Friday, April 17, 2009

on the road again...............

oooooohhhhhh my goodness, what a SLACKER I AM!!!!!!!!!

there are so many things that i want to write about. hair, nails, a new seasoning sauce that was totally mailed to me, FREE, just so that i could try it and review it on here- quitting my job, the new clothes i scored, why i love starbucks even tho it's evil bc it's a chain and has no face, my love of vitamin water, i could go on and on and on and on.................................

and, instead, o yeah, and also my hatred of my camera phone and my phone in general and how i need to get my ass to a best buy (lunch today? probably will hit it up) to buy a thangy that will let me be able to use my chippy thing in my camera so that i can put it directly into le laptop (yeah it's male. his name is billy bob. deal with it.) so that i can upload PICTURES of la adobe and show ya'll what i've done with this shack and.. and..

where was i?

oh yeah, i have no idea where this post is going only that i meant to get SOMETHIN up here. oh yeah, and a skinny hazelnut latte from starbucks? pure frickin genius, yo.

so the next few months, summer really, will be spent trying to reaquant myself with ME. Lauren. Lo. who i am. who i want to be. who this hunka body is supposed to be. get healthy. get energized. be EXCITED for life, and not just SURVIVING.

i can't tell you enough about how craptastic my job is. basically, not to bore ya'll, but i just work a mundane job. over and over the drama is high and ridiculous, the stories i could tell... basically, one psycho, crazy, cracked out bitch i work with makes life hell for everyone. and i'm done. i wash my hands after over three years of back breaking work, with no recognition... not even one, hey, yo, good job. oh, this is the same woman who i invited to my wedding (had to) and she actually never once said hello. nor did she congratulate. nor did she look in my direction. bitch drank my liquor and ate my damn steak but never once said hello or thank you or hey go eff yourself or congrats. rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.

anyway. enough. i wash my hands. did i say that already? i think i've developed raw hand syndrome from all the washin i've been doing lately.

so. what else is there to write about? what else is there to me beyond this crappy existence i've sustained for three years? what is there after i shuck the crap off of myself and declare myself nekked and free? happy? carefree? scared shitless?

there's love,
a need to help others,
a fear greater than life itself that i will screw it all up,
a need to just jump in headfirst even if it's a cement bottom pond,
sleeping late is great,
and i can do it again,
i don't understand my 401k and yo thanks mom for helping me 'roll it over' into an IRA,
what does that MEAN in real people talk,
i love shoes,
i'd really like to be a hot shot lawyer or somethin but i don't think i could deal with the headaches,
i think i'd love to love quiche but i've never tried it and i'm scared,
made kick ass pasta last night and no idea how i did it,
want to take cooking classes,
yoga? anyone?
or maybe pilates, tai chi,
holistic healing courses,
i really do love yoga pants tho,
i hate pleated dress pants,
i really really do, they're so totally 80's,
if i don't have a bottle of water i know not what to do with myself,
i really love tinker bell but i love tigger just as much, but really, i love dumbo,
i need to start working out but again? maybe yoga or pilates will work instead of hardcore strength training,
i really don't want to give up pizza, so i won't,
i think i kind of suck at grilling but so does vlad, so it's okay,
i hate purple,
i really want coach sneakers and yet refuse to shell out the cash for them,
i want to do more stuff outside but have no idea where to go,
i want to hit up the beach tonight, just walk and relax on a blanket but vlad is iffy,
i'll stuff him in the trunk if he refuses to go,
don't tell the police that,

where am i going with this? oh lordy this is what happens when you inject starbucks at 8.30am. and your name is lauren. and you have blonde hair. and chipped toenail polish. that's right. i'm honest. i'll tell ya. i also haven't shaved my armpits in a week. eep. i think i should get on that. i also need to cut my hair. must. make. appointment.

eeeeeep must shave before obgyn tomorrow!!! ack!

okay, tmi. where was i going? where am i going? good question. where am i going?


Linda said...

Great list. In my experience, you're gonna screw it up. Accept that now so when it happens it's not a total surprise and you can move past it faster. Believe me I know what I'm talking about. I'm a card carring menber of the "How to screw up" club. Got a t-shirt and everything.

Amber said...

You make me smile :-) And I like your list too. I can't wait till you can quit that stinky job and get excited about life again! It's going to be such an adventure.

Also, I'm going to F21 at lunch in oh, about five minutes thanks to your lovely suggestion. I never pass up an excuse to go and I love anyone who provides the excuse. So, I guess what I'm trying to say is, I love you!

Have a great Friday!

A. said...

Summer is a great time to do all that! At least, *I* think so!

And you invited this woman to your wedding and she IGNORED you, the BRIDE..aka STAR OF THE FRICKIN SHOW? wow, what a bitch!!