Friday, September 26, 2008

okay only 8 more hours to go

okay! so today, i am determined to stay POSITIVE. you know. as much as a person like me can ;) a couple things on my mind today:

1) flu shot. has anyone ever had one? how was it? did it initially make you sick but then made you like superman for the rest of the winter? cuz i have this thing called an immune system, and see, it likes to skip out on me come january and that's when i work overtime for work (tax season) and can't afford to get sick. ever.

2) hair. i want to cut my hair. it's super duper long right now, super straight and blonde. BO-RING! i'm thinkin' bangs. but i'm freakin out bc bangs? can grow super fast. and me? am not a person who gets regular cuts. i'm lazy like that.

3) i am also determined to figure out where the heck the cord to my camera is. i want to start taking pics and posting them here, but for some reason i can't find that little dinky cord that does the magic of switching pics from camera to computer. sigh. this weekend will be a hunt.

4) researching cell phones, bc i want to switch companies and get a plan w/my husband. so now i'm super excited and i want to get one of those super high tech ones that i can record videos and take pictures and go online and twitter my little heart out.

5) am trying super hard not to eat junk food today. partly bc i want to get healthy but also bc the pants im wearing today? they're from Guess. and Guess pants? always are snug around the hip/tummy area on me. for whatever reason. so i'd rather not pop a button. that could be embarrassing.

(about as embarrassing as splitting my pants on the butt and not realizing it until i get home from work that day and take off the damn things. yeah. THAT was a stellar moment.)

other than that, it's super sunny today, a high of 79 is looming, and it's the weeeeeeeeeeekend!!!!! yay!!!! thank god. i can stay up late watching Heroes and won't have to worry about being conscious until late morning tomorrow.

all of my movies are late. i rented the first season of Heroes and it's now three days late. ouch. that's like 15 bucks i think. and then the other movie is late too which is .. 4 bucks. then redbox movie which will only be a dollar if i return it today before 9pm. which i will. sigh. i hate when i get busy and flake out on stuff. i HATE paying late fees bc it feels like i'm just giving my money away.

plans for tonight: vlad (my husband) and i are going to go to Balalika. yeah. it's a russian store. in a strip mall. next to dominicks. it sells russian cards, dvd's, cd's, knick knacks, etc.... we need to pick up a 'translator' for his dad, bc his bday is sunday. why on earth we're going to a russian store to buy an english translator, i've no idea. i thought, you know, best buy or something like that. but i was shot down. so it's russian night tonight. as long as i don't have to eat pickled beets or chicken livers, i'm straight.

happy friday everyone!!!

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Anonymous said...

I've never been a fan of flu shots... seriously how often do you REALLY get the flu? really not that often... and young healthy people like us (I assume you're healthy at least)... well it'll just be a day or so of misery... I'll roll those dice.