Thursday, February 26, 2009

nesting photos. beware. i am a pillow hoarder.

in case you're curious about where i spend my evenings, this is where.

i have this weird habit of owning all the pillows in the house and sleeping in them and lovin them and all that good stuff. i just love to curl into a big bunch of soft pillows and read. so this is my 'nest', as my husband vlad likes to say.

i nest every night. can't help it. love it. can't get enough of it. i love the feel of scuuchy scrunhy yummy pillows and with this thunderstorm? PERFECTION.

i love rain. now that i live out of Southern California, i love it. btw? SoCal see's a lot of rain. A. LOT. A>>>>>>> LOT>>>>>. sorry. that was obnoxious. just sayin'. puddles and jeans? don't mix.

but really.

this? is my one true love. microsuede peeeloooows and crunchy smuuushy soft pillow stuffing and soft blanket on sale at target? ='s Lo a happy girl.
super duper happy. i just uber love my pillows. all four of them. you should see my bed. RI-DIC.


Maggie May said...

i love pillows too. they are everywhere here at my house! big ones!

Amber said...

You are seriously making me want to go buy some microsuede peeeloooows ASAP! That looks awesome!

Jason, as himself said...

I want a nest, too. A comfy, snuggly nest. In my family room. Instead of the cold hard leather tiny loveseat couches that we have because my in laws are NOT nesters and they are too short for anything bigger than kid furniture.

Smart Mouth Broad said...

mmmmmmmmm, looks very cozy! I would nest there too.