Thursday, October 2, 2008

i want YOU!

hey! you! yeah, you! (you lookin' at me??) i have a request. small, really. teeny tiny super small. it only involves one finger. like the guy above!! my main man!! all you gotta do is plunk yourself down at 9EST and turn on the t.v., and watch the VP debate tonight. bc honestly? i think everyone, no matter which way you swing, has gotta watch this.

bc in our country? at this time? this market? this hour of need? this time when we need to open our eyes and SEE what is going on rather than shutting the blinds and curling up in a ball and thinking your money is safe tucked away at Wachovia or WaMu? this time when you think you're doing fine bc your stocks are up and you have a job? this moment in time when we could change our country, forever?

with just one finger? one vote?

bc in our country, at this time, in this market, at this hour of need, you need to plunk down and hunker in with your mac&cheese (or whatever flips your skirt up) and use one teeny tiny finger to turn on the t.v.

and watch.

and take an active, honest-to-god interest in the debate. bc this? my friends? this is your life. YOUR future. not just some boring political spat.

this is your future, your childrens future, the worlds future, and your ONE VOTE could mean the world to all of us.


Midlife Slices said...

I'm not going to watch much of the debate because it's a know fact that it doesn't matter what they say before they are elected. Maybe I'm burned. Maybe I'm just sick of all the shit. I know who I'm voting for and nothing will change my mind.

Lo said...

Just curious slices, but who are you going to vote for? i'm just interested. and you're right, the debate smelled like a big ol' fat tire to me. totally uninteresting and scripted. sigh.