Wednesday, February 18, 2009

you asked for suitcase pictures..... and you got em, baby!

so a few people were all OMG I NEED PICTURES of this SUITCASE oh lordy BE I JUST CANNOT staaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand it!!!!

or maybe that was just how i personally would moan and groan for pics. ahem. DO moan and groan for pics. so. bc i know how ridiculous i can be, i'm delivering for ya, baby. heres the champion of all suitcases....

the one that is now called 'lauren's special suitcase.' yeah. and i'm 'special lauren' with the 'special little suitcase.'

er, excuse the cat butt, i had just gotten home and daisy was NOT going to be ignored.

you shall see the full wrath of daisy-the-cat in a few moments. ahem.

so this is what it looks like. SO CUTE RIGHT?????? uh YEYAH i KNOWS IT. i just adore it. seriously. it's the perfect size and is uber light and it's so fun and cheerful and everytime i look at it i think VACATION!!! and THAT makes me all sorts of warm and fuzzy.

it expands!!! see??? oh. and btw, the colors are kinda washed-out lookin.... cuz this was taken with my camera phone. so. sorrys all around k?

isn't that awesome? see the hard material on the outside? it's made by 'international traveler'. so THERE, i am now an international traveler suitcase owner. i feel so special.

this is the inside. i tried to show you how there's this cool compartment in the top. see???? isn't that neato? and there's these little pockets and stuff, perfect for sandals, andthen this zippered part that i think i'll put my hair straightener in and my makeup remover and deoderant and travel shampoos. yep. i think so.

and yeah. daisy, uhm..... wasn't havin it. no way was this suitcase gonna get more attention than her!!!! yeah.... she tried to own it. i told her it wasn't a litter box.

i got a little concerned after i took this photo that she didn't hear me. but no worries. no little cat bombs were waiting for me when she stepped out. she's respectful like that.

best dinner IN THE WORLD!!! welcome to where i blog from friends! my coffee table. my new shiny laptop is up and running and i chill on the loveseat and typetypetype and readreadread and laughlaughcrylaugh. with my jelly bellys. regular, and sour. cuz you gotta be fair and all. and wine. ahem. pinot grigio. and trust me, they go well together. very well indeed.

oh yeah. daisy says WHAZZZ UP YO??? (please forgive demon cat. she knows not what she does. suitcase euphoria does this to women in this family.)


A Perfectly Unperfect Girl said...

Nice suitcase!!! Oh so pretty kitty too.

Jelly Belly's??!!! My FAVORITE!! I get some every Christmas from my mom. Haven't tried the sour ones yet though. Hmmm, mental note.

I hope you are enjoying your evening.

Erin @ T5M said...

great suitcase - it screams "Minnie Mouse" to me, not sure why - does Minnie Mouse wear underwear like that?

I just love polka dots...sigh...they make me smile.

Smart Mouth Broad said...

That's adorable and I love it more than the cat!

Jenn said...

Love the kitty cat!!

Linda said...

Totally awesome suitcase! And so easy to find on the luggage carousel! Daisy is adorable.

Anonymous said...

I need that suitcase!! Must have it!!! SUPER CUTE!!!

Mom said...

I love it! It is too cute.

And I would pay money to see a picture of Vlad carrying it.

kels said...

oliver is a yorkshire terrier with a hint of... crap. another terrier, but I can't remember what it is. so he's not all yorkie, but mostly. :)

and that is the cutest suitcase i've ever seen!!! LOVE it!

Mama Dawg said...

I LOVE that suitcase. Taking it to Disney?

Lump said...

omg you are a riot! you always make me laugh.

"no little cat bombs were waiting for me when she stepped out. she's respectful like that." haha!

and yes, that suitcase is FABULOUS!

Amber said...

LOVE the suitcase and your blog! Both are just too cute.