Monday, September 29, 2008

pathetic little me

WOW life comes at you fast sometimes. i am writing a quick post bc, quite frankly, i feel TERRIBLE. like someone is stepping-on-me grinding me into the dirt kind of bad. old bubble gum you accidentally touch stuck underneath the chair bad. dmv a half-hour before closing bad. trying to grocery shop on payday with a hurricane comin' bad.

just bad, folks. i'm at work bc i'm determined to stick it out today. my head is foggy, my chest is congested, it feels like someone is sitting on my refusing to let me get a full breath in. my nose is alternating it's stuffy/runny wonderfulness while my eyes are blodshot and my forehead? is glowing w/this thin sheen of sweat. cold sweats. yum. now those are fun. (not.)

so i haven't had a lot of energy to, you know, WRITE something halfway interesting. oh, sure, there's a ton of stuff overflowing in this head o'mine from the weekend (which included the presidential debate, SNL, a russian brunch and some friends leaving a TERRIBLE mess in my house when i left them unattended.) (oh and a trip to abt, one of the most awesomest stores ever and not just bc it smells like disneyland) but i just dont' have the energy to sit down, upload pictures (yay!! i learned how to do this yesterday) and actually try to put something of value out there.

so i am posting this. not that anyone in cyberland waits w/bated breath for my postings... i'm pretty sure it's just me out there reading..... but for my own sake, for the sake of trying to feel better, get better, BE better, i make myself post. bc then i've accomplished something; now, at least i've been actively dedicated to something i could have easily stopped doing and still enjoyed all of my reading at other blogs. i do this bc it helps me to stay sane, it makes me feel good that maybe, just maybe i could make someone laugh... i do this bc it's my free therapy, it's a hobby, it stops me from indulging in a lot of other bad habits of mine. it reminds me that hey, i'm a person who has some pretty interesting ideas and thoughts and i deserve to be heard too.

it also makes me eat too much popcorn. but i won't hold it against you. :)

more to come when i can actually, you know, breathe without sounding 90 and all.

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