Tuesday, September 23, 2008

ode to television series

phew! or whew? or lhew or chew? sometimes life really sucks the floor out from under me and sort of tries to bury me underneath the floorboards.

if that makes any sense.

this weekend was a whirlwind, i am still puffy-eyed from sleep deprivation. i am also addicted to Heroes.

anyone watch that?

oh lordy be, i could watch me some Heroes until my eyes pop out of my head from too much plasma tv watching. bc seriously? it is super good. and this, coming from a woman who was CONVINCED she did not, in any way whatsoever, enjoy Hayden Panettiere. nope. not at all. no way in hell. but then. something happened.

my mother told me, 'you? have got to see this. bc you? would so totally fall in love.'

so what did i do? i rented me some Heroes (1st season) and that, my dear friends, is where i have parked my behind since. in front of the t.v. in the living room, eating chips and dip and pizza and fried rice and sesame chicken and oo what's that there some ice cream and all the while just watchin away. and upstairs, in bed, at 5pm, on a saturday, watchin Heroes, watchin watchin away, the lights off curtains drawn and i swear, i look like i'm agoraphobic to the nth degree bc i am just. so. HOOKED!!!

so now i'm almost finished w/the first season. which means tonight when i finish it i must drive to the family video down the street and rent the 2nd season. and after thati don't know what to do with myself bc... bc................................................................(sob)

we don't have......(chin wobble)..............................CABLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

turns out the lovely association at our subdivision doesn't like to cut trees (or do anything else. ahem.) so the tree in our backyard just-so-conveniently is blocking our satellite dish. and while we could in theory call the nice satellite man to come look at it, that would be a waste of time bc, well, he doesn't bring trimming sheers with him now does he. and i have tried to cut it myself (yes a futile attempt w/a kitchen knife) to no avail. so i am stuck, watching movie after movie, and now that i've seen every single freakin movie in family video (yes bc i'm too cheap to go to blockbuster. it is the devil.) i have moved on to series. old series. new series. any series !!!!!

so tonight? it's Heroes for me. and btw? i SO totally love me some Hayden. she kicks ass. she's a sparky lil' thing. who's got great hair. why can't my hair ever curl like that????

oh, and stay tuned for my sunday expidition into downtown where i decided HEY LETS GO TO THE ZOO with husbands russian sister and russian friends. yeah. THAT was a real kick in the pants. (not.) bc i just LOVE walking 16 freakin blocks in downtown when it's 80 degrees just to eat TAPAS which is SPICY and we have FOUR KIDS WITH US and.... and..... kids scream. loud. even if you tell them 'we're in a nice restaurant where we act like a lady.' yeah. that one backfired.

lord help me when i get one of my own. i may make them lock themselves up and watch Heroes all day just to avoid public embarrassment. (who am i kidding. i can't even go to the grocery store w/out tripping over my own feet. twice.)


Pseudonymous High School Teacher said...

I'm in the middle of netlfixing the second season of Heros. Yes, very addicting.

Thanks for stopping by my blog. I enjoyed your comment.

merlotmom said...

I won't hold it against you that you're so damn young! Welcome to the bloggy world. Enjoy the ride.