Tuesday, September 30, 2008

at least i'm conscious at work today

THIS face has been haunting my dreams. no, i don't have a thing for Japanese guys. (yes. i am happily married.) no, i don't keep a secret little sacred spot in my heart for little guys who tend to look constipated most of the time. (er. if you haven't watched the show, nevermind that last statement.)

i am, in fact, addicted to Heroes. i think i've mentioned this before. and while there is absolutely positively nothing wrong with that.... i seem to have a slight..... obsession.

you see, i haven't been feeling well. so what do i do when i don't feel well? (whine) i climb into bed, stick a movie on, and zone out. i lay in bed complaining, getting too hot/too cold for hours before i finally pass out in a nyquil stupor. cut to me , last night. you see, i sort of screwed myself. on Sunday, i passed out at like 5.30 (insane! i know!) and slept straight through until i had to get up yesterday. i walked thru my day like a zombie spikin' a nasty temp, and when i got home last night i took a shower and hit the grocery store. i was DETERMINED to make grilled cheese and chicken broth.
of course, bc this is ME we're talkin' about here, i ended up buying a different chicken broth than my usual sodium-laden brand.. thinking, oh, i'm going to GET HEALTHY and you know, stop being so BLOATED from my salt addiction all the time. and btw? it totally sucked. i mean, it tasted RANCID to the point where i threw it all out. ew. ugh. i just literally shuddered at the thought of that crap.
but the grilled cheese? excellent. i sliced up some fresh mild cheddar and monterey jack, slapped them between two slices of fresh sliced italian bread, melted about a stick of butter into my skillet and went to town. it made me feel a lot better. (so did the mac&cheese i also made on the side. sshhh. don't tell. im not supposed to have so much dairy when i'm congested!!! but i'm a rebel like that.)
so. after i do all this i'm like, screw the couch! i'm goin' to bed! so i tromp up to bed and drag my poor husband with me, who honestly bless his heart has no interest whatsoever in Heroes, pop in a dvd and proceed to zone out. and this, my friends, is called how i managed to finagle my way into watching Heroes FOR HOURS last night. seriously, from about 8 to midnight, i was ALLOWED to watch nothing but nonstop Heroes. usually we switch off... he watches something he likes, or we both like, but never usually something i'm addicted to that he doesn't have (the attention span) any interest in whatsoever. but bc i've been sick? ooohh it was on. as CG says it was on like donkey kong!!
and this is where we get back to my favorite character, Hiro. i just love him! he is too cute. i love when he throws his arms in the air and says 'flying man!!!!' i love how noble he is. i love how he tries so hard! i happen to also love Claire (Hayden Panettiere) which blows my mind bc before i was turned onto this show, i hated her! (well. disliked her. she was annoying.) but in this series? she. is. fab. i love the gal.
anyway. so what happens to me last night? i don't get to bed until after MIDNIGHT. and for a girl who has to wake up (aka husband leaves and forces me into consciousness) at around 5.30/5.45, it SUCKED this morning. so i'm running on low fuel. one engine. no gas. half of my air. and i had to pretty much pry the damn remote from my cold, clammy sick hand last night just so i could actually try to get some sleep.
i feel a lot better today tho. so goes to show you, while grilled cheese and chicken broth MAY work wonders? one can supplement Heroes for either and life will still work out fine. bc while i may be tired today? i think i finally beat my stupid lame cold!!! (or maybe i'm just delusional from all the green tea, vitamin c and zinc i've been mainlining. whatev.)
(oh. and also? never substitute mac&cheese when you have a cold. seriously. it is divine.)

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