Friday, September 26, 2008

thankful for:

these, my dear friends, are bolthouse farm drinks. my latest obsession. that beauty right there smack in the middle is the main cause for the spike in my grocery store bill. bc that lovely lady right there? that's heaven in a bottle.

seriously. the passion fruit is this amazing combo of carrot juice, which i honestly NEVER thought i'd want to drink and lots of other yummy exotic fruits. it is SO. GOOD. i swear i literally EAT it not drink it, bc it has this super thick yummy creamy consistency that just TASTES real. you know. organic? real fruit? as in, not chock-full of sugar and artificial ingredients? yeah, i know, shocker, that there's fruit juice out there that's, ya know, actually made of fruit.

the only downside is that a little bottle of this stuff, 15.2 fl. oz to be exact is about 3 dollars. this makes me sad. the large bottle (my personal drug of choice) is a whopping $4.52. ??!?!?! for fruit juice? i thought fruit was, you know, natural and grew for FREE in most places on earth? sigh. just yet another thing that i'm having to give up bc i'm trying to cut costs.

also another obsession of mine? smart water. oh lordy be this is like the nectar of the gods for me. i may have already posted about it's wonderful vapor-distilled electrolyte enhanced goodness.. but it is just that. good. and i have to say, good news! bc a 33.2 fl. oz bottle of this water is a mere 10 FOR 10 at Jewel!! yes! score! something that won't bankcrupt me! well. you know. if i cut back on my four-bottle-a-day habit. but all things considered i think it's one of the better habits one can have.

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Anonymous said...

I love the green stuff.. but yeah it's WAY too expensive...