Friday, October 31, 2008


yes, SUCCESS! pure, sweet, blissful, punch-your-fist-in-the-air SUCCESS!!!!!

here, folks, here.... THIS is my halloween costume. behold the beauty of my two-day hunt for best-costume-EV-AR!!!!

okay. first, we'll start at the feet. these are the boots that i bought online from, an affordable albeit somewhat iffy place to buy from- bc you never can tell what the quality is going to be since it's .. online. BUT. while these boots weren't AS amazing in person, they're still a great buy for $49.99. i mean, hello, they're OVER THE KNEE BOOTS. and they'll look gorgeous in winter, when i WANT to wear boots all the way up-to-there bc it's freezin', yo!

and in winters in Chicago, you SO don't want to spend more than $80 on boots. period. bc the salt? yeah. it's gonna getcha.

next up is the dress, that i also bought from for $33.99. i think. i think that's what it was. pretty sure. now, i originally bought it bc i wanted.. well... am STILL wanting... a sexy BUT MODEST dress for New Years Eve. bc every year, it is inevitable, i am the poor sad sop who's running from store to store trying to find a dress that isn't too expensive but is super nice. every year, i am disappointed in my outfit. not this year, my friends. not this year.

however, this dress is less... dressy... then i anticipated. but! it works PERFECTLY for a vampiress. don't you agree? (humor me, folks.) anyway, it zips up the front, isn't too short, and is form fitting but in a tasteful way. i love it. i know i'm going to wear this puppy into the ground this winter bc i love it so. (and also bc it won't be in season come February. fashion is a fickle mistress.)
next are the GLOVES that i couldn't resist. i mean, really? c'mon now. aren't they fun?? and they'll keep some parts of my arms warm (well i hope.) and they're fun and frivolous and only cost $2.99. i mean, c'mon! who wouldn't! (you? really? oh. nevermind then.)

i'm going to Walgreens after work to buy ridiculously long black nails. that spells FUN!! in my book. then i went over the top. i dove in. i did what i said i would do (SHOCKING I KNOW) and i bought....

..................THE WIG!!! yes, i bought it, i am so excited, i am SO DOING MY MAKEUP LIKE HERS, we're totally bff's now, yay! uhm. got a little excited. but yes. this is my costume!!
and it cost me.... about $30 dollars for the halloween stuff that goes in the will-probably-never-wear-again catagory. but since i'm wearing this tonight AND tomorrow i thought, money well spent. also, the dress and boots i bought ANYWAY so that's not technically an expense. so i win. I WIN!
yeah. except for that $65 or so dollars from Target... but i'm returning that. PLUS got a great flannel shirt outta that trip. all in all, i am very satisfied.
and now all i wanna do is play DRESS UP!!!!!!!!!!!!! yay Halloween!!!!!!


Lump said...

yep HOT. ;)

and I just bought some boots from gojane this week!

Lo said...

don't you just LOVE jojane??? i adore that site!

Kimberly said...

Lo... this post simply cracked me up. My poor husband probably thought I went off my rocker the way I was laughing....

I love the wig & makeup!!