Monday, October 13, 2008

so, all of you lucky folks out there who have Columbus Day off..... how i envy thee. i am stuck at work bc i work for an accounting firm. yep, that's right, me, the girl who doesn't even OWN a checkbook bc she thinks it's a waste of paper and doesn't know what the big deal is about 'balancing' the damn thing anyway... who doesn't do her own taxes and makes her husband do them for her... who has worked here for 3 years and STILL doesn't know anything about anything in accounting.

which is okay by me, honestly. i do not WANT to know how to do all this stuff. bc it is BORING. boring i tell you! BOOOORRRRRING!

and so today, bc of October 15th on the horizon, i sit here, stressed out of my little blonde head, wrinkle lines and all and so very jealous of everyone else who gets Columbus Day off. bc Columbus deserves his own day. bc Columbus rocked, yo! Columbus rocks the socks off me. i think he's just terrific. (and he USED to be my ticket to a paid day off too. until i started working for the (devil) an accountant.)

so, instead, i am basically buried up to my neck in (quicksand) 1040s and 1120s's and 1065's and extensions and e file forms and .. and.. messenger service phone calls BEGGING THEM to come back! please come back! take these blasted returns from me so that we can get them to our clients who only gave us all the info YESTERDAY and yet they expected their returns A MONTH AGO bc what do they pay for, exactly? clairvoyance? oh, yeah, sorry, forgot to read your mind across state lines and figure out exactly how many deductions you had this year.
er, uhm... sorry. got distracted.
anyway, my work place is totally wiggin' out. and I'M totally wiggin' out bc of it, and also bc they're all eating McDonalds right next to me and dear sweet jesus it smells like ... like... okay it smells GORGEOUS and TANTALIZING and YUMMY and TUMMY- PLEASING and oh good goodness in the world, i want McDonalds for lunch. sigh.
sorry. sidetracked again. trans fat does that to me.
so this is a quick post bc i know i have SO MANY (1, if i'm lucky) readers and, you know, didn't want you guys to think i bailed. (even tho i did. but just till Wednesday. promise. girl scouts honor.) i will have pictures and updates on my weekend and silly stories and everything.
just a little something to leave you with- this should tell you how tired and exhausted i have been lately- my husband and i were watching Dante's Peak (that should be clue enough that i'm so tired i can't see straight- i actually watched this, start-to-finish swear to god i did. where's my gold star? my medal?) and when the movie ended we were both too (lazy) exhausted to turn it off. so i started 'watching' the credits. yes. you heard me. and you tell ME if these names aren't somewhat funny....
the main characters last names are "Wando." wando? really? why would you INTENTIONALLY use the last name wando?? this was made more funny by the fact that there was a character w/my name, Lauren Wando. i was very sympathetic to the little girl.
then, welcome in "James Cucci." explanation nec.?? i think not. needless to say i was crying, i was laughing so hard.
i guess life is more hilarious when you're exhausted to the point of delirium?


Pleasant Drive said...

Oh man, I can't even imagine working in an accounting office. My mine definitely does not work that way. No McDonalds? I can actually understand that!

Glamorous Life of a House Wife said...

I was pretty ticked we didn't get Columbus day off, too. I think if SOME get it off, then ALL should get it off. :)

And YES, I get to decorate a nursery - suuuuuper excited about that one! HA! I'm sure they'll be many a post by me asking for opinions!

Melissa Ellen said...

You crack me up. I love your blog! Accounting is boring - and I can't stand writing checks either!

You've got a follower :) Don't worry - I'm nice!

Twenty Four At Heart said...

I want Columbus day off too. My kids didn't even get the day off school though!

Kimberly said...

LOL... Lo this is great.

I hate McDs. I hate accounting.

And I had Columbus Day off!

Happy Thursday!

Midlife Slices said...

Columbus Day off? I took the entire week and now I'm paying for it. Ugh.....why don't they have mandatory week off for mental health month?