Sunday, April 12, 2009

sunday funday easter

one thing about condo livin, in a thirty-something year old building, is during the winter? it is HOT. dear lordy..... our condo is pint-sized (i like it that way, less to clean haha!) and so ultimately, the only 'windows' we have would be one in the bedroom, and then the sliding glass doors in the living room. which is open as wide as humanly (doorly?) possible. i type this entry with a tomato face, a glass of wine, and cold noodles romanoff that my mom made for easter today.

yeah. uh, the only thing i regret would possibly be the twenty eleven pounds of noodles i ate today. but bygones. i have a month before anyone sees me in a bikini. shudder.

so how was everyones easter? uneventful? jam-packed? church? cook out? bbq? eight course meal? wine? kool aid? just curious. mine was spent first at my parents condo in the city, which is right on the lake and BRRRRR it is COLD by the lake. lake michigan can pack a punch even in april. so my mom cooked her butt off and we had a great meal. my grandma, two uncles, one uncles wife whom i just adore, and of course my parents. and vlad. and the cats. but one cat was missing. we're still trying to figure that out since Larry, who used to be Lola, until his (ahem) unmentionables descended when he was a kitten, is now too fat to fit into the small alcove under the cabinets in the kitchen. hm. should probably ask if she found him yet. anyway.

so we ate, stuffed ourselves, drank mimosa's, and watched deadliest catch, episode after episode. and hello, if you know not what i speak of GOOGLE IT my child, it is a great show. so super scary and crabs kinda freak me out now, except for the kind that come shell-less and laid out nicely on a platter with a lil candle underneath a small ramekin containing liquid butter. then, my friends, crab is A OKAY in my book. yep.

but the show is uber cool. huge waves. yikes. anyway.

so, .... oh yeah. so i had a great time but being so exhausted i was the first to leave- i hate when that happens! so i collected all the cool stuff my mom gave me for easter, you know, an awesome book, two pairs of obnoxious but glorious socks (i'm somewhat of a sock freak... more on that later), some salt from this salt cave she went to but upon further thought i do believe i left that there.... hm. that sucks. some jelly beans, etc, classic easter loot. and a candelabra from my wedding (they were the centerpieces, i found them stashed in their bedroom, i took. at least i told her i took.) and now it sits on a side table/side bar in the dining room. i like.

then we high-tailed it back home and went across the parking lot (glamerous lot, aren't we?) and hung out with our super good friends who happen to be neighbors (score) and their families. but. seeing as i am so exhausted, can barely keep my eyes open, fell asleep in the car, i decided a glass of wine and the couch sounded much better. plus, i'm not good company, anyway. i mean really. what am i doing? i'm basically talking to myself ABOUT myself. pfft. no fun indeed. i told vlad to stay, have some fun, socialize, and i can have some peace and quiet and personal time too. bc i need that once in a while. i'm an only child. we welcome solitude. especially if it offers wine.

so. that was my day. i woke up extra late, ate breakfast in bed and watched t.v..... an old ryan reynolds movie. who else adores him??????? he is gorgeous AND hilarious. hellllooooo, package deal. i love dane cook too. oh and stiffler. i can never remember his name but he has a new movie out, role models, ya'll should check it out. hi-larious.

i have no idea where i started with this entry. i'm still hot as hell and i'm still eating cold noodles. wow i'm classy. now i'm going to park it on the couch with a book and read until i can't read anymore and then watch a little quiet t.v. and then go to bed. i know. i'm such a partier it's quite frightening.

in other news, how the hell do you post videos on blogger????? my camera records videos and i think it'd be fun if ya'll could ask me questions and then i'd answer them, in video, so you can see that i really do exist and all. tho, don't hold it against me if your ears start to bleed and your toes fall off. who knows how annoying i am in video format!!!!!

happy Easter guys. i hope it was spent with lots of family, food, fun and love :)


Linda said...

Sounds kinda like my day. Waffles & Mimosas from breakfast at the neighbors. Too many Mimosas! Did a little crochet, watched TV, wished I had napped. Heavy apps & more drinking this afternoon at another neighbors. It's 8:30pm and I'm ready for bed and dreading Monday.
Gladyou got to see your Mom and family. Those are the best times:)

Just MeMe said...

My, my...sounds like you had an eventful Easter Sunday.

Mine? Eh, not so much.

Spanky and I went to the green market, before I took him to work this morning.

Then I dropped the fruits and veggies at home and headed to Wal-Mart. I bought a new set of drinking glasses, a new thing for our dust mop, and some cleaning supplies.

Interesting stuff....huh????

Then I came home, made myself half a sandwich and sat my rear-end on the couch and watched somethings that I had recorded. The show Dollhouse, to be exact.

Played around online a little.

It was boring online, so I watched a Lifetime movie that I had recorded. Cannot. Beat. Lifetime. For real!!

I cooked a roast beef dinner, picked up Spanky from work and we had our "Easter dinner".

I am catching up on some blogs at the moment and then it is shower time, and I am gonna watch the Rock of Love finale.<----See told you I was a reality tv junkie.

Then I guess it will be off to bed. Maybe. Possibly. Unless something else catches my attention.

Uneventful Easter. I guess sometimes uneventful is a good thing.

Happy Easter!!!

Amber said...

You are just too cute for words! And if you could post videos of yourself? I would be tickled PINK! Unfortunately, I have no idea how to do it so I'm no help. Please let me know when you figure it out b/c I've been wondering the same thing myself. I TOTALLY understand the needing time to yourself thing and being a coach's wife lets me have that. It's one perk, at least. Also, I am totally passing your compliment along to my mom and it will absolutely 100% make her day! So thanks for that:-)

Jenn said...

Happy Easter to you as well!

Just wanted to tell you....about my pets....if you go onto my page, down on the right side where all the labels are, our pets are Brittany, Cami, and Joey and they each have labels you can click and see them. ;)

mollie said...

One true media is very easy to use with blogger. I am computer ding-dong and could do it easy-no problems....

I LOVE LOVE me some Deadliest catch. I had an unmentionable dream about one of the captains. I KNOW!!! They are all smelly and smoking and cursing and mean...I guess that tells you someting about me...

A. said...

I love Deadliest Catch..I spent my Easter on the couch watching it, but I was so sick, I could barely move!! But yeah, that show is amazing!

Quiet TV time sounds magnificent right about now!

Smart Mouth Broad said...

Sounds like you had a great day. Happy belated Easter, Lo!

Mama Dawg said...

Sounds like such a nice weekend. Ours was jam packed.