Thursday, October 30, 2008

some ranting, and then the good juicy stuff: photos and HELP!

so, this week has been somewhat of a challenge. i have refrained from posting bc i am trying my best to stay positive and happy, and posting something uber-snarky (and not at all funny) would defeat the purpose.

today i finally feel that i'm able to laugh at this past week, instead of pound my head against the wall and weep.

it's not as if anything catastrophic has happened. i just started the week cranky. Vlad and i were both out of sorts, so of course, we were bickering and just nit-picky over ridiculous things that honestly, now that it's Thursday, i really couldn't tell you what was so important on Monday that caused us to have a spat.

although, locking myself out of the house yesterday morning? yeah. that one sucked.

Vlad usually starts my car in the morning (since it's COLD COLD COLD here in Illinois) unless he's leaving god-awful early. Yesterday he called upstairs to me if he should start it- i said, 'i guess... well... yeah okay' and assumed he had. i go about getting ready.. having a great morning so far, i like my outfit, my hair is somewhat okay, i'm running a little early which is good bc i was LATE on Tuesday... so finally i'm all buttoned-up and ready to go. assuming he has started my car, this means my keys are in the car. (duh) so i just lock the door manually and close it.

yeah. as soon as it closes i have an 'oh,shit' moment bc i don't hear my car running in the driveway. praying, HOPING i am wrong, i peek around the corner and sure enough... it's off. crap. i try to open the garage, but of course, our code opener is broken (it sits on the outside of the garage on the side of the house to manually open) and has been broken since 7 months ago. crap. so i go to the front door, hoping that i didn't close it all the way.... but i did. of course. and it's, like, 27 degrees outside. i'm wearing heels. no socks. a light jacket- bc i was thinking i was going four feet to my car.

i call Vlad. he gets pissed, says he can't come get me. says he'll figure it out. in the meantime i hoof it two streets over to my sister-in-laws house, bc i know the code to her garage (and her code opener WORKS, imagine that) and let myself in, only to shock my niece(in law)bc she's about to walk the dogs. so we hang out, watch some Sabrina the Teenage Witch and chill until my father-in-law comes to haul my sorry ass to work.

yeah. about an hour later, i am officially tragically late to work.. bc i was a moron.. bc of a misunderstanding with Vlad.. and was subjected to an hour of RUSSIAN TALK RADIO along with him almost hitting other cars and veering into other lanes bc he JUST MUST right this SECOND show me, IN DETAIL, acting it out, how he types "i use one finger! one! ahahaha! SEE? like ziis!! get it? one! bwahahaha!' bc everything is funny to him and half the time i don't understand what the hell he's sayin' bc he's, well, you know, RUSSIAN. sigh. love the man but... after an hour of that... sigh. and he doesn't believe in using the heater. so i froze my butt off until i got to work.

just to have a craptastic day. and then had to wait for Vlad to pick me up from work... and then had to sit in the car while he was at his accountants office... for 40 minutes...with nothing to read... then had to go to his parents house afterwards to try and hunt down an old-school suit for his halloween costume (Ron Burgundy) to no avail... some russian tv later, three yapping dogs and some parental guilt at not seeing them enough, we arrive home and i make grilled cheese sandwiches and some chicken soup.

yeah. and promptly fall asleep. and get a mild fever. and wake up this morning realizing, oh, lucky me i'm getting sick! so today i am loading up on vitamins. bundling up. (i'm sure the car ride aka mobile igloo ride didn't do me much good yesterday)

and when i get to work? i try to get into my glove box and the WHOLE THING goes flopping down on the ground, the contents spilling everywhere... screws flying.... and now my glovebox is broken. it is a sad, sad little glove box today.

PHEW! okay. now that i've got that out. i'm trying to figure out what to be for halloween. yes, i know it's TOMORROW. yes, i know i have totally fulfilled my procrastinating duties. so. this is where i need your help!!!

okay. so since i've been a cheerleader (ahem. sorry. i WAS a cheerleader. sometimes i like to pretend i still am) for about 7 years or so, i have TONS of cheer uniforms. i was thinking i could go as Claire Bennett. you know. from Heroes. my FAV. SHOW. EV-AR. (behind dexter, weeds, true blood, prison break.. etc...) (24...) see:

so. this is a pic i found online of her. i have a similar uniform that is red, gold and white, looks like this. i figure i could buy name tags at the store, and put a name tag over MY name that is on the uniform, and have it say, duh, "Hi, my name is.... Claire Bennett."

below is a photo of me from my sophomore year as Jr. Varsity... this isn't the uniform that i have that matches the above photo, but just to give you a hint at what it looks like. don't judge. i totally rocked those braces. hey i was only 15, yo! (i'm the blonde in the center.)

then i was thinking i could wear this super duper cute pinstriped dress i have. it's about knee-length, form fitting, strapless, sort of 40's looking. if i wore a black high-waisted belt with it, black boots and Vlad's white tie along with a fedora (i'm sure i can find a black one. they're in right now.) i could go as a mob girl. see similar photo below:

of course i have another option, too, i could go as a school girl and just hit up target after work and buy an actual school uniform white shirt, skirt and cardigan. then i could get a cheap tie, some knee-highs and just wear that. (of course it would, you know, be form fitting. i mean. it IS halloween folks. MUST LOOK CUTE.)
so what do ya'll think? should i just try them all and see what looks best? should i do a fashion show tonight with each outfit and then post the pics and you tell me tomorrow?
bc it's totally not like, you know, last minute or anything??????
sigh. i need help!


Anonymous said...

WHEW! Sorryabout the craptastic-ness. At least today is a new start!!

I say post pictures then we can vote. I am a visual person so I need options! Though my personal fav is the mob gal! Have fun!

Linda said...

After the week you've had I'm voting for the warmest costume!

Lump said...

so sorry to hear about your crappy week! hope the weekend is much better.

I like the mob girl. very cute!

Glamorous Life of a House Wife said...

You could totally pull of Claire. I say go for it! And I am so sorry you had such a rotten week! I would have been in tears!!

Kimberly said...

I love the humor you put into your posts.

Try this one on for size... We just had to go to South Seattle so my husband could buy that new G1 T-Mobile phone today...

We have a 70 lbs female Akita dog. She rides in the back seat.

These phones are so popular they're selling like hot cakes. The T-Mobile store we went to is in a mall. This store had the only 10 phones available for miles around.

Ok... so... we're driving along on the freeway and I said to my husband, "I think Misa [the dog] needs to go potty". He's like ok yea yea.... We get to the mall... he's in such a hurry he grabs me by the hand and practically runs into the mall with me for fear the 10 phones they have will be sold out as well. We walked into the store and they still had [you guessed it] the 10 phones.

Guess what we found when we got back to the car? Yep... the dog crapped all over the back seat and was sitting in the front passenger seat [where I am supposed to sit. Remember this is a 70 lbs dog]. I took her for a walk while my husband did his best to get the back seat organized.

Misa, our dog, had smashed one of her back legs in the crap. I tried to clean it off with paper towel.

So, here we are going down the freeway on the way back home [about 30 miles] with Misa in the back seat and the windows all the way down!!! It was not warm! I covered my head with the hood on my coat. My husband kept wrinkling his nose at the stench! He kept saying that now he has an excuse to get his car detailed... He's a freak when it comes to messes in his car... yet it's as dusty as something that's never been cleaned.

How was your day?

Lo said...

bwahahaha omg Kimberly!!!! phew. man. your day TOTALLY sucked. i. am. so. sorry. you win the 'craptastic day' award. seriously.

and those G1 phones??? dude they are SWEEEEET! but SO outta my price range. you are a very good wife!!

Kimberly said...

Lo, thanks for the craptastic award for yesterday. Looking back on the situation it's hilarious now.

About the G1 phone... I had full discount available on my number in our service plan. My husband took advantage of that. He told me that if I thought that I liked the phone that when the full discount becomes available under his number that we can get me a G1 as well. I'll think about it. I do not think I'm ready to add another $26 to our service plan for data transfer though. That would make our service plan nearly $200 a month! It's not worth it.