Saturday, April 11, 2009

i've been a slacker, yeah, i get it, i really super do

so i've totally slacked off on my duties as a bloggess. i apologize. i lament. i pray that ya'll forgive me. i say, to the heavens, i know not what i do and yet, alas, i do, and.... i'm sorry. apologies abound over here. it's just, well, i work in the accounting field and lord knows it's hectic right now.

oh, you ask, how hectic?

hectic enough that you're sittin at work, BLOGGING, on a saturday morning, with no work to do??? how could it be??? how so??? is it even POSSIBLE?

yeah. so. my work is basically one soap opera episode over and over and over again. it's ridiculous, full of drama, etc, all bc of one person. so. i sit here, have sat here, since 8am, and logged out returns and basically numbed my mind with a Stouffers pita chicken broccoli flatbread thang and cups and cups of green tea bc the coffee here? yeah. acid. i really have not that much work to do but it's astounding how drama can make you feel SO. DAMN. TIRED.

so. i thought i would update, and say, hey, i know i suck, but, i'm tryin over here, and i'm outta this gig once May hits, but for right now? until wednesday? yeah. it sucks. i have heartburn. where are my tums? things are stressful. i'm irritated as all getout and more often than not (daily) i come home, shed my clothes, don the sweats, and go, damn yo where's my wine? and have a glass. all the while trying to unwind the crap that goes on in my day from my brain.

my real life has been put on hold for a bit, bc of the drama i endure for nine hours a day.

i do not mean to unload here, it's just, well, i'm sure y'all have had a job that just. plain. sucks. and you've wanted to leave but for whatever reason couldn't. and right now, i can't bail in the last tail of tax season, so i'm here, and i'm so tired i swear to you, in another thirty seconds you might just find me curled in the fetal position in the file room next to the 1120's. just sayin'.

so tonight i convinced Vlad to go to Big Bowl with me, and if you've yet to visit one, dear lord in heaven and white lambs and fluffy clouds, you MUST GO NOW DROP EVERYTHING bc it is pure heaven. their lemonade is bomb ass too. i get the pad thai. i think tonight i might just get frisky and order the stir fry. then we're going to see the new fast n furious and in all honesty i've got no clue which sequal this one is, i think four, all i know is i get to watch fast cars and paul walker, amen.

then home. home, home, home, to my bed, to mindless t.v. like property virgins and house hunters on hgtv and then sleep and then sleepin in, THANK GOD, and then easter dinner but really lunch at 2pm at my parents house and then blissful couch time. sounds like a deal to me.

so where was i? oh. yeah. i'm a slacker. i've got like, a tag thang i need to do, want to do, must do ohmygoodnessmustdo and then ....... pictures, i think, of my house ,plus a floorplan and damn, i've totally been slackin. apologies, but taxes? suck.

yeah. that's right. there is only one word for tax season.



Just MeMe said...

We've missed you.

We understand.

We are pulling for you.

We cannot wait until tax season is over for you.

We will wait.

We will be expecting more posts in May.


Because we all ♥ you girl!!!

Linda said...

Exactly what Just MeMe said! We know what you're going through. Hang in there, don't strangle anyone, the light at the end of the tunnel grows near! And then it's DISNEY!!!