Thursday, April 2, 2009

say goodbye to snarky ass girl. at least, for today. or. this hour.

i woke up, annoyed, irritated, shushing Vlad's alarm clock bc honestly... it does not need to fog horn me outta sleep... coverin my head with my pillow and altogether cursing time and the fact that i may or may not have fallen asleep a tad late last night watching Seven Pounds and now i'll have to watch it AGAIN tonight bc in my half-asleep state i totally didn't understand it. Will Smith, tho, totally rocks my socks, he's soooo amazing. but dude likes him some tubs. he sleeps in the tub in this film and he slept in the tub in that weird sci fi vamp-like movie too. with the dog. bygones.

where was i? oh yeah. things that bring me joy. cuz ya know, i'm sick n tired of always harping on the bad crap in my life. it's there. yeah. i get it. DUDE. i get it. i'm just, eh, call it Thursdayitis, but... i just need some perking, some fluffing, some padding over here.

and i'm not going to get deep. this is purely, shallow, light-hearted BRING IT ON, joy, sorta talk.

chocolate cake.
makin' a GREAT dinner, randomly, without a recipe, for Vlad and he loves it so much he asks me to make it again and even tho it makes me break out in hives bc i cannot-for-the-life-of-me remember how i made it, i still grin and think, HA bitches, i CAN cook!
a great movie, my couch, and a glass of wine. recipe of divinity.
walking on the beach barefoot in sarasota. no better feeling.
a great hair day.
finding a great black sweater on sale. even tho i have fifty kajillion already.
having my nails painted.
sunday morning mexican omelet, with cholula.
havin a clean house.
driving vlad's car on the highway. it is fast, yo.
spending a night surrounded by friends and feeling like you BELONG.
cherry blossom trees in bloom. shut up if that's nto what they're officially called. i like em.
BOATING. (with a drink in hand.)
computer games. shut up. i love me some nancy drew.
buying something, anything on sale.
rare steak. mmmmmmm.
hotels. i adore, just adore, hotels.
swimming, tanning, boating. did i say boating? well. boating.

what else? i'm racking my brain now, so i think i'll stop. it's a lil intense for 8.57am. but these small things bring me joy. when Vlad comes home with a jumbo king-size kit kat, it brings me joy. when i get mailed those packs of the savings things? like, the 'jumbo huge savings deals of your life' envelope? even tho i never use ANY of them? yeah. i LOVE going thru them all. and floor plans. i love looking at floor plans, oh, and also going to see model homes. and model rv's. i know. i'm weird.

little things bring me joy. i just need to keep my head in the game and focus on what makes me happy, instead of what vile insipid crap that goes on at my work that taints my mood when i'm home. i hate that. i know a ton of you are like 'ya ya, your job isn't bad, you make decent money and at least you have healthcare and HAVE a job' and i know that. i know. i know i know i know. but good god, people, ........ i can't seem to explain it except that it. is. toxic. i swear if i stayed here another year i'd be suicidal. it's just THAT BAD. so.

it brings me joy to know i'll never have to step foot in here again after may 8th.

ya know what? that makes me flippin ECSTATIC. like, ice cream for breakfast, ecstatic.

what brings you joy? what pulls you through the day? what makes you get outta bed in the morning when all you want to do is sleep for forty hundred years and then walk around in your pajamas for another ten and hide in the couch with your cat and who cares if the spoons covered in ice cream leave rings on the coffee table? you never liked it in the first place. what makes you tackle your day?

what helps you to stay human, and not turn into a frothing-at-the-mouth wildabeast who beats down anyone who comes near you? (don't lie. you've totally felt that way. no shame, friend, no shame.)


Linda said...

Here's a little something to brighten every single day you have to be in that hell hole...

Oh and that boating w/a drink thing? I can so help you out with that:) You know how to reach me!

Anonymous said...

Work joy: my shaped and coloful post it notes and my fave work pen. That sucker is locked down like Ft Knox, its my special pen!!!

On any given day:

Tropical skittles make me all warm and fuzzy. White chocolate mochas. The way Barnes & Nobles smells. My new "hotel" know what I am talking about!!! They are awesome.

And I play computer games too: hello jewel quest soletaire!!!

Mom said...

Disney with you.
Rain when I'm inside all snug and warm
The first winter snow before it turns to black slush.
Italian Beefs
A great book that is so good I read it really slow so it doesn't end.

Twenty Four At Heart said...

Your mom likes Italian beef? (hee hee!)

Oh Lo -- you know I've struggled w/finding the HAPPY with all I've been thru since my accident. I've had to change my entire life perspective and literally take things one day (sometimes on hour) at a time. Otherwise I would be so discouraged and depressed and overwhelmed. I guess, in a way it's DENIAL, but it works at least most of the time.

Having one chocolate kiss every day after lunch and letting it just slowly melt in my mouth brings me joy. My kids bring me so, so, much joy. The mountains, the beach. And yes, my blog. Little things ...

Ash said...

This is a GOOD post!
-When my kids use their good manners. It like makes me feel "Hey, I am raising some GOOD kids!"
-When my son says "I just love you.." with a big smile on his face
-Falling asleep on Derek's chest
-new shoes. Seriously, new shoes make me feel like I can take on the world
-Getting my hair done.
-Wednesdays with my mom & gma
-When my friends show up because they need me. I'm not happy they're sad, but I'm happy they trust to come to me. Gives me warm fuzzies.
-My nephew Parker. He is PRECIOUS.

And wine, medium rare steak and my couch too. Let's have a wine/couch/steak party.

super tweak said...

I'm so glad you won't be in that hell hole after May 8th. Some things just drain the spirit right out of us. I know how it goes, as you know. I'm doing better with my work situation but it still stinks. I'm trying to pretend like its all okay and ignore it as much as possible (which is so not me - I usually harp and fix - but the economy is whack and I'm nervous cause husband gets out of the NAVY this year and I don't want to make waves by changing jobs right before he gets out..)

What gets me through:
Blogging, Sunshine, Dude, Daddy, my sisters & friends, cute babies (on photography blogs), my dog Buddy, my super soft blanket, my super soft matching pillow, laying on the couch, General Hospital, and Prozac :)