Saturday, March 14, 2009

this is a rant. be warned.

so in the fashion of all things craptastically shitty and wonderful, i thought i'd post cuz i haven't in a while. why?

oh, let's just say it's called WORKING FOR THE DEVIL. and when i say this, i. do. not. kid. our address is 666 for fucks sake.

i do not kid. it is seriously, 666. should've been a sign back when i took the job. the whole being hired within one day of interviewing should've been a sign, too. the fact that the bitch sorry excuse for a human being that i work for yelled at me before i had even SIGNED A CONTRACT should've been a tip off, too.

but, you know. telling a 20 year old what to do? yeah. ain't gonna happen. i've got my head screwed on now. more like superglued backwards, but, hey, i'll take it.

and hell yes, i'm writing this from work bc the best way to feel childish and vindictive? blog from work when they fuck with you. just sayin'.

also? i know this post is laced with profanity. but ya know what? today CALLS for it. i'm serious. and the only thing that is going to make me less bitchy and less ANGRY is going to be either shots at a dive bar or some shopping. and since my husband so graciously stood me up last night, by not only being late home when we had tickets (that i paid upwards as in over $100 for) to a comedy show at a bar in Wrigleyville but then proceeding to take his sweet damn time eating and changing and taking a shower..... yeah to say we missed it is an understatement. and, oh yeah, that 'house warming' party he wanted to go to last night? yeah. iwas SO not down for that.

as in, you go, i'll chill at home, it'll all be sweet kinda thang. and no. instead, we fought, bickered, i got bitter, said FINE I WILL GO and then we went and yeah, usually i can suck it up and deal but i wasn't feelin' it last night. coulda been that everyone was taking vodka shots.

coulda been the drunk russian parents.

coulda been the pregnant 17 year old who got married only bc she's pregnant. and is a complete airhead. now, don't go judgin', if you get preggo, you get preggo. you deal. you buck up. you become a mom. and life goes on. NO BIGGIE. i have known teen mothers who are a trajillion times more competent than any 30yr old with a new born. i get that. i'm not stereotyping.

i'm just sayin', girl needs some sense knocked into her. like a semi. stat.

coulda been that everyone was drunk, out doin' who knows what in their cars when they were 'takin out the trash' (half an hour later) but the fact that there were two kids there, one 2 and a 1yr old, kind of irked me.

as in kinda, let me paint you a picture: i was pissed. let down. these people dissapointed me. this is the example they set? getting drunk and disorderly in front of children? giving them popsicles at 10.30 at night? who DOES that? someone with a death wish, i tell ya.

we left. i was pissed. still am. wake up this morning after i set my alarm, and Vlad is late to work. hm. he had to get a ton of cars ready for the St. Patty's day parade today downtown, and he's late. well. alarms were created for a reason.

and no. i am not usually this snarky (asshole-ish) in my normal life but letmetellya, work today?

HELL. pure, dripping, acidic, rash giving headache instilling mental ward HELL.

all i can say is, and i'm sayin' it, loud and clear, bc i've had it, bc i'm stressed, bc i just don't GIVE A SHIT ANYMORE,

come April? i'm outta here. as in quitting. as in, SEE YA SUCKAS.

karma? is a bitch.



Mom said...

Hey Lor, tell us how you really feel. LOL

Enjoy your foccacia and Margarita.

A Perfectly Unperfect Girl said...! The real you is not all sunshine and roses???

Hells yeah!!! You are cool no matter what. Whether you are being super sticky sweet or slinging profanities like a salior.

You are a better woman than I am. If my man stood me up, and then wanted me to go to a party that HE wanted to go to~yeah no way in hell I would have gone.

I would have stayed home, all by myself. And I would have enjoyed it!

Hope work gets better, at least for the remainder of your time there.

I like the real you. Tell-it-like-it-is kinda girl. NICE!!!!

Linda said...

Damn. Mom beat me to it. OK lets see if I can come up with some other words of wisdom....Be who you are and say what you feel because those that mind don't matter and those that matter dont mind. Ya,ya I've said it before but it fits in a lot of places doesn't it.

Marchelle said...

LMAO at your Mom's comment!!

But yeah.... YOU GO GIRL! No judgment here. I am known to drop an F bomb or two when I have 'craptastically shitty' days myself. No, it's not a good habit. No, it's not lady-like or words a mother should use. But sometimes, it's the only word that fits. In my book anyway.

Hope things get better. One more month til tax time is over!

One of these days we will hook up and watch 90's movies and drink wine out of a box. And take pics of ourselves, me with my Nikon, you with your phone ;) and we'll blog about it.

Oh yeah, and then I'll go with you to those people's house and smack the stupid out of them for partyin' it up in front of their babies. IDIOTS.

Anonymous said...

Hells yeah! You tell 'em sister!! So excited we added severe profanity to your blog, some stories just aren't complete without it!!!

Jason, as himself said...

Zoiks. Sorry this was such a bad day. I hope your St. Patrick's Day margarita makes you feel better.

My beers did. For a little while.