Tuesday, October 21, 2008

i swear there's pictures in this post, girl scouts honor!

wow. so i suppose i really have no excuse for my total lack of interest in blogging this past week. i am SO SORRY! it isn't so much my 'lack of interest' as i so blatantly claim but more so the realization that life comes at you from all angles and sometimes? it's all you can do to hold onto the seat of your pants and try to stay on the ride. i managed to do that this week but not without sacrifice... as in, i have been totally INEPT at writing any sort of interesting post. completely. oh, trust me, i have left my fair share of comments on OTHER blogs. i've just failed to make any sort of comment on my own. and without going into too much detail... i was dealing w/a tax deadline, then dealing with insane people at work, then dealing with suddenly being sick and having THE headache to end all headaches, leaving work early friday... to be told that we HAVE to make an appearance at our friends house, bc they just finished remodeling their condo. to which i say noooooooo bc i was so tired, so sick, so pathetic and so, so terribly whiny.... but, being the trooper and good friend i am, i went. and watched my husband get just a BIT TOO TIPSY. so i drove home.. at around midnight... with a tipsy person making kind of no sense in the car with me... just to get home and realize wow, i can't sleep, bc i was so petrified of falling asleep on the drive home.

so i parked it on the sofa and read my book. until around 2am. and then went to bed and slept 12 hours and woke up to Vlad coming into the bedroom after he had spent all day at work- and i was still sleeping!! at 2 in the afternoon! goodness, i was tired. and to be honest i can't really tell you what we did then. i THINK we ended up in Schaumburg shopping. and then i KNOW we went back to our friends condo, again, for the second night in a row. to which i played... in... my... FIRST SCRABBLE GAME EVER. and totally won!!!! i am SO the scrabble king. queen. whatev. but i'm now addicted to that game.

then we went home... and Vlad drove this time, not me (bc i drove the night BEFORE and he was tipsy and i wasn't, so, i win) then we went home, watched movies until we both fell asleep.

i know. total crazy 20-somethings, right???

on Sunday we decided to be EXTRA crazy and went with his parents to the sears tower. and yes, i took pictures, and no, you will not be seeing them right now. bc i am at work. i will post more about my weekend happenings when i get a spare moment at home when my computer doesn't hate me and my cat isn't freakin' out and my husband, Vlad, isn't late/running late/needs something/is flippin' out bc something is lost... or a time when i need to make dinner.. or ... yeah. anyway. where was i?

oh yes. the photographer who did my wedding, www.jodigarland.com, is wonderful, and she's putting together my photos right now. one super AWESOME thing she does, however, is she makes a hardbound BOOK for you!! so she emailed me a few pages that she had put together. so of COURSE i am posting them here. :)
first page.... look at this photo!!! SO CUTE. i love the feet!! seriously for some reason this is one of my fav shots of weddings. i adore the bottom-half shot. and then there's Vlad and me downtown!! :)

this is by far my favorite photo that i've seen so far... the Picasso statue downtown Chicago.... the 'dip kiss' photo. I. LOVE. THIS.

this is our ceremony.... to which i have quite a funny story but i will have to post it later, when i'm in the mood to be snarky and sarcastic. lets just say.... we didn't cry thru our ceremony... we LAUGHED. the officiant? uh, uhm, er.... yeah. just wait for that one. (isn't this pretty tho? so much prettier in photos, sad to say. but, i was also just a BIT NERVOUS)

the kiss and our walk down the aisle as husband and wife! (okay i'm allowed to be cheesy!!)
so that's my post. lettin' ya'll know i'm alive and ... well, i'm doin' good NOW but this weekend? PHEW! ROUGH! this week, i have to..... clean out my fridge. that is my big goal. i know, i know, you're all totally jealous and all, but c'mon now..... you know me.... always the life of the party. seriously, tho, it needs to be cleaned, otherwise the next time i go in for some milk the damn thing's gonna sprout legs and leftover chicken and old veggies and something i do not EVEN want to know what it is..was... will come after me, night-of-the-living-dead style. and i will SO not be happy. so. gotta be cleaned.
happy tuesday everyone!!!!!
what chores do ya'll have this week?? does anyone have any hilarious, funny, weird or quirky wedding stories???


Anonymous said...

So, I stumbled upon your blog because I work for the Girl Scouts and get posts on anything that mentions "girl scouts". Oh, well ... so your post wasn't about Girl Scouting, but I loved it. I am sooooo much older than you, but felt a kindred spirit. I was sick all last week, too. And, what is it that we women never seem to rest like we should. Anyway...loved your wedding photos and you asked about funny wedding stories.

My husband and I were married in Stowe, Vermont in August (a long time ago). Beautiful, right? Only the hotel we booked failed to let us know that we booked the same weekend as the antique car show. Bumper to bumper traffic ALL weekend. Half the guests missed the ceremony because they couldn't get up Mountain Road in time. It was a happy day for us though so in the end what does it matter.

Your day looked just beautiful. Congrats!

Linda said...

the 'dip kiss' photo. I. LOVE. THIS.

Linda said...

Can't wait for "the rest of the story"

Dreams of a Country Girl said...

i love you...seriously.

xxxooo, cg

Jenn said...

Beautiful pics!