Wednesday, March 25, 2009

five questions game!!!

so, i found this over at Psuedo, and SHE linked it from Laura at Under the Sheets and i thought, hey, GREAT idea for a post when i'm feeling tired, so tired, so very very tired.

FIVE QUESTIONS GAME!!!!!!!!!! yah! yeah! ya!

1) What gets you out of bed in the morning?


haha, joking.

but really. i usually set about four alarms on my cell phone... the first starting at around 6 if i have to shower in the morning and 6.30 if i showered the night before. my hair is really long, takes forevah if i shower in the morning and i usually look like a wreck. so. like today, first alarm went off at 6.30, then 6.45, 6.55, 7.10. by 7.10 i'm usually in the bathroom gettin ready, but... man, some days that 7.10 really helps me out. i've gotten ready in ten minutes flat before. from getting up to sittin in the car. no joke. i use a hair straightener, throw on some mascara, some clothes and BAM i'm gone.

however, i'm not a morning person, and for a person who's not a morning person who also despises her job, mornings suck extra for me. i just deal.

2) What scares you and how often do you think about it?

being alone. as in, something happening to the two most important people in my life. that scares me a lot, and i try not to think about it.

if we're talking 'fears' here, i am deathly afraid of heights. moreso the falling thing. doesn't really work well with me. also? snakes, after watching this 'deadliest snakes of the wild' show on the discovery channel. also the doctor and the dentist. cuz in my case, it's usually bad news.

3) How important is making a home to you? For example do you like a home to meditate in, cook good food or have people over?

it is sooooo important for my home to be a safe haven for me. i'm a cancer- by nature we like to curl up in on ourselves and hide. all of my friends have always commented that my home is so 'mature', i.e. even when i was a starving college kid i had a 'full house', as in, couch, coffee table, area rug, lamps, decorations, television with coordinating stand, all of my bedroom furniture, a bathroom with matching stuff in it (ahem. it was hello kitty. vlad made me cut that cord when we moved in together officially.) etc etc.... bc i like to have a complete home. no egg crates or futons for me, nope.

right now we're still working on our house, it's hard bc we're both so busy and we both want to do it ourselves and the RIGHT way- not just throw crap in the closet, call it a day. i want to put things where they belong and get organized. unfortunately that means my dining room is kinda full of bags full of... well i'm not sure what, most likely purses and shoes and clothes. that's what i'm tackling tonight.... eep.

4) Where in the world would you like to travel to next?

well, i'm going to take a trip soon, where my mom and i will get on amtrak, head to washington d.c. for the day, then train it on down to florida to visit my aunt who's preggers right now. she's having a little girl, Olivia, and my mom and i are going for a week to help her with the baby. then we're off to DISNEYWORLD which i know this sounds bad, bc well... family should come first... i should be most excited about meeting my cousin... but... DISNEYWORLD PEOPLE. and we're staying at the polynesian and.. and... and then my mom goes home after a week and vlad comes up and we do disney for three days and then we do sarasota for four!! eeeeeep i'm so excited for this trip. it's my 'light at the end of the long, hard, dark, craptastic tunnel'.

if we're talkin fantasy, i would, in a heartbeat, pick up and go to Greece. for some reason i'm itching to go there for a month. or two. or forever. who knows.

first i'd have to get really in shape and get a tan. those greeks are TAN!!!!! two of my close friends have family and houses over in greece and go for months at a time. i swear i'm going to sneak into their suitcase next time.

5) What's your favorite Anti Aging Skin Product?

well,........ i use garnier moisturizing lotion that comes in a lil pot. so far i like it. i have wrinkles, they freak me out, once i'm out of this crappy job and can focus on myself for once i'm going to figure out what products will take care of this weird papery thang happenin' on my forehead. i no likey.

and now i'm going to duck while i say, i use no anti-aging products other than that and drinking pomegranite juice so i don't get hit with the glares of my more 'mature' readers or see them flippin me off.

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Linda said...

Good thing you ducked! The best things I've found to stave off wrinkles is sunscreen EVRERY.DAY. This is coming from a woman over 45 years of age and who's flipping you off right now:) Products I use daily are Neutrogena Oil-Free Moisturizer with SPF 15 and Cover Girls CG Smoothers tinted moitureizer w/SPF15. Both light & non greasy.