Tuesday, September 30, 2008

lazy gourmet strikes again

oh, i just tried to write a huge long ranting and raving post and then i looked at it and thought damn girl! when did you get so negative? so i crossed it out and started again. and there are definitely things in my day that happen to me that i could explode about. uhm. about three of my biggest pet peeves of work-related stuff just happened to me within fifteen minutes. but what's the point?

i need to post pics- but due to the storm my husbands work (he owns an auto body shop) was completely flooded. as a result, his car was totaled!! so finally we heard back this afternoon what the insurance would cover, and what he would be approved for. needless to say, GREAT news bc he was approved for a loan way more than he needs, and his insurance agreed to pay for transfering plates/sales tax if he buys a car in the next month. and his rate is something insane like 5.2%. deep sigh of relief on that one.

in other news, we're still trying to unload this house. it's a bitch. a burden. and yet i'm still thankful that we have a roof over our heads bc a lot less could be said by other people affected by this horrible real estate market.

tonight my big plan is KRAFT SPAGHETTI. i'm not sure if anyone has ever heard of this wonderful goodness. but it is heaven. pure, lovely, fluffy white soft heaven that wraps you up like a spicy marshmallow. it is so delish. i love it. if you've never had it? go buy some. now. YUM. i know it's a boxed meal etc etc but this stuff? i have been eating since i was a kid. it's right up there w/kraft mac&cheese, which was the only mac & cheese i would eat. like this one time? we travel to Cleveland to visit my grandparents(fathers side)and she spends all day, slaving away to make a home-cooked meal. out comes mac & cheese- it was the only food i would eat a good amount of at the time- and it's.... from scratch. with...a brown oven-crust. and me? at seven? i'm like, aw hell nah gramma what's this??? where's the REAL mac&cheese? needless to say, my grandma shot my mom daggers the rest of the trip bc she fed her child 'artificial cheese.' (i've now since grown out of it and moved on to the best in the world. cracker barrel. ahem.)

kraft spaghetti is this spicy yummy tomato-ee experience that all must try once in their lives. how to make it: pick up one small can of tomato sauce;

and this is the only ingredient you need. i KNOW. spooky. so, you put water on to boil, add in some salt, then toss the noodles in once the water gets a-goin'. cook the noodles how you like- i love them super mushy. strain them, then IGNORE THE DIRECTIONS ON THE BOX. you will want to first, melt about 3 tablespoons of butter in the now empty pan- when it melts completely dump in the can of tomato sauce. then, the little packet of seasonings. i also like to add a dash of garlic powder. but i'm crazy like that. mix it all up, dump in the noodles and you are DONE by friend!!

it is simple, spicy, delish tummy pleasing goodness for a girl who is too tired to cook from scratch tonight. which i do. i swear. no really! i do. just not tonight. bc tonight?

it's totally no-responsibilities-just-veg-out-and-stuff-your-face night. the best night EVAR.


Midlife Slices said...

I actually like that spaghetti better than any I've ever had but I put lots of hamburger meat in my sauce and more spice too. I'm glad your insurance will cover the business and all is well. Go bury a St. Joseph in your backyard and it's suppose to help you sell your house. Even our real estate stores in TX are selling those statues. LOL

Glamorous Life of a House Wife said...

I have never made KRAFT spaghetti, but I have a friend who swears by it! Maybe I should give it a go!