Sunday, April 19, 2009

so,,,, like i was sayin'..........

today is Easter.

for Orthodox Christians.

aka, my russian familia, and i spent the day with blessed candles from the church being lit and lots of cavier wrapped up in blinchiki (basically, a pancake, but it's REALLY thin. you make it by mixing flour and milk and egg and water and it basically just turns into a soft, kinda slick, really flat pancake.), lots of russian raisin cake, and lots,




of russian. it was quite funny. amusing. bc in case you don't know, i. do. not. speak. russian.

no. that's right. you heard it. read it? i do not speak russian. even tho his family (my family?) is now convinced that i should be able to after over four years.... bc they knew this woman who worked with so-and-so's cousin who married a russian and was fluent in three years.

good for her.

so. one funny thing that happened, was when we were all seated, toasting glasses of really juicy wine that had BARELY any alcohol (trust me, i know) and snifters of coignac and vodka and non alcoholic beer (i know, weird), vlad's sister, my sister-in-law, a gal i just love completely, who is also preggo, YAY, her husband was looking all bewildered at the table.

cuz we were speakin english. to, you know, let me in on the joke. see it goes like this: they'll talk up a storm in russian, each person who's speaking over the other getting louder and LOUDER and LOUDER until only one person is talking and then everyone is talking and then laughing and slapping their thigh and shakin their heads and i'm all,

yo? seriously? wassup? cuz i am clueless man. help a girl out.

so then they'll switch to english and tell the whole thing over again.......... and laugh all over again. truly a fun time. so.

instead, this time, they were stuck in english mode bc i was INVOLVED in this conversation and stacy, my sister-in-law-who's-preggo-and-awesome, her husband, who just came from russia like, kid you not, two months ago, is all,

dude, yo, wassup? i do not get it.

so we all laughed. why? bc DUH, hello, we were mirror images of each other. and duh, the two worst people to stick on a stranded island? me and sasha. seriously. (btw, sasha is alex in english. so no. he's not a cross dresser, he's just euro.) and the whole time i'm telling my witty jokes about how the two of us stuck in a room together would be DIZZZASTER and imagine us on an island, 'dude, you want a coconut? what ARE YOU SAYIN?????' he's sitting there, totally clueless.

and we're sitting next to each other.

and i have to say, not sure where i was going when i decided to do this post, but seriously? HIGHlarious. so funny. we're looking at each other, potatoes in the mouth, duck on the fork, blinchikis on the plate, cavier taunting me two inches away, a dead fish eyein me, and i mean EYEING me as in his eyes are IN THERE STILL (they eat them. for good luck. gotta love them russians.) and we're just laughing so hard we're red in the face and you know what?

i may not speak russian, but i DO speak human. and we connected. and isn't that amazing? that two people, from two different parts of the world, can sit at one table, look each other in the eye, and laugh about the same thing without even TALKING to each other? quite a feat, really. fantastic, and truly, made my heart fly right outta my chest. so. cool.

so. i actually, in reality, had a great day. i think it's because

i gave my notice at work on friday. that means, NO MORE WORKING FOR SATAN ANYMORE.

so, that means, when i go to work tomorrow? i don't really care what goes on. i mean, i care about the clients, and the way the work gets done, and i want to do a good job because i am PROUD of what i do and how i do it, but really?

all that drama?

yo, take it to yo mama, i don't want it no mo'. i'm done. finite. and honestly, it is a. great. feeling. to know that i'm embarking (did i spell that right? i'm too lazy for spellcheck. and yet i typed this out. shoot. bygones.) on a new journey in life, a new LIFE so to speak, where i am going to focus on helping MYSELF so that i can HELP OTHERS. and it is a GREAT FEELING.

i'm a caps person, lately, i've discovered. but really? in real life? i pinky promise i don't yell. and yo, i'm still workin on the camera bein' fizzed up and the video being slow bc really, i AM still working, and things are just kinda on the back burner until i get some free time.

after may 8th? watch out ya'll i might just get a lil fiesty and crazy up in this house.

so. right now, i'm just enjoying a night, enjoying the rain, enjoying the calm of my house, enjoying the idea of shedding that horrid, horrid job. i am free. i am free, and i will always be free, and in the words of tori amos,

take to the sky, bitches.

(okay. i added the bitches part. forgive. forgive.)


Jenn said...

You gave your notice?!?! ROCK ON! I'm so happy for you!

Bubble party at my house. Yesssss!

Just MeMe said...

I ♥ you girl!!!

You rock!! Good for you for giving your notice. For wanting to work on yourself, so that you can help others.


You are awesome.

The story about the dinner, fabulous. I am always amazed when two people can "communicate" and bond, when neither knows the others language.


Amber said...

Girl, I've done the shred thing TWICE and I'm SORE! So either she's a genius and it's a great workout or I'm just ridiculously out of shape. Or both.

That is so cool about your moment with his family (your family?). I'm sure it's a challenge to connect with them with the language barrier but that just makes it that much more special when you do connect!

And WOOOOHOOOO for you!!! I'm so excited you gave your notice at work! Like, really excited.

I'll miss your cute crazy self and your posts the next few days but it'll give me something to look forward to when I get back. For now, I'm peacin' out!

Linda said...

I know the weight that has been lifted from you shoulders. Been there, had that job (but my boss DIED! Ding dong the witch is dead) got the t-shirt. Congrats on your freedom!

A. said...

Woo! Congrats on giving your notice!

midlife slices said...

Entertaining, as usual but what I really came to say won my contest. Not with your guess but you won the random drawing so send me your address and I'll stalk you....uhm...I mean, I'll send you a nice little surprise. :)

Just MeMe said...

Look lady, I am tagging you {again}. Hopefully, once you leave the hell~a job, you will be able to do the two tags from me.

If not, I shall weep many,many, MANY tears. Amen.


THE Stephanie said...

Seriously?? What are you gonna do? Travel the world? Stay home? Blog all day?? OR just find another job? LOL

Good for you!

melanie said...

This -
this is the greatest post.