Saturday, February 14, 2009

uhm, there is nothin better than good ol' disney.

it's no small secret that i have a robust, healthy love affair with anything Disney affiliated. as in, it's in my genes.

no. really.

i'm lookin at a tinkerbell pen that i keep at work, just in case i feel the urge to write something important down using a pen with feathers. and glitter.

my mom even worked for a Disney store during the holiday season, just bc she felt like it. uh.... no. she's not commited. nor is she crazy.

most of the time.

so happy v day from disney.

i cannot WAIT to go to disney world soon. i'm bursting at the seams. i'm online all day every day looking up disney, looking at pictures of disney, watching youtube videos of disney....

my husband even told me last night, 'for the love of all that is good in this world, you MUST TURN OFF YOUTUBE BEFORE I LOSE IT. if i see that epcot tour one more time? i'm not going to norway. AND I MEAN IT.'

okay. maybe... he had.... a few more choice words than those. but those are what my ears heard.

hmpf. fine. (so i turned the volume down.)

i don't much get into v day, i think it's commercial and a let-down and... and.... an excuse to buy too much stuff.
i run with any excuse to go into a disney store. and that's where i'm headed this afternoon.
don't tell vlad.
he thinks i'm psycho enough as it is.


~*~KIMBERLY~*~ said...


I'm a fan of Disney characters also. However, I don't have an affinity for them.

I have a few collections that were given to me. I Mickey mug & a Minnie mug, two keychains. Some other charms I can't recall. I love Disney movies. I'm not so much a fan of the theme parks.

But, I love these cute images you shared.

Happy Valentine's Day.

P.S. I won't tell Vlad you visited the Disney Store. LOL enjoy!

Erin @ T5M said...

We had a very non-valentines day on Saturday too. Today I looked at Dirt and was like, whatever happened to valentines day? When did it just become a regular old day for us? We had no idea, but we both kinda liked not having pressure to "do something".

The highlight, I suppose, was digging around in the kids' valentines boxes and pilfering chocolate kisses from them. I don't think my parents ever stole chocolate from me. Hm. Now I kinda feel bad.

Smart Mouth Broad said...

You still have a Disney store? They closed all ours here. We have to go to the parks D2 went this weekend w/Noleboy and his family for his birthday. I'm jealous.

Mama Dawg said...

That's my Disney girl! I love that Minnie and Mickey!

A Perfectly Unperfect Girl said...

Disney is faboo. I live about an hour and a half south of Disney World and I cannot even remember the last time I was there.

It is mucho expensive~which is probably why I will not be going there anytime soon.

Have fun on your trip there!!!