Wednesday, April 1, 2009

lies, lies, i tell you

yeah, i apologize, i hang my head in shame, for i have lied.

i did not post pictures. nor, did i even go to best buy to get the thingymajig that would let me be ABLE to put pictures here.

i did not post my home floor plan. forgive. forgive.

you see, much bigger things have taken over for me.

as in.......... GROWTH things. as in.................................................

i'm pregnant.

APRIL FOOLS, SUCKAS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

bwahahahahahahahahaha. if that even worked on you, which i'm sure it didn't. but. soooo funny for me. :)

anyway, seriously tho, things are always hectic at the beginning of a week and shame on me for making empty promises on a saturday. work sort of bombs on me and then starts to slowly let me recover about thursday and then bombs on saturday and then sunday is like a gift.

then i get bombed all over again. vicious cycle.

i can now officially say that my huge wonderful trip to disney with my mom is next month. YESSSSSSSS!!!!!

my homegirl did my hair on sunday and i swear, new hair just lifts my spirits. i feel alive again. tons of highlights and she trimmed five inches off. and it's still well below my shoulders. i think it was overdue for a cut, don't you? it looks fab, i love it, hug it and kiss it and i feel so much better already.

now i need a tan. hm. i should do that tonight. anyways,

tonight my mom and i are switching cars, hers needs to be worked on, so she's going to drive mine (which is really hers, long story) and i'll drive hers home. then tomorrow morning vlad takes her car and i take his car and then Thursday he brings her car home and then i drive her car Friday morning and after work we do the switcheroo again.

we play musical cars. i can't help it. but, i do find it fun. who doesn't like driving a new car every day??????!!!???

we're also going to go to dinner. i think i may just want to go to p.f. changs bc i just ADORE IT OH MAH GAWD. kung pao, you are the lover of my soul amen.

what else. hm. nothing else is goin' on. i may or may not tan on my way home after dinner with moms and then after that vlad and i have a movie night in bed. i rented seven pounds, and slumdog millionaire and some cheesy action movie called columbus day. i like the cheese. it's necessary sometimes. like the movie the core. lord, how i love that movie.

in about twenty i'm popping out (ahem, RUNNING FOR MY LIFE before they give me more work to do) and picking up the three movies i rented from redbox then swingin' over to subway. today calls for a club, yo, with all the trimmings.

cheese. lettuce. tomatoes. EXTRA pickles. mayo. mustard. oil and vinegar. spices. hot peppers.

but no onions. phew. no onions.

i'm so hungry. and yet i ate a southwestern salad from mcd's for breakfast around 9am. i know. i know. i eat 'real food' for breakfast. and breakfast food for dinner. i'm ass backwards that way.

and that's the end. i have nothin' clever. except. i lied. i lied. forgive. forgive. k thanks :)


THE Stephanie said...

That was horrible!!! But now I'm going to start praying that you'll get pregnant!! So there!


Linda said...

Ya got me too. I was speechless for a sec there!
Be carefull with the tanning, you don't want to pull a 24@heart:)

Amber said...

All is forgiven. Even that April Fool's joke which I BELIEVED, even though you're the THIRD person to pull that exact one on me today. I also believed the first two. Did I mention I'm a little gullible? Are we gonna get to see pics of the new hair? I, too, love new hair.

Mom said...

You got me good, you little snot!!! I couldn't believe you would tell the world before me!!!

Maybe I should make you pay for dinner.

Marchelle said...

alright... let me start at the top:

1. you know i NEED to see pics and floor plans.

2. it's almost the end of the day and i've heard this one numerous times, but yet, ya got me. ;P

3. i come alive after gettin my hair did. and tanning = we've discussed this. <3

4. PF changs... lettuce wraps... OMG. OH. EM. GEE.

5. i am lovin me a subway club. but i need onions yo.

6. mcd's southwest salad? the food of the GODS and i could eat it every. single. day. amen.