Tuesday, April 21, 2009

okay, all right, i get it man, i am totally ignoring my duties!!

okay, so as JustMeMe has pointed out, i am bein a slacker lately. i don't mean to. i mean, i have so many things to post about it's makin me all hazy and then i get scared and hide under the covers and watch house wives of new york. i know. how dare i, right? and not invite ya'll?

so, she tagged me, and since she's been raggin' on me to you know PAY ATTENTION to the world, i'm going to do something she tagged me on. (cuz it may be an easy one.) (i never said that.) (i will take that to my grave.) (fo reals.)

8 Things!!!!!!!

Eight things i am looking forward to:

two. the polynesian at disneyworld
three. meeting baby olivia. yeah, i think my priorites are skewed.... hm.
four. visiting D.C.- always have wanted to go!

-kinda unrelated? i've totally touched the liberty bell. how awesome is THAT? yeah... so i snuck undera red velvet rope. but i touched it. now it's all sealed off. maybe bc of people like me? naaaahhhh. (i was six, yo, gimme a break.)

five. getting mah hair cut!!!
six. not having to come to this work place again after may 8th. yay!!!
seven. seeing vlad tonight, bc he's hitting up sams club and that means toilet paper. we are a sad people when we get busy.
eight. the warm weather heading our way... tho i doubt it'll hit 82 like they said. pfft. but i'll take 70!!

eight things I Did Yesterday:

one. came to work.
two. went to my friends bday party across the parking lot (tres chic i am) for some chicken and pitas.
three. played with my friends neices, who are totally awesome, and their mom deamed me 'old enough to babysit' finally. the girls have been asking FOREVER for me to babysit them and i think she thought that i didn't want to... so i cleared that up pronto.
four. went to bed early, bc i thought house wives of ny was last night but it WASN'T. it's tonight.
five. finished a good book and now i'm totally craving another.
six. went grocery shopping... and i'm going again tonight. sigh.
seven. drank a beer. go me!
eight. geez man eight is rough!!!! okay... er, ate mini pancakes for breakfast. they kinda sucked.

Things I Wish I Could Do:

one. be more outgoing, for sure.
two. run a mile without dying.
three. sing, i've always wanted to sing, but alas, i suck.
four. travel the world for two years... sigh.
five. actually have the cajones to travel the world for two years.
six. be really good at math. i SUCK at math, and it's plagued me my entire life.
seven. still do the splits. without crying.
eight. run a kickass company and be totally one of those wall street career women. (yeah. ain't gonna happen.)

8 Shows I Watch:

-house wives of orange county, ny, nj
-still standing
-will and grace
-prison break
-anything hgtv
-jon and kate plus 8 (guilty addiction. vlad despises this show.)
-george lopez (LOVE!)

okay, and i'm supposed to tag eight people, but, peeps, i'm tired, i only have 10 minutes left before i get to go home (the store first. joy.) and ... doin the link love thang totally rags on this computer. it takes FOREVER and it inputs crazy html that i never ever put in amen. so.

please forgive. and besides. i want EVERYONE to try this out. it's actually pretty tough to figure out eight things without gettin really desperate. and i did. i'll admit it. just sayin.

so, there!


Just MeMe said...

Yay!!! I am so happy that you were able to do this....and on the same day that I tagged you.

Go girl!!

Ahem, now, what about the other one??? Hmmmm. U no likey that one?? lol

I am glad you at least did this one. I will take it. and. be grateful.

For now, yo.


Smart Mouth Broad said...

I love your rerun choices.

wendie said...

I watch Prison Break, The Tudors, and Jon and Kate Plus Eight.

So sad that Prison Break is almost over. Michael is soooooo hot!

The Tudors is friggin awesome. How are you with your history? Mine sucks, so I am always going to Wikipedia to know what I can expect next on the show.

And good ol' Jon and Kate. They remind me soooo much of me and my husband, minus the eight kids.