Tuesday, September 16, 2008

ta-da!! i dids it!!!

so after many many hours spent ruthlessly digging thru link after link, blog after blog i am now officially, maniacally, feverishly beginning my own. foolishly? we shall see.

so i suppose the virgin post goes something like this....

i'm 24. i just got married. to a russian, who is a great guy, so we'll call him... the russian. we're tryin' to keep names secret, yo. and my name? mine, you ask? we'll use, Lo. i live in the midwest in a suburb, in a townhouse way too friggin' big that is a total and complete BITCH to clean, i'm obsessed w/buying more and more crap for my home (like bath towels. i mean, really, can you EVER have enough of those???) and candles. yeah. i know. i'm officially a fire hazard. not my fault the fire alarm sucks ass and is too sensitive. i have a cat. i do not have children. i am quite honestly petrified to have children- even tho i want them.

this leads into my obsession....... and....... i hate to typeitiknowi'llgeteatenaliveBUT: mommy blogs. there. i said it. it's out there. throw the stones, egg me, tp me, c'mon, i know ya'll want to. bc that term, surprisingly is vehemently LOATHED out there in cyber land.

anyway. so i'm addicted to them. i read them constantly. all day. every day. non stop. i read the christian ones. (i'm not religious) i read the cooking ones. (i try to cook. try.) i read the baking ones, knitting ones, child-rearing ones farm ones city ones ALL OF THE ONES. this is bc i work for a company that SUCKS.

and this, my friends out there, is quite frankly the purpose of this blog. to retain some sanity while i am STUCK IN A FRICKING JOB I HATE. with insane people. makin' me slap-happy all day long bc all i ever do it read the damn blogs and yes ihave even resorted to doing PUZZLES ONLINE bc gasp someone, anyone, no one has updated in the last 45 minutes!!!! and free cell, my friends.... gets old mighty fast.

ahem. so. i ramble. anyway. i am forgiven bc this is my first post. so hi. probably no one out there is going to read this but ya know, there comes a point in a girls life when you either officially lose your mind, or blog about it.

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