Saturday, April 11, 2009


...watching a league of their own on oxygen right now, and lordy be, i forgot how much i love this movie. I. LOVE. THIS. MOVIE. good cake in heaven i love this movie. madonna? yeah. i saw evita. and i still think she's a good actress. even tho, lately, her face lift scares me.

but i'm crying. good god, it is SAD. the part where the telegram comes????? eep. this movie is so full of integrity i just.. i love it.

"i thought you were a ball player"

"you thought wrong. it's just a game."

phew! and the part that really broke me down? when her husband comes back from the war while she's sobbing alone in her room thinking he's dead or god knows and he walks in and they embrace and she says,

"can we just hold each other for the rest of our lives?"

and her husband goes,

"that's my plan."

also? when she's leaving the league and jimmy says, "why are you leaving?"

and Dottie says, "it just got too hard."

and he says something about how that's the point. the heart is in what's hard. or. something. i'm paraphrasing bc i don't remember exactly.

also? i am being drugged by the scent of cake in my house. i found cake-in-the-box on sale for a dollar (one dollar!!!!) and then a coupon for .50 cents off frosting and cut to me two hours later, and i have classic yellow cake cooling on the counter in a classic 13x9 metal pan. oh, the scent and the sight of it bring me right back to childhood.

i don't care what people say. box cake? is like blood in my veins. i miss it when it's gone.

er, somethin like that. yum. c'mon over and we'll watch afternoon movies on t.v. and eat cake :)


Domestikdeva said...

I can give you an easy and good recipe for butter cream frosting if you want it.

Linda said...

Wished I could have watched afternoon movies and ate cake. Had to mow the lawn. Yup, my job lawn mowing and I like it! Cake sounds good about now. Maybe dinner first? Have a great Easter Lo!

Sweetbabs said...

I love that movie!!!

"There's no crying in baseball!!"

I love the ending credit Madonna song! Makes me cry ever time...

Mom said...

Funny, I was just thinking about that movie the other day at work. Awesome movie!

A. said...

Box cake is THE cake to bake and eat. I love a good ol' funfetti cake or cupcake. I hit up Big Lots for cake mix because it is always $1.

A League of Their Own is SUCH a great movie, I love "There's no crying in baseball!"

Amber said...

LOVE that movie but apparently I need to watch it again b/c I'm having trouble remembering the parts you're talking about. Obviously I need to see it again pronto. And about your last post, I've been a blog slacker lately too, so no worries.

Anne said...

Hey thanks for the comment on my blog. You are a hilarious writer (supposed to be a compliment, I promise)! I think I found a new fav!

Mama Dawg said...

I LOVE that movie!