Tuesday, October 7, 2008

i swear i don't have ADD... or, what was i saying?

so the weekend was full of debauchery and shenanigans and goofiness. kind of. i make it sound more interesting than it really was. friday, well.. i can't really remember actually what we did friday. i think bc we just did more of what we do during monday-thursday, which is go home, take a shower, stuff our faces full of food we probably shouldn't eat- WAIT! now i remember.

we ordered pizza, sat on the floor of the living room like little kids, ate straight out of the ginormous pizza box, and watched movies. i can't really remember what we watched tho. i think it was "Bad Boys" bc that's my husbands favorite movie. seriously. we must have watched it like.... ten times this weekend. and that was just this weekend. there is a reason why i refuse to buy that damn dvd, folks.

on saturday, vlad (my husband) worked until around 2 i think, whereas i? yes, i did the most mature and responsible thing EV-ar. i slept. and slept. and slept some more. till about 1pm when i finally rolled out of bed bc husband called and said PEOPLE ARE COMING TO SEE OUR HOUSE and since we're all, you know, tryin' to SELL and all, i JUMPED up, freaked out, promptly cleaned the entire house top-to-bottom faster than any human i think has ever existed (or so i like to tell myself so i feel cool) just to have a phone call come in at 3 saying, oh, just kidding! they're comin' tomorrow.

which, i guess i was okay with, bc my house was now clean and i got to enjoy it on saturday then too. but that was short-lived.

bc on saturday NIGHT we had friends over, and i do have to say that these friends are SO. MUCH. BETTER. about cleanliness and being polite then the OTHER friends we had over LAST weekend. they made such a huge mess i was seriously skeeved out by the state of my kitchen. so this weekend i was all, oh, crap, freakin' GREAT now my newly-cleaned (read: scrubbed vacuumed wiped until my knuckles bled. not really. but just imagine that one!) is going to be so upside down that i'm going to have to wake up early to deal w/it before the open house.

but no! it was a great time. our bestest friends EV-ar, danny and britt came over and we all hung out. right now i'm reading a series called "The Black Dagger Brotherhood", it's about vamps and love and lust and action and it's SUPER GOOD FOLKS go read it- she's the one who turned me onto it so that's what we mostly talked about. characters. in the book. much to the dismay of our husbands who looked at us like we seriously had five heads or somethin'. bc we were chatting about the characters like we knew them. and, uhm, duh? hello, cuz? WE DO. nuff said.

anyway. so we had a great fantastic time, hung out, said goodnight, went to bed, woke up with a slight stella artois headache and then we had to run out, bc people were coming to looka t our house.

and okay? on a side note? this is a huge pet peeve. i mean if you're not interested in BUYING IT then why are you scheduling times to SEE IT??? i mean, i understand curiosity and coming around during an open house on a sunday or whatev bc i? have totally done that and am so guilty of scoping out my neighbors houses for decorating ideas. (meanwhile my house is my favorite. heh.) but seriously? making the owners leave for three hours so you can 'drop by' like the freakin' cable guy in the time frame of THREE HOURS?

so we went to Sams Club. and bought a veggie tray bc i am A-DDICTED to them. mmm. ranch and brocoli. YUMmers. and we bought some other stuff that isn't too interesting bc it wasn't for me. (hehe. i kid. i kid.) then, we went and looked at cars for vlad, bc his car was hit by the flooding that passed through his work area this past month. (i promise i will post pictures. you will me amazed.)

phew! wow. that was a doozy getting all that out. this post is so all over the place, and i tried to sit down and right something flowing and structured but honestly? that's not how i roll. to answer other questions, i did NOT find the bandage dress!!

I KNOW!!!! they were sold out at every store i went into. very sad. but it turns out that we didn't go out Saturday night after all, we had a get-together at my house which honestly i'd rather do over going out- so i got to wear my favorite jeans and this cute black thermal i picked up for 5.99!!! I KNOW. total score.

but, i will prevail. i am going to hunt that dress down for new years. or a dress similar to it. bc the bandage dress? o, you coy, coy vixen you, how i adore thee and will covet your forever. okay. i went overboard. but you catch my drift.

other than that i didn't post yesterday bc honestly i was the snarkiest of the snarky in all the land and was afraid that if i did try to write, it'd be one long rant. i'm writing now not so much bc i think this won't be a crap post (which i'm sure it is) but bc i WANTED to get stuff out, at least enough to center myself. bc work is out of control! too much drama to even begin to waste my time on. lets just say there are people in this world who really need to start waking up on the other side of the bed and stop eating nails for breakfast, bc they'd probably be nicer and would stop making our lives miserable.

so this is my attempt to get back in touch with REALITY (heh. funny that i choose the internet blogging world for my dose of reality) instead of dwelling on all of the negative floating around me right now.

plus my poor husband threw out his back sunday, so he's been living at the chiropractor. well not really. but he went last night and he's going again tonight. poor guy. it's pretty heart-wrenching when you see a grown man who's usually extremely in shape, energetic and constantly moving suddenly laid out flat on his back on the sofa and has to drink his water through a straw bc he can't sit up without being in pain. poor guy. (i totally thought of the straw idea, btw. it was neon green. bendy. and it was in a 'beauty and the beast' plastic cup. heh.)

ANYway, i leave all of you feeling much happier. when i sat down to write this i thought i was going to tear my hair out. or run screaming. but, since i need, you know, a paycheck, i thought writing would be better.

and as for tonight? since i'll be home alone for a while, i think i'm going to make potato bacon soup, a recipe i found (stole) from Tanya over at Sunday Baker (she's on my blogroll!!). It looks AMAZING and i will take pictures and maybe? just maybe? i'll remember to upload pictures before i pass out in a heavy-whipping-cream two-sticks-of-butter garlic-bread-and-potato-bacon-soup coma.

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Midlife Slices said...

OMGsh this post made me laugh out loud because I can just see your cuteness of a tiny blonde self all a twitter. I do believe you absolutely do have ADD with the hyper added. :)