Thursday, April 30, 2009

i was tagged!! eeeep! prom pics and random craziliciousness

soooooooooo yes, i am feeling better.

no swine flu here.

not yet, anyway. lord knows i contract the most effed up virus's, EVER.

no, seriously. i once had fifth's disease. yeah. that's like, the japanese strain of chicken pox. or. measles. somethin like that. my dad brought it back, as a carrier, when he came home for leave time when he was stationed over there. thanks pops. (i know it wasn't your fault. but damn, yo, tough love.)

i was tagged for a ... uh, a tag thingie, about prom, of all things.

lordy be. prom? PROM? yer killin me here! so. i just so happened so have some pics saved in an online photobucket album from like, ages ago, and thought, hot damn, i can actually DO THIS ONE. go me. so.

i am putting a disclaimer. i know not what i do. amen. so Kels, here you go girl!!! you asked for it!

sadly, the only photo i have, ONLINE, from my junior year prom. that's me on the left. such class, such ... joie de vivre, right? RIGHT? i actually looked pretty good. this was the heaviest i've ever been. i topped out around 140 there.... i weigh about 115 now. i'm pretty much 5'7", minus three centimeters.

dude. it counts. my gyno totally measured me and EVERYTHANG. 5'7" yo! go me! ahem. enough with my stats. on with the show.

my senior year. again, the only pic i have, ONLINE. i'm sure my mother has eons and eons of photos. i still have this necklace. and the dress. it's cute. i was back to my normal weight in this photo. if you were wondering. which i'm sure you weren't. but. the summer between junior and senior year, i went to europe. germany, switzerland, austria, france and england. and. it was during mad cow disease... so, = no red meat. and i generally don't eat pork. didn't then. so what did i live off of?
the free croissants. in the hotel lobby. i would set my alarm for 6am when they were set out, in plastic crates at the hostels so i could run down, wrap em up in napkins and stuff my backpack full. then i would munch all day.
and chocolate. and beer. hey! you can drink at 16 there. i turned 17 in a pub in england. uh, hello? nothin' better.
anyway. i dropped almost twenty pounds in three weeks. thanks, croissants and chocolate. i also scored some really cool goat socks at a salt mine cave in switzerland. but that's another story. (still have the socks.)

since i'm on a roll, here's me, sophomore year, dead center, at a football game. wow, i look so young. and yeah. those are braces. (cringe.) i had literally SLID into home to take this photo- i was over on the other end of the field, doin what i do best, staring into space and wandering around kicking up dust. yeah. i'm the bright one.

this is a photo, of when i first met vlad. we were officially 'together', at his condo. his infamous condo. i could tell stories. but i won't. at least, not right now. look at my nose piercing!!! sigh. it's comin back ya'll and i will totally post when i get it re-pierced. it's a painful thing, MUCH MORE PAINFUL than my tattoos. oh, lordy, it was painful, mostly bc of the nerves in the face and it makes your eyes tear up and then they slap this gauze onto HALF OF YOUR FACE so you look like a squirrel went to town on it and you got patched up and it's uber embarrassing.
where was i again? oh yeah. so we had known each other like, three weeks here. look at how leetle he looks. heh. he would kill me if he read that.
which he won't. so. look how leeeetle he looks. :)

and this? oh, i just threw this one in there to prove that I AM THE ONE WHO ASSEMBLES ALL TENTS ON CAMPING TRIPS, NOT VLAD. don't listen to him. he couldn't build a tent to get outta a paper bag. that made no sense. i digress. i am the ONLY ONE who sets up the tents. and seriously? setting up four tents at once? yeah. totally need a cocktail after that.
also? side note? who camps in a denim mini skirt?
DEFINITELY learned my lesson the hard way on THAT one.


Anonymous said...

Girl you crack me up!! Guess what wasn't block this morning!! I have returned, and I am back in heaven. How can they block my blogger at work?? Thank god they came to their senses!!!

You are such a trip, and that's why I lurve you!

Jenn said...

LOL - I remember leaving you a previous comment about camping in a freakin' skirt, so I won't say anything again. But that young pic of you and Vlad is so cute!! I love it!

♥Jacqueline♥ said...

Those are some great pics!! Nice.

Anonymous said...

Love the pictures!!! And all the back stories. So I take it you graduated 01? Class of 2000 here. So you picks remind me of the good days, demin skirts and all!

Mom said...

Oh Lor....I have TONS of photos from your proms, I'll be happy to scan them.

Why don't you share the Miss Piggy baby picture? LOL

THE Stephanie said...

I so love your randomness. And those prom pics?? Fabulous!