Wednesday, April 22, 2009

on why men cannot be trusted to buy the sacred toilet paper.


i mean. really.

and yes. it was a big ol' package of like a kajillion of them.

and yes. they're all individually wrapped.

i told him to take that to his auto body shop, bc really? the fact that i had to WIPE with this? this morning? and had to use half the roll bc it is not fifteen eleven ply?

disclaimer: if you happen to adore scott, more power to ya. my tush? likes charmin. nothing. else.
but really, need i even have SAID anything? i could have just put the picture and the title up, and it would explain everything.

the paper towels that he bought? yeah.

this is like, the creme de la creme of paper towels. for me personally. there is the leetle tiny ones, the medium if you take two, and the regular if you take three.

and the soakage-upage? ohmahgah, the best ever.

but for my, uhm, unmentionables? i guess i score scott. for my granite countertops? only the best.

good to know where i stand.

i am buying charmin after work. amen.


Queen of the Misfits said...

Love the paper towels, but a big ole O HELL NO for the T.P. Wtf is wrong with him???

Linda said...

I swear sometimes they are just clueless! HELLO! we ALWAYS buy Charmin! Why would you buy anything else? If you can't remember the name at least remember what color the package is. Is there a bear on it? flowers? come on it's not difficult!
um, sorry. thanks for listening:)

THE Stephanie said...

Hilarious!!! My hubby did the SAME thing last time he bought TP. Seriously. What are they thinking???

A. said...

Oh dear, he just didn't get it did he? CHARMIN ALL THE WAY!
Derek is the opposite..only the best for our tushes! He buys Charmin PLUS the flushable wipes!

♥Jacqueline♥ said...

When you're going with quantity over quality, then Scott is the way to go. And considering you guys are just the two, well, Charmin should definitely do!! LOL ;o)

wendie said...

I'm a Charmin girl, too. The super plushy Charmin. What is it called? Charmin Plush, Charmin Ultra? Either way, I like my Charmin.

Mom said...

Yeah, they're clueless.

Now your father wouldn't think to bring that crap home....only Charmin (extra soft) AND the wipes.

My job is done.

Twenty Four At Heart said...

My ass sees nothing but Charmin. Except in St. Lucia they had nothing but sandpaper. I'm a bounty girl myself for paper towels .... Hate me now? ; )