Tuesday, April 28, 2009


was sick yesterday.

am crawling and barely functioning today, but am at work.

have only nine days left of work. yahoo.

am leaving for disney in 19. YAHOO

still, feeling like i'm barely sitting here... wish i were in bed. today will be brutal.

have no internet at home. tragedy.

will update when both computer and body are in working order.

forgive. forgive.


Amber said...

Sorry you're under the weather :-( Drink lots of liquids. I don't know, that's what my mom always says, no matter what it is I'm sick with. Feel better soon!

Linda said...

Oh Mei Mei! Feel better really soon!
And yes, you totally count as 3 people:)

Twenty Four At Heart said...

Hope you feel better soon!

Amber said...

Um, just thought you should know I'm eating tacos with Cholula on them, thanks to you! And they're mmmmmm yummy!

Feeling any better today?

kels said...

i tagged you for a game! :)