Wednesday, October 8, 2008

okay. i lied.

okay. one last picture. this is me. after blogging. bc i am SO DAG-GUM RELEAVED to have finished that post. phew! that was a doozy. and so, goodnight ya'll, and even tho i sound southern i am SO. not. so. sorry for frontin' and all but really? i just like the word ya'll, yo.

and just bc i'm honest (addicted to blogging) cool (obsessed) kind (deranged) and commited and all, (again. obsessed comes to mind.) here's a photo of me doing my HULK impersonation. i know. i know. i am, like, TOTALLY your worst nightmare.


Tanya said...

You are just ADORABLE!!

I'm so glad you like my soup!!!

Twenty Four At Heart said...

You are a crack up. One of my new favorite bloggy people!