Friday, March 27, 2009

ray of flippin sunshine.

some days, my job makes me want to tear out my hair, scream at the top of my lungs and call everyone out on every insipid stupid moronic childish thing they do.

okay. almost every day.

and the reason isn't because my work is overly stressful. it's stress. it's work. i deal. i LIKE to be busy. i like being productive.

i do. not. like. this. woman. i. work. for.

she is my indirect boss, and lordy be.................

i'm sitting here pissed off, irritated, annoyed and just plain flabberghasted at how positively ridiculous and juvinile a menopausal woman can be. and oh yes. she's in menopause, and i know this, bc i listen allllllllllll day long to her changing the thermostat from oh-my-god-i'm-burning-up-am-i-on-the-equator-or-am-i-in-hell to good-thing-i-wore-this-sweater-cuz-i'm-niptastic-right-now. and her bitching. ohhhhhh lordy her bitching.

it's people like this that make me HAVE to sit down, close my eyes, breathe deeeeeeeeeep and say, you are not this person, do not let this person make you into that kind of person, let it go, let it go, let it go.

and then my real boss is always moving stuff on my desk. my things are missing.... like my water bottle. uh, hello? i was going to drink that. bc you decided to clean the garbage can lid with the sponge we CLEAN DISHES WITH and i'm petrified of using the glasses now, so i now keep a water bottle on my desk. and you threw it out.


i guess i'm complaining bc i've just had it up to HERE and THERE and OVER THERE. one more month and i'm free. and they wonder why they have such a high turnover............. it's bc there's a woman here who just... just.... i don't know how she could possibly have gone thru life with this attitude. i have to say, in all 24 years of my life, i have NEVER run across a person like this..... i'm just trying to breathe myself thru today and understand that in a month, i will NEVER have to see her mug again.

i have many words for her. i'll refrain. for now.

i wish everyone a happy friday..... and hope that your day goes smoothly and quickly and that you don't have a horrid person you have to deal with daily. i wish ya'll sunshine and twinkies. and. and. glitter pens.

i'm tryin to tell myself to be a ray of sunshine. kill 'em with kindness. IT IS HARD, YO.


Anonymous said...

So where is you desk again in my building???!!! Most days I have to tell myself "don't make eye contact with the crazy people, it only encourages them"!!!

super tweak said...

Easier said than done - I know, but you are doing the right thing by trying to be a ray of sunshine. You can do it, I know. I can so relate in a lot of ways. I have similar junk going on with me @ work. I have taken up reading the Psalms and sometimes I come across one that just gives me the girl power feel. It's like - don't you dare try to beat me down - I am strong and I am going to win. Maybe you could try that out and see what it does for you - or read anything about fighting of naysayers that might help. I like 311 - "eff the naysayers" I also sing - Hit her with a bat - Hit her with a bat - and I picture myself winding up to hit her - and I excuse my evilness because I never actually make contact. It feels good though. TRY IT!

Oh and twitter more ;)

Seriously Me said...

I know exactly how you feel girl! I've been following you for a couple months. Hang in there. I've been in your shoes. The best day of my life (aside from giving birth to my son) was walking out of my crappy job). It was a load of bricks lifted off my shoulders. Hang in there and life will be all better. ((HUGS))

Amber said...

Hopefully this next month will fly by! Thank goodness the madness is almost over for you.

Anonymous said...

Happy Friday! Hopefully work will get better, if not you are leaving!

Linda said...

I am so proud of you! You are doing such a great job hanging in there! Keep breathing and ut your water bottle in your desk drawer (or your purse). Breathe. Way to take the high road Girl!
Are you & Mom flying to FLA or driving? Maybe you could take a little side trip through SC? Email me.

Jason, as himself said...

Thanks for providing me some perspective! I don't have anything like this to deal with at work.

Have a great weekend!

Ash said...

Niptastic might be my new favorite word, that's downright hilarious!!!

I'm sorry work sucks! But you're awesome and look,you're doing a great job at having your super awesome sense of humor about it!!

Marchelle said...

i wanna see a pic of this wench before you leave. just nosey is all. sneak one with your phone, will ya?

thank you for your cooperation in this matter. =)