Sunday, November 2, 2008

good morning!!!! ....wait... it's 5pm. oops. my bad!!

so. i think i'm going to post some pictures that are kind of random, bc i feel bad not having halloween pictures. and everyone loves pictures, right?????????? ...right? hello? (taptap) this thing on?

i say, kissy face!!!! below is one of the engagement photos we took:
it was really freakin' hot that day, dude. i'm talkin' like 110. it was madness. below is my wonderful husband break dancin' in our friends kitchen. work it yo!!!

break it down! allllllllll the way downtown!!!!

this is me a bit tipsy. that is my kitchen. yes. that is MY HOUSE. i know. you're floored. it's totally all you can look at. that great big black fridge. it's sick. yeah. uhm. anyway.

this is my friend arie, in my kitchen, after he discovered the goodness of my favorite thing in the world... well... when it comes to lotions and smells.... The Body Shop Satsuma body butter. oh, lordly, it is HEAVEN. this is him after i put some on his arm. he is enthralled. enraptured. IN. LOVE. (and that's my husband. he's so cute! heh. anyway. and my kitchen. again.)

and this is my cat. Daisy. she's so cute. she likes to hug. oh. and that's totally my pale pasty hand. and my couch. and the blanket my gramma knitted me. i heart that blanket.

so right now i'm in a pretty good mood. this weekend i have, in no particular order:

gotten drunk
lost my CAMERA
bruised a rib
stubbed my toe
taken a shower
worn a wig
slept in ridiculously but deliciously late
said i love you
and meant it
had a great dream
wished on a star
(okay maybe an imaginary star)
had yummy green tea
great beer
been thankful for the wonderful things in my life
remembered that i wanted to do a 'post-a-day' for November
failed ( but am starting now bc i totally believe in second chances)
had a new dryer installed
(it doesn't work yet.)
realized my cat is awesome
not had a craptastic day all weekend, which is AMAZING
mourned the loss of my camera
(that is lost somewhere in my house so maybe it's just on sabbatical)

phew. okay. i'm a list-making-maven today. so. as i type, i am upstairs in my CLEAN YUMMY HOUSE with people downstairs. a couple is over right now, and there are more people on their way to have a bbq. at first i was sort of begrudging the idea of hosting. but now? i could care less. and before you ask, NO, i am not on my 3rd beer and that is NOT the reason for my good mood. (although i don't blame you for guessing that) i'm drinking green tea, actually it's lipton orange, passionfruit and jasmine green tea and it's fantastic. i've been a good little hostess and i've cut up cucumbers, tomatoes, put out ranch dip, chips, salsa in coordinating matching bowls, have water on to boil a ton of potatoes for mashed potatoes that i will make.... oh no.... just realized at this exact moment that i forgot the whipping cream... DAMN it....


life just doesn't play by the rules, now does it? anyway. so on Friday we went to our friends house for a halloween party. i dressed in the outfit i posted about and BOY did i ever get responses!!! i think, bc i am usually a person who wears mostly black and is pretty demur (despite my biting wit and smart-assed comments) no one expected me to wear over the knee black boots. or a wig. no one recognized me!! it was actually pretty awesome. i had fun. got a little bit too tispy.

and oh lordy my friend had hired TOPLESS BARTENDERS. complete with their pimp, who stood in the corner and yelled at us whenever we tried to take a picture. and TRUST ME i do not need pictures of topless bartenders. bc i? totally have a rack, thankyouverymuch, that i can look at, for free, any time i so choose. so no. i don't need a picture of implants. thanksomuch. moving on.

and since i MISPLACED (that seems a better word for LOST doesn't it? doesn't sting so much) my camera i bought two disposable cameras, which i'm taking to walgreens tomorrow at lunch and picking up after work so that i can post all kinds of fun pictures for you guys. and you know? they totally suck. bc you can't SEE the picture right after you take it!!!! i mean REALLY how the hell did i ever survive with cameras back in the day????

NO INSTANT VIEWING??? wha??? huh???? why!!!!??? for the love of all that is good and delicious WHHHHYYYY ooohhh the humanityyyy......................

uhm. yeah. anyway.

so who knows what they'll look like. but i PROMISE i will deliver. no worries here. after spending an arm and a leg on that old school camera i am FOR SURE going to post pictures. damn cameras are expensive!

hm. what else. so last night we didn't go out. we cleaned. yes. we're crazy like that, yo!!! but now? the house smells delicous... i bought a new candle from Jewel, it's from "Village Candle" (which i suspect is the knock-off version of Yankee Candle) but it smells so good!!!!! it's apple scented. perfect for fall. and the carpet is blindingly white (which i think it's supposed to be ALL the time... i thought it was beige all this time. i kid. i kid. not really. anyway.) and the pillows are fluffed and the kitchen is sparkly and clean. i just love a clean house. and then we watched movies. and i drank beer. Dos Equis is quite tasty!!! i definitely reccomend it, my wonderful homies you. quite delish. and... i watched...

JOURNEY TO THE CENTER OF THE EARTH. what is it about Brendan Frasier? anyone? Beuler? help? spell check? seriously. all his movies, i just ADORE. remember Blast from the Past???? hello!!! that was awesome. i just love him. and Airheads????? sigh. be still my heart. anyway, it was a good movie. a great movie! TOTALLY aimed at kids but you know what? a cute Icelandic mountain guide girl and Brendan Frasier and a funny teenager who's snarky most of the time and iffy special effects and a story line that could not POSSIBLY be true but the guarantee that everyone is going to make it out okay and everything will be right in the world? is SUCH A GREAT MOVIE. i totally am 8yr's old at heart.

er, yeah. i'm off to, you know, interact with people and everything. and not just blog. and happy halloween ,ya'll!!!!!!!!!


Anonymous said...

Can I just live vicariously through you from now on? You are such a doll!


Midlife Slices said...

I WISH I had your energy. I get tired just listening to you. LOL

Linda said...

echo midlife slices! How much green tea DO you drink a day lol! Love to read ya, mean it!