Friday, April 24, 2009

so i went to the beach today.

and, let me say, die-hard midwesterners, the beach is not THE BEACH without the waves.

tho i had a few that were reminiscent of.... a lagoon.

i'll take what i can.

however, the sky was clouded and high schoolers were footballin it up (much to my annoyment) and the wind was blowing in the trees and it was..


we left not fifteen minutes in. high schoolers? yeah. i was one once. but HELLO, they ruin the beach. TOE-TOE-ALLY. and i know i just acted like one typing that. forgive, forgive, it rubs off.

but still.

imagine a friday night, nothin to do, just walk on the beach, play football, tackle each other, play flirt, have a great night. i guess i'll never have that again.

hello, folks, i've evolved from teenager, wandering twenty-something, to a woman WOMAN (yikes! not girl!) who knows what she wants.

or, perhaps, could guess? can i play guess? and scrabble? and ... and... life?

LIFE. so i guess i'm playin at LIFE. the big four letter word no one ever wants to face. we go, day to day, in our own lil lives, and never really think what am i DOING here???


i have no flippin idea. no fuckin idea? maybe. let's go there. i have no fucking idea what i'm doing but it feels right, and , in this life where i'm a virgin, not in REAL LIFE c'mon now, ya'll i'm MARRIED, but really? i feel so fresh. so young. and old. how juxtapose.

where am i goin with this?

i went to the beach, and i saw the sky. it was gorgeous, storm impending, and... and...

all i cared about was the fact that i heard the lap of the waves. small as they were. enough for me.

small things, ...

small things encompass larger, and altogether, create larger.

i totally just typed larder at first. wtf? who does that? larder? isn't that cow related?

who else is laughing? anyone? bueller?

life, is, hilarious, frustrating, sad, invigorating, moving, slow-moving, orvill canister moving,

hey, we all need a good vacuum- (shouldn't be watchin' t.v. and bloggin)

my point? i don't have one.

although? bein outside and calm? has totally made my life more manageable. go outside. feel nature.

and now, i'm goin to have a glass of wine. cuz it's freakishly 85 here in illinois, and my air is running, but it's friday, and hello?


a glass of wine? fair trade.

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Marchelle said...

you are wise beyond your years young grasshopper.

sooooooooooooo....where are the pics of the beach woman!?!?