a new series to get lost in.

melanie said...

What is Kiss My Face? If it has you this excited, I must have some. Where do you buy it?
And, Lo, this is a little weird, but I was shopping yesterday and saw some beautiful throw pillows and though, Lo would like those...
How the heck do I know what you'd like??? I'm only your BLOG friend!

Anonymous said...

Okay what are they about and why should I get addicted, err I mean why should I read them??? I need a new series.