Tuesday, February 3, 2009

because ya'll made me do it:

so, i discovered that sometimes the internet is fickle. sometimes it picks fights with you like a bully in 3rd grade. sometimes it says eff you! and plays jokes on you.

so. i'm posting DIRECT PICTURES of my tattoos.

ahem. TWO of them. bc the last one i got? yeah, no pics of that one.... i guess by your third tattoo you kinda lose all the glamor and awe-ness of a new tattoo. or. maybe you're lazy.

just sayin'. not that I'M like that or anything. ahem.

this was my first tattoo, and i got it at a fresh age of 18- the youngest you can get a tattoo LEGALLY in the united states. oh, i tried, when i was a teenager. but they denied me. and somehow jailhouse tattoos didn't sound so good.

no. i was not in jail. and DUH that would be juvie! not jail. but. i digress. forgive me.

so my friend and i decided to get tattoos. i was visiting her in north carolina. so we drove ALL THE WAY to the 'big city' which i forget the name- forgive, forgive- to realize that she forgot her I.D. so i had to drive her car home, cuz i had mine, and then we drove ALL THE WAY back to the big city. it was a two hour wait anyway! so. we thought. who cares??

i was a shaking mess. so. scared. i was sweating. and i thought, i should go first, bc if i see blood? oh, fuggeddaboudit. so i went first. laid on my stomach. said a prayer. and he started. and i said, as the vibrating hum filled the small tiny tattoo room with the half-door barn contraption,

uh.... is that it?

and the tattoo artist sort of paused, cleared his throat, and said..... uhm, HUH?

and i'm like, yo! this barely HURTS MAN!! bring it ON! the outline is supposed to hurt the most?? psshhaw this is NOTHING compared to breakin' your tailbone!!!!

he sort of paused, then laughed, said, 'girl, for a thing like you that needs about twenty cheeseburgers? yer pretty chill.'

i took that as a compliment. and i come to find out, the more and more i get tattooed that... they don't hurt me. in fact, they feel GOOD bc they relax the muscle they're tattooing.

for instance. my stars. they were my second tattoo (tattoos? who knows. i consider it one tattoo bc i had it done as a 'piece' and not 'individually'.) and probably my favorite.
they didn't hurt.
in fact, my tattoo artist said, 'girl, you're crazy. i had a biker in here last week who had a side piece done and he CRIED. you're a buck ten and yet you LAUGH? what ARE you??'
heh. i'm Lo. girl who can get any tattoo.
but piercings? that's another story. as in,
NEVER GET YOUR NOSE PIERCED. just sayin'. cuz when it gets infected?
although? super cute. just sayin'.
so that's my body art!!! and please excuse the bra. all of my tattoos are in "personal" areas... so that they're easily covered.
most people in my day-to-day life are shocked to see my tattoos. i think it's the stars. no one expects me to have stars up my side.
wait until my next one i'm planning to get in the next two months or so....
'memento vivare' in script going up my left side. BIG. cuz i'm all about bling baby.
or. something like that. anyway. my third tattoo would be my celtic crescent moon on my right hip. it's more like a tribal moon but....
my goal when my laptop is up and running the internet is to take a 'tat tour' of both mine and vlad's tattoos so that ya'll can see his sleeve plus our plethora of tattoos.
on a random side note? never eat pineapple and drink green tea at the same time. not. good.


Twenty Four At Heart said...

I like your tats. Especially the stars. I heard from your mom today and it made my day! :)

Jenn said...

Soooooo I have a tattoo on my lower back and it hurt like NO other. This was long before I had a child and the artist told me I SOUNDED like I was in labor. It was ridiculously painful! But I LOVE those stars!!

Sweetbabs said...

I totally love your tattoo's!! I will be getting my fourth come this spring. I am thinking of doing my daughters name in Sanskrit. I really like the stars!!!

A Perfectly Unperfect Girl said...

Nice tats girl!! <---had to double check and make sure I hit the a and not an i...that would have been interesting...no?? Ha Ha

Anyway, I love the stars!! Those are way too cool for school, oh dear, I think I just dated myself.

I want to get a tatoo. It is going to be one of my weight loss rewards to myself.

Thanks for sharing your body art, since I was having trouble with the linky doo.

super tweak said...

I love your tattoos! They look really awesome!!! I have zero tatoors but I wouldn't mind having one on my side or my wrist... My husband has 2 - big ones and I'm designing another for him. Kinda like all Boondock Saints.. You know, HOTTTTT!

Smart Mouth Broad said...

I'm not a big fan of tattoos but I like your stars. I've never seen anything like that.

Lump said...


Ash said...

Yay for lower back tattoos! I have one and I remember it being painful but not cry-worthy! yours is bigger than mine so you must be stronger! And I love the stars!