Saturday, March 28, 2009

i'm in chicago, trick!!!! (you probably don't know the song. but i loves it.)

soooooooooo after workin a FULL 6.2 HOURS today, i felt the need to relax. but no relaxin did i do, cuz we're having people over tonight.

not the prez. nah. even tho i live near chicago he's in d.c., now that he's all mr. important and shiz. pfft.

neighbors, across the parking lot (heh. i'm so classy.) are coming, britt and danny (danny of the pink shirt t.v. install, if any of you remember. vlads bestest friend), our friends rus and natalie (she's russian annnnnnnnnnnnd we kinda sorta always clash. she doesn't have a censor. i believe in filters, man, at least in polite company. c'mon now. ya'll getcher manners on.) and my great friend arius, who's one of the greek friends i mentioned, i adore this kid, he's just so snarky and hilarious like me. we always end up talkin shit to each other. in a nice way, of course. he was in my wedding. his siz cuts my hair. she's gorrrgeous, ya'll. i'll find pics for ya. ahem anyway. and then our OTHER friend amir, yes all of my friends are euro (for the most part) who yugoslavian, and he tends to drink a lot but pffft he isn't spending the night and isn't drivin, so all is well in the world.

but this meant that vlad and i? had better put pedal to the metal today after we got home from work. so after i worked almost a full day with nooooooo breaks, i went to the grocery store, bought wine and milk, (priorities people, priorities) meaning to buy the rest of the food from sams club later with vlad and came home and cooked myself a pizza.

yeah. hard worker, right here, numero uno.

vlad right now is finishing up the last bit of painting in the hall. i'm taking a break from cleaning, i just made the bed and now i am DUSTER EXTROARDINAIRE bc i must dust, i must dust, the entire house, must dust must. i may be a lil loopy after being cracked out on a computer all day scanning in tax information for clients bc we're spiffy and goin' paperless and all.

and while this is great? it also is a bitch, bc i have the scanner from hell, and it eats chews swallows licks then poos on every single freakin page i feed thru it.

i won today. i think it was the threats of goin' office space on it.

just had the sick feeling that i'm goin to get the 'yyyyyeeeeaaaahhhhh we're gonna go ahead and needja to come in tomarrrooow.....' but then i remember, it's saturday, and i already WAS there. phew.

where was i going with this? er....

so the house looks nice. really nice. high gloss white painted trim, fresh painted doors, new hardware on the closets in the hall,

-sorry, a break in the program- i'm on the laptop in the dining room that i can now walk around in and vlad gets up from taping trim in the hallway and starts jabbing at a paintbrush that's pretty much stuck in semi-wet paint. just jabbing. finally it breaks free and he jabs it back down into the paint and walks away. purpose? no clue. seems he just put it back into the same pickle it was just in. i don't understand painting. never will.

back to our ranting- so, the living room is together, we have patio furniture on our balcony YIPPIE and a grill YAY and i feel like a NORMAL PERSON AGAIN.


so my closet may eat you, but if you keep the door closed it'll let you slip by. k thanks.

so i'm going to take some photos with my REAL camera, and then tomorrow (or monday) i'll go to best buy to get that hookup thing so that i can pop my memory card into the laptop straight without wires. cuz i kinda sorta lost 'em. i know. so i need a new thingie mah jig. i'm sure they'll know exactly what i'm talking about. best buy gets me. it's a reader of my soul.

so yeah i'm gonna take pics, and once i get showered and normal looking i may even BE in some of them, and then i'll take pics of the food and the furniture and friends and just a good ol' time. i need to do a diagram of the condo. so that ya'll understand floor plans. HEY! monday is floor plan day. maybe i'll even have pictures to go with it. who knows.

why is monday floor plan day? bc i have a scanner at work, that's why. and i don't know if paintbrush even exists on computers anymore, and i suck at making computer diagrams. (ahem. don't know how.) so i'm goin to draw it out. and ya'll can see my left-handed snarky hand writing. that in my defense got way worse after i broke a tiny bone in my hand something like two years ago. i had a CAST and it sucked and it was my left hand. needless to say i don't really write things out anymore, i type em. less pain.

WHOA SIDETRACK! okay. i'm a little giddy and light headed after my date with the scanner from hell all flippin day and the fact that i'm tired and still have to shop clean vacuum dust swiffer and then shower and paint my face and look normal........... and then be ON for everyone. so. pardon me while i excuse myself from this lil purge i just did and say thanks ya'll for lending ears and maybe even smirking a little.

c'mon. being snarky feels GOOD. trust me. :) rock on garth!!!!!


midlife slices said...

I'm not good with having parties even small ones but Sam's club is the bomb for bringing the eats.

Have fun and watch that filterless hussy's mouth. I'm betting you can hold you own to her. Wish I could watch and listen. Ha!

Amber said...

Have fun with your friends! Can't wait to see pictures and the diagram. In your snarky handwriting.