Monday, March 23, 2009

torture, otherwise known as staying at work when you're ill.

i actually have quite a bit to blog about, but seeing as i'm feeling extremely shitty, i'm not going to. in fact, the only reason i'm posting is bc there's nothing left for me to read on the blogs i follow. i'm at work and the only reason i'm still sitting here is bc it's a bigger pain in my ass to ask to go home than it is for me to quietly sit here and wander around online.

trust me.

although i'm not sure how much longer i can last. i have really no work to do, and the work i DO have, i'm afraid of tackling that bc in my current state i'm sure i'll royally mess it up.

i'm so tired.. my eyes are half closed.. and i'm getting bitched at by the annoyingly pathetic woman who's technically my boss. oh, and 'mini me', her assistant. that's what we call her around these parts.

where am i going with this? no idea. i feel so craptastically shitty that all i want to do is go home, curl up in bed, watch twilight bc i've yet to see it, and nap. my entire body feels like razorblades tried to get to third base with me. i can't possibly look even remotely well right now... and yet... whereas NORMAL people work in jobs where people would think, hm, let's send her home so that she doesn't get the REST of us sick, i work in a job that says, you CANNOT GO HOME BC YOU HAVE SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO MUCH WORK TO DO. and then i sit down and go, hm, i have nothing. nothing. nothing. to do. no work.

i sit here, answer the phones, and blog. wow. $17 an hour to do that? and she thinks she's punishing me by making me stay here at work? seriously, i must work for idiots. no, in fact, i KNOW i do.

i'm being negative. i know. i'm sorry. i just feel like being five and crying bc i don't feel good. and it's only 10.32.



super tweak said...

Lo - I really hope you feel better soon. I'm at home today. You know I have a lot of stuff going on with illnesses in the family in such. One big thing that is bothering me my freakin job. I'm totally in the same boat as you and can't wait to find new work. I know no job is perfect but something has got to be better than this. I'm thinking of you! Can't wait to read what you have to blog about too.


PS - I want to be a nurse or dr. too...just don't think I can because of the toll it would take on me. I think we have so much in common.

kels said...

no fun. :(


Anonymous said...

If someone paid me $17 to blog I would be happy too!!! Sorry you are still feeling like poo my girl!!! addiction is good old Burt's Bees. Cannot go anywhere without it.

Amber said...

That is NO fun! Are you in an office where you can shut the door and take a "conference call" (aka nap on the desk)? People around here have been known to do that.

I really hate to burst your bubble, but don't get too excited about Twilight if you've read the book. After the book, the movie is quite a disappointment. I guess it just couldn't compete with my imagination!

Oh and thanks so much for your burn tips! I will use them for sure.

Laura B. said...

Ugh...nothing worse than feeling like you HAVE to be at work and not wanting to be there. Hope you get feeling better soon.

Erin @ T5M said...

Ew, there is nothing worse than being at work when you're sick!